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WHY RAW LIVING FOODS! For Healing Diseases and Autism. . .

What’s the nutritional difference between cooked and raw foods? When you cook vegetables, you change their chemical composition making them unable to be utilised by the body. Depending on the method and time, cooking reduces the amount of antioxidants in the plants. This is especially true for water-soluble and heat-sensitive nutrients, such as vitamin C, […]

Oil and nut free pesto.

So we all love pesto right? But so many of them are heavy with processed oils and sit in your stomach repeating on you…mine is light fresh packed with protein and goes with everything! I have used hemp seeds as I love there earthy taste and health benefits but you could use sunflower seeds or […]

Mango Capsicum Salsa.

This is great accompaniment for any dish but it goes very well with my Mexican tacos… Raw Mexican tacos! What you will need: 2 mangos diced (not to soft) 1/4 finely diced red onion 1 cup chopped coriander 1/2  cup chopped mint 1/4 cup chopped parsley 1 drop ginger essential oil 1 diced red capsicum 1 […]