How Long Does It Take To Heal?


As the body heals (or returns to its knowing of completeness and inner strength) it is messy and not linear. It heals as it deems a priority, not how we desire it too heal. Meaning what we see as a priority like say speech or eczema or meltdowns may not be the priority for the body. Now we can talk and command the DNA to heal but only from love, not fear and stress and from lack.
In some cases

It’s 3-5 years for complete healing of the physical and 7 years for complete energetic and trauma release healing. Often the mind and deep trauma patterns are preventing the physical shifts. It’s never one without the other.

Take cancer for instance. Yes it’s an acidic body, full of toxins and mucus…but why did that happen? Most cases trauma, stress, a suppression of emotions. Treat the acidic body and release the emotional stress and pain. Empower the person to speak their truth and shine their light and find joy…and bingo the cancer reduces and disappears.

Or fibromyalgia!! Yes a toxic build up that can be treated fast with raw living foods and fasting…it is also a trauma response that’s on loop being played out causing the mind to create pain in the physical….so treat the emotional pain and alkaline the bodies terrain and bingo it STOPS!

This is why some people heal and others don’t. It’s never just the diet or just the emotional state. It’s deeper than that. Everything is connected and serving us. In some cases it’s their journey to experience this pain or sickness to for fill their path. Or the sickness or symptom is protecting them and they are not ready to give that up. On a subconscious level.
Deep huh!

Ok so let’s hang on!! That’s not to say it’s a catastrophe of healing crisis’s and yuckiness for 5- 7 years. Phew

It gets easier and easier and more and more enjoyable and you see more and more results as you move through the detox process.
But the secret is to trust and find peace in the unfolding, as it will not look like how you want it.

The 1 symptom I wanted to heal first….is still unfolding years later. The more I want that to release, the further I got away from it. I had to learn to love that symptom to start to release it, as for my body.. it’s like … not a priority in fact it’s serving us let it go

The MIND is the key

Once we understand that our energy and mindset are equally as important to healing, than the physical shifts and changes….and that there will be good days and unravellings and unwanted days, weeks or even months where we feel we are going backwards and getting worst (healing crisis). Or the physical is good…but the mind or emotions are all over the place. Or you build a good mindset and spiritual practice first then the physical comes later.

When we are consistent in our actions as we have a visual goal of how we want to feel and be. We show ourselves and our family compassion and love… will will get there! MIND BODY SPIRIT

This will help along the way.
Celebrate the ups

….have compassion for the downs

As the other side is more gains.
Use the detox supports and mindset tools.
Reach out for 1:1 private coaching.

Things that will SLOW HEALING down:

A foot in each camp. Not jumping fully into the healing journey. Not giving it enough time.

Cooked foods.

Salt, oil, sugar, yeast, flours.

Supplements or isolates.

Poorly combined foods.

Not enough time in nature and grounding to the earth and using natural cycles to cleanse .

Not using detox supports like homeopathy, essential oils or herbal tinctures.

A Mindset of fear, procrastination and doubts.

Toxic abusive relationships and stress. To self or others.

Mould or fungus in the environment or poor air quality.

Fluoride toxic water in the house.

Not removing yeasts, funguses, heavy metals and vaccines damage with herbs or homeopathy.

Not asking for help or allowing others to support you. Doing it all on your own.

Staying in your story. Playing the victim.

Please don’t stop or give up at the first healing crisis and return to old ways that didn’t serve you. It’s not the fruits of a plant diet. It’s time and consistency and all the above!

With Love Hannah x x


Self Love & what Love We Need!

What does self love need.


Many say they want to heal or improve themselves, grow spiritually. I did too.

Yet what I’ve witnessed is we really swap our negative unhealthy addictions for deemed “healthier” ones. We use the healing journey as a distraction. We seek others to heal us and get disappointed when they don’t rather than see we are the only person that can heal thy self.

