Parenting Potential Workshop. Growing With Our Children…

The Nourish To Health Retreat is honour to host Dr Maxine Therese 1 day workshop ‘The parenting potential workshop’. From the beautiful surrounds of the Byron Hinterlands just out side Mullumbimby’s funky littlest big town vibe. The retreat space is nestled amongst 2 acre of tranquil native bush as you get to enjoy the sounds of nature while you learn. You will leave relaxed and full of empowered knowledge to help your family and others. Healthy Vegan food will be on offered to nourish yourself while you learn.

The ChildosophyTM Wellbeing System is a synthesis of philosophy, kinesiology, psychology, chakra theory, and energetic sciences in a 10-step process for children’s wellbeing based on Foundational Needs Model of Dr. Maxine Therese. Learn more about this amazing modality here:

This course gave me strength and guidance as mother and especially as a mother to a spirited ‘High Functioning Autistic’ child that needed beyond what most parenting advise and courses gave me. What worked for my mother and her mother and the neighbour down the road was not helping me, but leaving me lost and confused and pulling me hair out blaming myself. Maxine’s amazing insight to what children really need and how to communicate to them, was a breath of fresh air and so early to implement and stick too. I can not recommend this 1 day workshop enough!



Growing with our Children:

Maxine will guide you through a full day immersive workshop for parents into the Foundational Needs Model for Children. The workshop is designed to support parents to reach their full parenting potential, to develop their own emotional intelligence and to support joyful parenting.

Have you felt that you want to access greater potential in your role as a parent, and yet are exhausted by the reality of the day-to-day demands of your children? We are bombarded with information about how to parent, and yet we do not often consider the child might know more than we do about what they need.

The parenting potential workshop is designed to assist you in discovering your strengths as a parent so you can parent from your highest potential, which in turn leads to an enhanced wellbeing for your children . This is worksop is ideal for parents, teachers, carers or and grandparents.

Maxine explains; “I have worked with many parents who have very good intentions of bringing forth the best for their children, only to find that they require additional ’emotional’ skills to do this.

Our children are literally our greatest teachers because they mirror back all of our unhealed wounds from our own childhood. If we were limited or held back in our own childhoods and we have not healed this, our children will often replicate the same emotional responses.

A difficulty arises for parents because when our children struggle with something that we ourselves may be challenged by, we don’t look at our own unmet needs that may be contributing to the child’s perception of himself or herself or the world – instead, we project our own inherently wounded perspective onto our children.

When you are able to discern what the foundational needs of children are, and what happens in the child’s life when they are not met, you are better positioned to respond and relate to you children in enhanced ways so as to secure their wellbeing.

This course guides you in an understanding of the 7 Foundational Needs of Children and a ‘new’ needs model for children. This model is the culmination of Maxine’s years of research into children’s wellbeing as well as her practical experience with children as a mother, carer, aide and kinesiology practitioner.

In this course will learn techniques to assist your child’s inner balance and nurture their innate potential. By learning about your child’s needs anything that occurs for the child to tip them off balance can in effect be rebalanced once you know how.”


This easy to follow chart is available here:


To train to  Become a Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner workshop. click here to join Maxine on her 5 day educational retreat also at the Nourish To Health Retreat in Myocum.


Location: Myocum NWS ~ 5 minutes from Mullumbimby 15 minutes from Byron Bay. Closest airport is Ballina 25 minutes or Gold Coast 45 minutes.

Time: 10 am to 5pm

Dates: 11 th November 2017

Price: $200 with an early bird of $175 included is morning tea and drinks, BYO lunch – flights and accomodation is not included.

How to book: more information about registration and a prospectus click on this link

This modality has been enlightening to myself as a mother and as practitioner essential for my clients. I am so excited to get to watch and participate in Maxine course and honoured to share my retreat space with you all. Maxine and I look forward to welcoming you in November.
If you have any questions please email maxine or myself.

About the course ~

About the location, dietary requirements or accommodation ~

Blessings and love Maxine and Hannah


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