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I often get asked about PROBIOTICS and should we use them?

Most people think that probiotics are necessary for gut health, but is this actually correct?

Can probiotics supplements actually make things worse?

There are a lot of myths surrounding the topic of probiotic benefits and what may be the best probiotics for gut health.

However even over one century later we still know only a relatively small amount when it comes to the complexity of the gut microbiome and how it affects our overall health.

The same goes for probiotics.
Most people will hear about probiotics benefits, but hardly if ever about probiotics side effects.

There has been plenty said about how many probiotics supplements can in fact be completely useless due to the live bacteria dying off before the consumer even gets to use them. That when we build a healthy terrain the body finds its one balance without the need to add anything in.

But what if people were given the exact same live probiotics and got very different results?

There was actually a study done where they gave all the healthy participants the exact same probiotics. What they found was very surprising.

Some of the participant’s gut microbiome resisted the probiotics and they passed through without making any impact, while another group had their gut microbiome affected by the probiotics.

So the conclusion was that depending on the individual, probiotics may or may not work. Have you found them to help? We never did. Diet and de- stressing gave us a much better microbiome.

Probiotics 💊 Vs Prebiotics 🥭

Probiotics are living microorganisms that support a healthy digestive tract and are useful to restore the gut or in times of stress or imbalance. Eating them, or having them inside your gut, can help your digestive system function more efficiently and studies have shown in some cases it may contribute to a healthier immune system, among other health benefits.

But as always how can we cut out the middle supplement or animal to get what we need?

Well have you heard of PREBIOTICS? According to the official definition, a prebiotic is any substance used by microorganisms inside the body that confers health benefits. Translation: prebiotics are beneficial microbes’ food. While researchers are still learning about their full potential to boost overall health or even treat disease, one thing is for sure adding more prebiotics rich foods to your diet can give you a happier gut.

The difference between PROBIOTICS and PREBIOTICS can be understood in a plant analogy, and you know I love an analogy. If the intestine is comparable to a flowerbed, probiotics are the individual seeds that you plant. Prebiotics work like fertilizer used to promote the growth of the flowers or “probiotics”. As the flower thrives, it will pollenate and multiple in time create a thriving environment. You can’t have flowers without a healthy soil and you can’t have flowers without healthy seeds.

So what are prebiotics?

Not every fiber or carbohydrate is a prebiotic, because there are two categories of dietary fiber: soluble fiber, which is fermented by gut bacteria, and insoluble fiber, which is not fermented. The soluble fibers that are metabolized by beneficial gut microbes are considered “prebiotics”.

Inside your gut, prebiotics stimulate beneficial gut microbes to grow, improving gut health which as we know supports all other areas of health too.

How do we get them?

There are 3 major types of prebiotics that are found: inulin, oligosaccharides and arabinogalactans.

Foods that contain prebiotics are:

•Onions (eaten as medicine only) (raw)
•Leeks (raw)
•Carrots (heirloom yellow and purple)
•Coconut Meat
•Flax Seeds
•Chia Seeds
•Hemp Seeds
•Garlic (eaten as medicine only) (raw)
•Chicory Root
•Dandelion Root and Greens
•Jerusalem Artichoke
•Asparagus (raw)
•Greens (raw)
•Yams (raw)
•Sweet Potatoes (raw)
•Red Cabbage (raw)
•Ginger (raw)
And more…

Increasing these will help your gut health and digestion (note garlic and onions are a medicinal plant and should not be used regularly as they are extremely astringent and can remove benefits if used daily. For instant garlic can break down mucus in the arteries but will also go on to weaken the mucus membranes in the arteries.

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What about ANTIBIOTICS? 💊

Some doctors and I agree, say the use of antibiotics has been one of the most harmful medical intervention in modern history. I add vaccinations as the first, antibiotics as the second.

Now in all cases there are the few that this invention has been lifesaving. However the ‘pop like candy’ use of them has lead to longer term issues and generational too.

I recommend my clients to avoid them at all cost and instead consistently work on the terrain inner and outer. Through nutrition, energy and environment and long term longevity solutions from nature.

Antibiotics Use 💊

Antibiotics, also known as antibacterials, are medications that destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria. They include a range of powerful drugs and are used to treat diseases caused by bacteria. Antibiotics cannot treat viral infections, such as cold, flu, and most coughs.

All #antibiotics kill or at least damage even healthy cells in the body; a poison is a poison. (Chemo and Radiation to)

When there is a “tooth or or sinus or urine or chest infection or skin irritation,” there is an accumulation of toxic matter inside the tooth, sinus pathways or bladder or chest or the lymphatic system is backed up and the detox pathways are not open….that came from the bloodstream from a bad diet or chemicals, and the body’s defence system and ubiquitous bacteria are working at breaking down the toxins so they’ll be less harmful and can be eliminated. The “INFECTION” is evidence of the body “CURING” itself. Thus, we must stop the cause.