We see healing as a challenge to throw our lost selves into, instead of feeling the pain. As a fight to help us feel less out of control. We swap alcohol for exercise. Binge eating for fasting…Netflix for meditation…without truly getting to root causes and true healing. Same energy different activity. Even if it’s a healthy acceptable one.

We plan to heal. We long too. Pray to get their….yet we actually resist in the journey to get there, because of the trap of perfection and addiction to our addictions!

You see the root cause of ALL and everything, is from Soul entering the physical body in utero to 3/5 years old…. our programming starts…the bombardment of fears and pain from our parents and adults around us. The suppression of emotions is taught by all around us…as that’s normal. The violence and suffering normalised. The numbing out tools perfected. We become masters of building our facades. In fact it’s celebrated. As in all generations before us.

So to find out true healing is to truly feel all the suppressed emotions…layer after layer…to be our true selves, to live by Gods laws….well that’s not easy. It’s easier to perfect a diet, fast longer….juice more…run more…take more supplements, force more…have more tests…even meditate for 4 hours a day! Blame others…find something external…it’s this herb I need…that healer is the answer…endless cycles.

However to feel that pain you’ve trapped down for so long…that’s too much, overwhelming, crippling….so we seek outside of self, perfect the activities, seek. I know it myself. I wanted to perfect healing…be the best at it! I kept tripping up…never reaching the unattainable moving goal. Why when I do it all so “perfectly” am I not in perfect condition, not fully healed.

When I finally understood what I must do…I intellectualised it for ages, I studied it, I helped others achieve it, I rarionized it. Tried to perfect that too. I resisted it…I mean I didn’t think I was…I said the opposite…however I was resisting it…or I’d be healed.

Yesterday I finally felt it in a deep healing with ‘The Journey Work’. I understood true letting go….the allusive letting go I’ve been chasing for years! The gift of surrender and faith. To truly know love. The path I’ve seeked for so long…yet! there lies the problem…I was seeking it…externally….longing for it with hope…yet the hope gave room to doubt and fear. The fear created blocks. Not surrendering into it. So many on the healing journey, like me…skirt around the big truth of healing because it’s not easy to walk the narrow path. It takes removing the fear of feeling the big stuff. It takes faith to sit and feel all the pain. To forgive. To choose love for self and all others, even those who hurt you. To learn what true Divine Love is. To ask God for her love and guidance. To stop suppressing. To live by humility and truth. To have a longing desire to truly heal. To really love yourself and allow Gods love in. To let go of fear and control. It sounds simple…yet to truly feel all at all times, let Gods love through us…live by Gods laws…is not easy. Especially in a world not designed for it. With so many distractions and ways yo suppress and disconnect to God.

Yet that’s where the healing magic is found. In the emotions. In faith. In letting go. In love.

With all my love Hannah x x


First, when we consume any food it must go through a
“digestive” process, or a process whereby the body breaks
down the structures of the food into building materials and
fuels. The body requires these raw materials for energy to
function and also to build and repair itself. The breakdown of
food is accomplished through enzyme action, which starts in
the mouth, where carbohydrates, sugars and fats begin their
alkaline digestion. The stomach also produces a digestive
enzyme called pepsin; an acidic enzyme released by HCL
(hydrochloric acid) for initial protein digestion. The rest of
digestion takes place in the small bowel, which is alkaline in
nature. When our foods are not properly broken down, either
from a weak pancreas, stomach and intestinal tract, or from
bad food combinations, one will experience gas formation
from fermentation and/or putrefaction. The greater the gas
problems, the greater the weakness and/or bad diet choices.
The body breaks down the foods you eat into the following:
Proteins are broken down into amino acids for building and
repair material. Carbohydrates (starches and complex
sugars) are broken down into simple sugars for fuel. Fats are
broken down into fatty acids and glycerol, for building, repair
and emergency needs. It is important to remember that we
have alkaline digestive enzymes in the mouth for
carbohydrate and fat digestion. We have acid (pepsin)
digestive enzymes in the lower stomach for initial protein
digestion. Then we have alkaline digestive enzymes in the
pancreas and throughout the first part of the small intestinal
tract to finish up the job for proteins, starches, sugars and
fats. It is also important to understand that most of our
processes are alkaline in nature. Digestion is the first process
that must take place in a healthy body and many people fail
right here. If you are very thin or lack adequate muscle
tissue, it is a strong probability that your body has not been
digesting (breaking down) your foods adequately and you
maybe very acidic

