School holidays are nearly here and that gives me 3 weeks to boost my kids immunity – as prevention is important in todays world. Touch wood

my kids haven’t been sick this winter and other than when they arrived to this new climate with new bugs and bacteria and viruses 1/12 years ago and seem to get everything!….now they don’t pick up bugs or viruses that their systems can’t cope with and move through. I credit that to their high fruit, raw and mucus-lean diets clear of mucus forming acidic foods…and our lifestyle.
Although over this term with all the festivals and shows they have had a few more cooked veggies and soups which is fine, but this will be timely.
So I plan to boast their immunity and support their tired bodies from a big term of learning at school, to allow them to switch off from ‘Fight or Flight’ and return to school even stronger.

(Maybe add one or more in to your routine and join me

▻ A 30 day Humaworm Parasite Herbal Cleanse morning and night. Order this here:
▻Use Essential Oils to support and cleanse them like: 1 drop of DigestZen diluted on their stomach each night for Gut Health and Parasite removal. 2 drops of On Guard diluted on their feet each night for immune boosting. And 1 drop of Zendrocrine in their lunchtime smoothie or salad dressing each day for Heavy Metal Cleansing. Frankincense and Copiaba massaged in with a carrier oil each night for nervous system support and inflammation and stress. You may order your oils here:
▻Each morning make them a neat celery juice to drink before food, for gut support and detoxification and muscle support. Read why here:
▻Each morning i’ll make them a ‘Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie’. The recipe can be found here:…/26/heavy-metal-detox-buster/
▻Nightly detox bath of Magnesium Salts, Bi-Carb and Essential Oils for muscle and nervous system support.
▻Nightly ‘Black Pudding’ (recipe in the files with Detox Poppers)to help remove mucus plague from the intestines and support Detoxification.
▻Whole days or several days of MONO fruits, melons, salt less seaweed vegetable broths and juices to give their digestive system time to rest.
▻Supporting Herbal/Bark/Root Teas like ginger, Chamomile, Tulisi Basil, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Dandelion Root, Olive Leaf and Nettle.
▻Supporting Roots and Berries for Immunity, Hormone Support and Gut Health in teas, smoothies and juices like; Ashwagandha Root, Camu Camu Powder, Schizandra Berry, Boabab Fruit Powder, Maca Root Powder, Hawaiian Sprulina, Chlorella and Barley Grass powder, Mesquite Powder and Carob Powder. (NOTE I do not use or recommend these daily, just as boosters and supports to a balanced high fruit high raw nutritional lifestyle)
▻Brain Boosting Heavy Metal Detoxing Algae’s and Mushrooms like: Masons Medical Mushrooms and E3 and Live Brain Support. You can research these here: and…/masons-mushrooms-powdered-e… (NOTE I do not use or recommend these daily, just as boosters and supports to a balanced high fruit high raw nutritional lifestyle)
▻ Early nights and lazy mornings, with adventurous days bare foot grounded and in the cold ocean to calm their nervous system from the pressure of learning and daily routines. (no TV but a weekly movie)
▻ Do a ChildOsopy Treatment daily to allow their needs to be met and create talk time for them to share emotions.And then use correlating Essentail Oils and Flower essence to support what comes up. Learn more here:
▻Chanting, Live Music, Kids Yoga, Dancing, Mediation and Sound Healings when we can to help raise their frequency.


I invite you to check out my Gut Healing Protocol here:
IMMUNITY BOOSTING PROTOCOL .au/2015/03/11/hannahs-gut-healing-protocol/

Acid vs Alkaline and why one creates death and the other allows you to THRIVE!

What happens when the body gets too acidic?

Acidosis happens, the only “disease” that exists. In Natural Hygiene we do not subscribe to labels or names for symptoms. We believe and teach that all and every symptom is due to an acidic system, and a backed up lymphatic system that needs to be cleaned out so the disease/symptoms/illness goes away!

The only disease that exists is a “disease” called acidosis!

With the state of most people’s health we must question if the allopathic industry really are invested in healing and providing a cure? We must question if they even understand the basics of how a person’s health declines and the role they play in it?

Medical doctors make disease symptoms appear so complicated that the average person thinks only trained specialist can help them. My mission is to show everyone they can heal themselves from anything with just simple fruits and raw natural living foods and a natural lifestyle… without expensive supplements, medications, treatments and potions.

But Doctors, Governments and Big Pharma don’t want this information to get out….

