Corn 3 ways and Tempeh cups!

15230716_1900134090273143_6569500487259154330_nThese are great party starter or snack as you can pick them up with one hand… and a great way to fill up those guest who would never try vegan food!

You’ll need;

1 corn 🌽 raw.
1 charred corn 🌽 on a griddle pan or gas flame.
1 raw corn 🌽 grated.
1 pack diced Tempeh.
2 dates chopped, pitted and soaked.
3 semi dried tomatoes chopped, soaked.
3 sliced spring onions.
Juice and zest 1 lime.
1 garlic clove.
2 tbs coconut aminos.
2 cups chopped mushrooms.
1 tsp sweet paprika.
1/2 tsp smoked paprika.
1/2 cup chopped coriander.
1/2 cup chopped mint.
6-8 Iceberg lettuce or baby coz leaves -for the cups.
Micro herbs for garnish. (optional)
Shredded red cabbage for the topping to sit on.

How to make these;

•in a fry pan sautée the onions and mushrooms in a small amount of oil till soft, add the garlic and tempeh, dates and tomatoes. Stir for 3 minutes.
•add the charred corn kernels and the first raw kernels slicing them off the cob, and then grate in the 3rd corn cob and all the juice that falls of it.

•add 1/2 cup water or more if needed, the coconut aminos and lime juice and zest.
•add the smoked and sweet paprika and pepper to taste.

•turn the heat off and stir through the herbs once the mixture has cooled slightly.

•add the shredded cabbage into the lettuce cups.
•then spoon the corn mixture into the lettuce cups and garnish with micro herbs or more coriander and a dash of lime.