Once foods are broken down, we must now absorb these
building materials, fuels and other components, which
include: tissue salts, vitamins, tannins, alkaloids and flavins.
These components are now carried by the bloodstream to the
cells for energy, stimulation, building and repairing, or stored
for future use. Absorption is accomplished through the villi
(fingerlike projections on the surface of certain membranes)
and small pores all along the mucous membranes of the small
and large intestines. This absorption should be simple, but
most people’s intestines become impacted with a thick
rubberlike substance called “mucoid plaque.” This thick
plaque, which develops in the GI tract, is made of gluten,
mucus, foreign protein, and other food byproducts that act
more like glue than nutrition! Refined sugars, grains, meats,
and dairy products are the foods that are most responsible for
the formation of this plaque. This “mucoid plaque” blocks the
nutritional components of our foods from being adequately
absorbed into the body. (I have seen clients and my self who
have eliminated loads of this “black” plaque from their
intestines.) Most of us fail in the second stage of food
utilisation to some extent because of this congestive mucoid
plaque. Again, if you are thin, malnourished or lack adequate
muscle tissue, or bloated a malabsorption issue must be

We must get nutrition too and into our cells. The blood system
and its highways (the vascular system) are the transport
system. Most of the absorbed nutrition must first pass
inspection by the liver, which can create further chemical
changes, store nutrients, or pass them on unchanged to the
rest of the body for utilisation. The number of processes the
liver can carry out is miraculous. It can create its own amino
acids, change sugars too fats, and vice versa. It can create or
destroy. Now a little secret. This is where the importance of
acid and alkaline comes in. If our body (including our blood)
becomes more acidic, our nutrition becomes anionic
(coagulating). In other words, our building materials (fats,
fuels, minerals, and other compounds) start sticking or
clumping together not letting these nutrients be absorbed.
Most of the foods commonly eaten by humans are acid
forming. Acidity, which is heat-producing in the body, causes
inflammation in the walls of the vascular highway and
throughout the body. Lipids (fats) begin sticking to the walls
of the vessels in hopes of buffering this inflammation. But
lipid bonding also causes lipid stones, such as gallbladder and
liver stones. Cholesterol is the most common anti-
inflammatory lipid that the body uses to fight this
inflammation. When the tissues become acidic and thus
inflamed, the liver will produce more cholesterol to fight it.
But that means that blood cholesterol levels begin to elevate.
Minerals too start bonding and form “rock-type” stones,
which show up as kidney stones and bone spurs. Cell
membrane walls have tiny portholes that will not allow this
“clumped” nutrition to be absorbed. When red blood cells start
clumping together, blocking proper oxygen transport, or
utilisation, this creates cellular starvation, which causes
hypo-active conditions of glands and organs, loss of systemic
energy, loss of muscle tissue, and finally death. Many glands
supply hormones, steroids, to assist utilisation. As these
glands become hypo- or under-active as described above, the
utilisation of calcium and other constituents is affected,
creating many disease symptoms. For example, one of the
jobs of calcium is to help transport nutrients across cell
membrane walls. When the thyroid gland becomes hypoactive
this slows or stops calcium utilisation, which has a domino
effect, causing cellular starvation. This, of course, makes
tissue even weaker and the cycle just gets worse and worse until sickness, then death. Most people fail in the utilisation of
their nutrition to some degree.