Killing the bacteria only impedes the body’s self-healing efforts. All bacteria are polymorphic….they mutate to different forms in the presence of different food sources. French biologist Antoine Bechamp extolled this in the late 1800s, and he even succeeded in convincing Louis Pasteur that his germ theory of disease causation is wrong. Medical doctor John Tilden, author of the course-book Toxaemia Explained, taught why toxic matter was the cause of disease in the 1920s and 30s, but few paid attention and most dismissed that. This was the time medications and pharmacies started to increase and we moved away from essential oils and herbs to support our bodies. When we have, say, H. pylori at a diseased spot of the body, the medical protocol is to blame the H. pylori and try to kill it. The H. pylori is doing nothing bad; it is eating the rubbish in the body and not making things “worse.” The “worse” experience are symptoms indicating the body’s defence system working hard at getting rid of the toxins for healing. If antibiotics “work,” the body actually did the detoxing and healing work despite the poisonous antibiotics. A common “infection” will be resolved by flushing the local spot if possible with pure water and by doing a water fast or juice cleanse or eating all simply fruits. Antibiotics, even oregano oil, only interfere and make things more difficult for the body, but oregano oils in small does not used regular can be helpful no more than 7 days at a time (always diluted it’s a hot oil). Juice cleansing and fasting is the best approach to return the body to balance.

When antibiotics get into the bowel, they kill the bacteria we need to synthesise vitamins, and that can make the bowel and the entire body sick and disease appears. These takes years to recover from. 1 dose antibiotics takes some weak bodies a lifetime to recover from.

Antibiotic use frequently also builds up a resistance to them creating other bacteria and viruses become resistant and become super bacteria and viruses that are harder to overcome. This overuse contributes toward the growing number of bacterial infections that are becoming resistant to antibacterial medications. Super Bugs 🦠

“Then there is the danger that the ignorant man may easily underdose himself and by exposing his microbes to non-lethal quantities of the drug, make them resistant.” Alex Fleming Quote

Please note this is a guide based on my experience and education. Please listen to your own body and observe for yourself 🍃

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Starch cravings and why kids under 5 should not eat starches…

If  you have to cook a food in order to digest it…it is not suitable for your body. Every animal in nature eats their food raw by natural design. Humans are not an exception. The human anatomy is not designed to consume food that has to be cooked. We are frugivores so we are designed for fresh ripe fruits in there raw and natural state.

But people can and have survive of these foods and live long life’s when fire came in and they needed too…. and they thrive more then someone consuming animal products BUT OUR SENSTIVE KIDS NEED ADVANCED NUTRTION TO UNLOCK THEM AND REMOVE TOXINS. I can recommend using starches in the evening meals only while transitioning to this lifestyle and or would also consider a few steamed sweet potatoes pr pumpkin for someone extremely toxic during a detox to slow it down considerably if the die off was too much. The body is designed for simple sugars found in fructose not complex sugars. Complex sugars found in starchy foods, leave behind a lot of metabolic waste and create a sticky gluey like substance in the bowel wall that blocks absorption an coats the villi. This creates mucoid plaque. Starches like root vegetables and grains are also fungal promoting foods and fermentation causes candida overgrowth in the body and SIBO.

Children before there immune system has been strengthened should not eat starches and any child who has compromise gut should avoid starches. 

There is a good reason why someone who goes on a 100% raw food diet starts to crave starchy foods. When someone craves starchy foods like potatoes, breads, rice and flour products on a detox program it’s because they’re pulling on fungal beds and the parasites are trying to survive. These microbes and parasites are dying and they have consciousness like any other living beings. They eat and waste in our bodies and they crave these foods badly so they could survive. Whenever you get cravings for these foods it’s most likely because candida is getting out of control because of fermentation…..or it’s because there struggling to survive and are dying. The best way to overcome these cravings is to be consistent on a raw food diet and never cheat (I know how hard that is)…that’s why eating high fruit will help you. If you want to get these cravings under control while you detox you can look into a juice cleanse to flush out your bowels for 3-14 days. Also take a good anti-parasitic herbal formula or homeopathy to kill of the parasites and candida while you detox the lymphatic system. The root cause of this problem the majority of the time is because the adrenal glands are not functioning properly and they are responsible for sugar metabolism. If your not metabolizing fruit sugar well you have really bad adrenal function, and most likely tons of candida overgrowth in your body. So the main focus is to try and encourage adrenal gland function with fruits, fasting, detoxification and meditation as STRESS plays a massive part. When the adrenal glands start to function again then your blood sugar should come back in balance and you won’t ferment your sugars…. candida will balance out in the body and the cravings for starches will cease to exist. I PROMISE YOU…I can now go to a bread ship or cakes stand and not feel any urge to eat it….I still crave cooked sweet potatoes from time to time as die off happens.

If you have high fungus and sulphur in your body and your eating root veggies and other starches then your going to have a lot of trouble metabolizing complex sugars vs fruit sugars…thus you will have massive amounts of candida issues. Even veggies will be more difficult then fruits. Fruits are the best option for detoxification, sugar metabolism issues and getting to the root problem. Fixing the adrenal glands that are responsible for the metabolism of sugars will resolve the blood sugar fermentation issue.

I find using dried fruits to transition from comforting starchy foods helps and eating bananas as they fill you up…

If you are ready to make these step contact me today!