Full Spectrum CBD Oil and all the information you need to know and Hemp Vs CBD!

Beautiful Health Seekers… is our video on Hemp oil, the hemp plant and all the information you need to seek a safe source of CBD Full Spectrum oil for anti-inflammatory uses, immune statement support and strengthening, fighting cancers, sleep, behaviour, addictions, auto-immune symptoms, chronic fatigue and sports recovery.

Below are the links to where to purchase the oil in the USA. Uk and Australia. I am not affiliated with the brands I offer them as safe brands to use and ask for you to research yourself before use.


‘Dorset Hemp’ is the UK brand –

Coupon Code is: Hemp5

‘Thanks To Hemp‘ is the austral brand –

Coupon Code: T2Hannah

Hemp Collective‘ is where to purchase the soap and shampoo bars –

Coupon Code: Thankyou2020

The Hemp Collective are available to answer any of your questions too via

‘Prime My body’ is where to purchase the USA brand:

This oil can help with so much, it must be tried to really feel it. Alongside a healthy plant diet and exercise and mental health care like mediation and breath work. It can also be up regulated using it with Frankincense too. You can purchased that retail or message me back for wholesale options.

Many blessings

Hannah Miles