What goes in must, for the most part, come out. We must
expel more than what we put in. If it comes out looking the
same way it went in, that’s a problem. (You should not see
undigested foods, except corn, in your stools.) When the
elements in food are broken down into their simplest forms
for utilisation by the cells, there are many by-products from
this process including gases, acids, cellular wastes,
undigested proteins, and unused material like vitamins and
minerals that need to leave the body. The body is always
trying to eliminate in ways that we often do not understand.
An example would be cold and flu-like symptoms, where
sneezing, coughing, sweating, aching, fevers, and diarrhoea
are experienced. These symptoms are elimination processes
used by the body to purge itself of mucus, parasites, toxins,
and the like. If we do not eliminate our wastes, we build
congestion interstitially (around cells) and intracellularly
(inside cells), causing further cellular decay and death. Good
elimination means moving our bowels three times a day, or
after each meal, urinating adequately, sweating, and
breathing properly. All of us fail in this category to some
extent or another. By correcting digestion, absorption,
utilisation, and elimination we can regain our energy, build
vitality and vibrancy, and live a disease-free life. If you have
trouble loosing weight or have edema you are likely to be not

We ALL have Trauma! How Do We heal?


20-30% of people are Empaths/Sensitive meaning the are aware of other’s emotions and are compassionate to others needs. Can sense energy. Can read people well. Connect with animals well. Can often find it hard to decipher between their own emotions and others. May have gifts beyond their senses activated already or start a journey to awaken them. Have their intuition guiding them. Live from the heart. Embodiment can be challenging and a sense of not belonging or wanting to go home is strong. An injustice can be present too.

4% of these are Highly Sensitive, meaning they feel at ALL, and processing their own emotions and feelings plus others can be overwhelming….and can make them freeze without tools to cope. They have full access to all senses/abilities beyond the 5 senses, however may not be able to express them. Often find embodiment challenging or the use of the 5 main senses may be impaired because of others being more heightened. Fitting in. Rules. Understanding the linear systems baffling.

Now lay trauma on these….


Trauma is an event (NOW moment) at the time that was not processed or fully felt or any empathy and vocalisation given to allow the individual to transmute it from the body. Thus trapping the feelings and density in the field at that moment in time. This can be passed on from mother and father to child in conception. Then the mind/mental body replays it causing repetitive trauma to create our personality…. to protect the ego, because it’s in fear. The personality then creates stories, patterns actions to hide it away, justify or project.

Trauma keeps us in our left brain.

•Facts and Evidence (no matter where it comes from)
•A physical attachment to the ego and material objects
•The inner power given to celebrities/others/governments/gurus/therapists outside of inner self healing or own self love
•Pre programmed and set in ways (rigidity)
•Logically thinking only
•Thinks god is external to self or not real
•Thinks factors such as governments, gurus, space, aliens ect are external separations from self or not real, rather than seeing them as mirrors or projections of self
•Hierarchical system based thinking
•Living in lack, fear and greed
•Society adherences

This left brain dominance runs our current world war, politics, governments, banking….racism, sexism, speciesism ect most people in power or the entertainment industry are extremely traumatised and acting out there trauma in extreme personalities.

•Compassion self and all
•Inner knowing beyond proof or thought
•Intuition and flows with that
•An alignment to the non physical and beyond know senses
•Unity in love without separation
•Kindness to all
•Heart coherence
•Free wide electrical field without density
•Free critical thinking even about self and current beliefs held in the left brain
•Knows god as thy self
•Knows all is god
•Knows all is equal
•Intuitive eating and moving
•Seek like minded energy
•Attracts and manifest easily in alignment to souls desires
•Inner standing of reflections/mirrors/experiences to grow the soul and evolve
•Inner stands the universe is within us (so below as above. So within as without)
•Connection to nature as a knowing we are all from source
•Working with nature’s rhythms and our own circadian rhythms

So conclusion.

If you are an Empath Sensitive being…or a Highly Sensitive being.