There are 2 fluids in the human body. There is the blood and there is the lymphatic system and I speak about these in most of my posts. The blood acts like the kitchen it’s provides you what you need as a carrier of nutrients. The lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body. (The septic waste tank) just as we remove rubbish to a bin, the cells eliminate their waste into the lymphatic system. The waste is then carried to the lymph nodes by the lymphatic vessels, just as the sewer pipes carry them to the septic tank. After these waste brakes down they must be eliminated through the lymphatic fluids carrying the final by-products through the (kidneys) if that’s not possible because they’re damaged…. the waste will go through the skin! YUK
Just as bacteria is in a septic tank, brakes down it’s waste, the bacteria in the lymph nodes brakes down the body’s acid waste….never get your nodes removed!!

Most medical Doctors and Specialist don’t understand this simple concept and how the body functions in this way. They are still to focused on the kitchen (the blood) they assume that it’s the blood that detects these ” diseases” this is why they coined the phrase autoimmune disease that really just translates ( I don’t have a clue and no way to help you) it’s a perfect phrase to “diagnose a disease” to push the agenda of prescribing chemical medications and supplements to temporarily mask and suppress a “disease like symptom” its money for there banks. The medical system likes to blame our bodies for not working properly when really we just are not looking after them but giving the chance they work just fine!

It’s simple stagnant acids that are creating these obstructions, and it’s your kidneys that are too damage to filter and release them through the urinary tract.Causing swelling and rashes and symptoms that your body needs to be cleaned.

If you’re in a disease like state it’s not because you have a autoimmune problem and the body is attacking itself. Your body has been obstructed by acids and there backed up in the Lymphatic system from head to toe even in the brain, and your systemically effected by these acids, and your feeling the symptoms from your genetically weak areas. Skin lungs ect…

The answer to healing the body of all “diseases” is through DETOXIFICATION.

STOP damaging your body with acid obstructions that are corrosive to your lymphatic system, your body will start to heal it’s self naturally. Treating a problem with drugs that only numb, and mask a symptom, will only lock in these acids more and create a bigger problem in your future.

Does it really make sense if someone has damaged mutated cells (cancer) to dump more acids on top of acids that created the damaged cells?? Chemotherapy drugs and chemical radiation are acids….the same acids that created the problem in the first place like the foods we ingest, the fluids we drink, the air we breathe, and the things we put on our skin and the thoughts and environments we live in….

Some in the main stream are starting to come around to these facts of how simple it can be to heal are bodies. In Natural Hygiene we look to nature for guidance…when a animal in nature gets sick the animal finds a quite place and rest. The animal does not eat or drink anything until the body properly cleanses it’s self out from what has created the dis-ease, which has put the animal in this state of illness.
So should do the same thing, except we must work harder because humans are more toxic than animals in the wild. A diet high in fruits, greens, tender vegetables and herbs….with small fasting periods is essential with the highly toxic depleted state humans are in these days, especially for our Autistic children who are so toxic and sensitive.

By adding in alkaline chemistry through your diet. You can fix digestion, absorption, utilization, and elimination and you will remove the side of chemistry that is destroying your body and health. When you remove the acidic dead and carcinogenic producing foods such as grains, beans, meat, dairy, and all processed acid forming foods, the body can properly detoxify its self turn on proper glandular function…so you can get utilization of base chemistry. Alkalinity will fight off acids.

You must bring in more alkaline chemistry In order to remove acid chemistry.

This is a great chart below:


How do we bring in more alkaline chemistry so we can fight of corrosive obstructive acids that cause systemic lymphatic acidosis? 

We must change are diets to Raw Living Alkaline Foods. Mucus forming foods will only add on the fire causing the burn of cells!
So you see that the alkaline foods we consume are fresh raw fruits and vegetables, not cooked dead foods that cause an acid ash and create decay in the human organism. The detoxification process of the body healing its self can only take place when we consume chemistry alkaline and living in its natural form. The body cannot heal itself when we consume acid and mucus morning foods. IT CAN NOT HEAL WITH DEAD ANIMALS PRODUCTS IN IT…

The level of chronic poor health toxicity we have in today’s world is very shocking and upsetting to me… babies lymphatic systems are so compromised by this toxicity through generations they are being born with cancer!
We need the power of the fruits to remove the obstructions that are damaging the cells so that the cells can regenerate. Fruits do not ruin your skin, cause deficiencies, and make your symptoms worse. Fruits expose theses issues, and reveal them when they’re pulling them out of a toxic body.
If you stay on fruit long enough and push through the healing crisis, you’ll find out how beneficial the fruits are when it comes to energy, digestion and brain power! Which is why it will take a few years to overcome Autism on this lifestyle but it is possible!

Sometimes it can take several months to get your body to have a response or even years depending on how toxic and backed up you are.
Keep your detoxification going….my journey has been slow and years but I never give up!

Hannah x x