Using trauma releasing techniques like:
•Good nutrition
•Sound healing
•Light healing
•Somatic Therepy
Ect (the list is personal and endless)

Will allow our sensitive self to be our strength. Our mental body to stand down and our feeling body to process and thus the soulful self to be the driver.

The body to shed physical symptoms away as the soulful self is being heard, the ego can stand down and the field can be cleared.


Hannah x x

Raise Your Frequancy


Low frequency = low health and life problems. I write in depth of how to raise your frequency in my ebook i’ll post below. Here is snap-shot:

Pain 0.1 to 2hz.
Fear 0.2 to 2.2hz.
Irritation 0.9 to 6.8hz.
Noise 0.6 to 2.2hz.
Pride 0.8 hz.
Abandon 1,5hz.
Superiority 1.9 hz.

Are very low frequencies…Instead:

Generosity 95hz
True thanks 150 hz
Compassion 150 hz or more.
Love of neighbor and all living beings 150 Hz and more.
Unconditional and universal love from 205hz
Frequency Levels

Shame … energy level 20
Guilt … energy level 30
Apathy …energy level 50
Grief …energy level 75
Fear … energy level 100
Desire … energy level 125
Anger … energy level 150
Pride …. energy level 175
Courage … energy level 200
Neutrality … energy level 250
Willingness … energy level 310
Acceptance … energy level 350
Reason … energy level 400
Love … energy level 500
Joy … energy level 540
Peace … energy level 600
Enlightenment … energy level 700 – 1000


Vibration in quantum physics means everything is energy.
We are living beings on certain frequencies. Every vibration is synonymous with a feeling and in the world of ′′ vibration ′′ there are only two types of vibration, positive and negative. Every feeling sends you a vibration that can be positive or negative.

Every thought emits a frequency to the universe and that frequency goes back to the origin. So when you have negative thoughts, discouragement, sadness, anger, fear, all this comes back to you, hooking you in to spirt influence. This is why it’s so important that you care about the quality of your thoughts and learn how to cultivate more positive thoughts. once you have felt your emotions fully to release them, then create a new vibration through new thoughts.

The people around you are directly affecting your vibration frequency.
If you surround yourself with happy, positive and determined people, you will also enter that vibration. Now if you surround yourself with people who complain, clap and gossip, are pessimistic, be careful! They can prevent you from applying the law of attraction in your favour.

Music is very powerful.
If you only listen to music talking about death, betrayal, sadness and abandonment, all this will affect your feelings. Pay attention to the lyrics of the music you listen to as this can reduce your vibration frequency. And remember: you attract exactly how you feel in your life.

When you watch programs that deal with misfortune, death, betrayal, etc. address, your brain accepts this as reality and releases chemistry in your body that affects your vibration frequency. Look at things that are good for you and that helps you vibrate at a higher frequency.

Whether at home or at work, if you spend a lot of time in a messy and dirty environment, this also affects your vibration frequency.
Improve your environment, organiSe and clean your surroundings.
Show the universe that you are capable of receiving much more.
Watch what you already have!

When you claim or speak falsely about things and people, it affects your vibration frequency. In order to keep your frequency high, it’s important to eliminate the habit of complaining and talking badly about others.
So avoid drama and bullying. Take responsibility for the decisions of your life!

Gratitude has a positive impact on your vibration frequency.
This is a habit you should incorporate into your life right now.
Start giving thanks for everything, for the good things and for what you think is bad. Thank you for all the experiences you have had.
Gratitude opens the door to good things that have a positive impact in your life.



Loving, smiling, blessing, thanking, playing, painting, singing, art, dancing, meditating, prayer, yoga, Tai Chi, walking in the Sun, exercising, enjoying nature.

Eating food that the Earth gives us: fruits, vegetables, seeds, herbs, flowers, berries, alkaline grains, legumes, nuts, sea vegetables.
Drink good structured water.

They help us vibrate high ….. !!!

The vibration of prayer goes from 120 to 350hz

So sing, laugh, love, meditate, play, give thanks and live.

The original source of these charts is from the book Power Vs Force.
Based on David R Hawkins’ Doctoral Thesis.

Let us think and act positively from love.


Foods that hold life! Vibration and increase your pranic energy

NEGATIVE PRANIC FOODS: (takes away energy)
Coffee, cacao, vinegars, flesh, eggs, tinned foods, dairy, flours, baked goods, cooked tomatoes, cooked onions, cooked garlic, sodas, tofu, oils, sugars, eggplant, alcohol, preservatives, additives, colours, E numbers.

White potatoes, tomatoes, cooked vegetables, cooked fruits, cooked juice, legumes, cooked mushrooms, tempeh, unripe fruits.

Honey, maple syrup, ripe fruits, citrus, raw vegetables, greens, herbs, dried herbs, dried fruits, raw juices, nuts, seeds, sprouts, wintermelon, berries, melons, avocado, coconut, essential oils.



Hz stands for Hertz, which are the cycles per second of vibration. Each food, word, action and living creature has a vibration.

•Genius Brain Frequency ~80–82 MHz (anyone who meditates through the Pineal Gland or Heart daily for at least an hour or two)
•Brain Frequency Range ~72–90 MHz
•Normal Brain Frequency ~72 MHz
•Human Body ~62–78 MHz
•Human Body from Neck up ~72–78 MHz
•Human Body from Neck down ~60–68 MHz
•Thyroid and Parathyroid glands ~62–68 MHz
•Thymus gland ~65–68 MHz
•Heart is ~67–70 MHz
•Lungs ~58–65 MHz
•Liver ~55–60 MHz
•Pancreas ~60–80 MHz

•Colds and the Flu start at ~57–60 MHz
•Disease starts at ~58 MHz
•Candida overgrowth starts at ~55 MHz
•Receptive to Epstein Barr at ~52 MHz
•Receptive to Cancer at ~42 MHz
•Death begins at ~25 MHz

•Fruits Raw ~25-36 MHz
•Fresh Raw Vegetables ~20–27 MHz
•Fresh Herbs ~20–27 MHz
•Dried Foods ~15–22 MHz
•Dried Herbs ~15–22 MHz
•Cooked Foods ~ 8-12 MHz
•Processed/Canned/packaged Foods
~ Zero MHz
•Cooked Meats ~Zero MHz

Blessing your food and water with love and gratitude will raise its frequency (see announcements for that post)

Essential oils start at 52 MHz and go as high as 320 MHz, which is the frequency of rose oil…so precious. Fact: It takes as much as 12,000 rose blossoms to distill 5 ml of CPTG essential rose oil

Clinical research shows that therapeutic grade essential oils like doTERRA have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live!!

On Guard blend is especially potent for this with an antioxidant level 3 times more than organic blueberries. One ingredient in On Guard is Clove oil and in 1 ounce of Clove Oil (as an antioxidant) is equivalent to:
450 pounds of carrots
120 punnets of blueberries
48 gallons of beetroot juice….just saying!

Every essential oil has a frequency and each of our organs and body parts have a frequency too. The frequency of an oil will attract a like frequency in the body. Lower frequencies become a sponge for negative energy. The frequency is what stays in the body to maintain the longer lasting effects of the oil. Low frequencies make physical changes in the body. Middle frequencies make emotional changes in the body. High frequencies make spiritual changes in the body. Spiritual frequencies range from 92 to 360 MHz. So even without intention you are raising your spiritual connection to source energy when you use these oils. Combine that with intention, meditation, breath work and living raw foods and you are flying HIGH!

Studies show that negative thoughts lower the frequency of Essential Oils by 12 MHz while positive thoughts raised their frequencies 10 MHz. Prayer/intention/gratitude raises frequency levels by 15 MHz. Studies also show that at 528 MHz, DNA repair can begin. See my tapping your essential oil bottle video for higher activation

~ Rose is 320 MHz
~ Helichrysum 181 MHz
~ On Guard is 159 MHz
~ Frankincense 147 MHz
~ Lavender is 118 MHz
~ Myrrh 105 MHz
~ Roman Camomile 105 MHz
~ Peppermint is 78 MHz
~ Basil is 50 MHz

I.e…how to self heal and not get sick through raising your frequency!

A simple guide to understanding Nutrition and the part it plays on your body, and how to heal your own body!

‘Life is a construction of nutrition and drainage under the control of the nervous system.’


Nutrition is the process where raw material is converted into living structures. Materials which are used for digestion, fertility, rebuilding of cells, and repairing of tissues are accomplished. The body is equipped with a whole series of amazing organs, (this is a part of the nutritive system) which allow the body to take in raw materials like air, sleep, water, real food from nature and sunshine and turn this into life. By taking these into the body it is converting them into the blood stream so it can be taken to all parts of the body and used by the cells of the body and converted to structure and tissue. To make and keep life!

FOOD-We take in food and chew it slowly hopefully, and this is the first step where enzymes break down starches and create sugars, we then take it into the stomach where small glands excrete juices and break it down further. We then pass the food in to the small insensitive where more glands produce more juices and also juices from the pancreas and bile from the liver are together used to break the food down further. It reduces the food into small compounds where it can be passed into the blood stream and be utilised. This is called absorption. All these glands and organs are part of the digestion system. When the food particles are in the blood stream, they get picked up and moved to the liver where it then goes through more changes, where it get passes back into the blood to be utilised by the cells. This is a part of the nutritive system. We cannot live without fresh raw food. Food combining and why is it essential for health!-chart.



WATER- we take it into the stomach just like food, but water does not need any digestion and goes straight into the small intestines and can be passed around the blood stream to be utilised by the cells. Too much water or water eaten with food simply dilutes the digestive juices and flushes the minerals and goodness from the body. We cannot live without fresh clean water. If our water is filled with fluoride and chemical this does not nourish us but aids in being a load on the body. How much water is good for you, and why you should never take it with food?


AIR- we should take it in through the nose (not the mouth) and it is then passed down to the respiratory tracks and into the lungs our largest waste organ, where the blood picks up the oxygen and carries it to the cells to be used by the circulatory system. This is another part of the nutritive system. We cannot live without fresh clean air.


SUNSHINE– the skin is your largest organ and sunshine is a raw material vital to our bodies. The glands in the body need sunshine and the vitamin D we get from it to convert into tissues and building material. We cannot live without sunshine. The sun does not cause skin cancer the products the sun burns onto the skin causes skin cancer. Small amounts of sun exposer daily is nourishing and needed. Cover up if you are in it for longer periods as too long can deplete your body.


SLEEP- we do not heal from the food we put in our mouth! food is simple a way to fuel the body and can either put presure on it , or take pressure off of it. A system that is not overloaded but nourished when you go to sleep, can use these raw materials to repair, restore and re build our bodies. If we do not get enough sleep we will simple break down and age faster and our cells will start dying off and sending out symptoms of sickness and disease. This is the first stages of cancer. Sleep allows the body to rejuvenate and re grow. It must be good quality sleep and not induced by a suppressant or sleeping pill and this is not true sleep and will not allow your body to really switch off.  Sleeping and removing the load off your body is the fastest way to repair it and reverse damage. If you are exhausted stop work and all vigorous exercise and sleep as much as you can for as long as you can.


It is through the endocrine system, the respiratory system, the circulatory system and the digestive system that nutrition is taken in and for the body to repair and re build it self, it needs rest and proper sleep. They all have to flow and work together which is why removing glands like tonsils and appendix is never a healthy option, as this has an effect on every cell of your body as it is clever balance. And all of these raw materials need to be in plentiful amounts and of the highest quality for it to complete its tasks.


Drainage or (detoxification) is the process of which waste is removed from the cells and carried to the organs that do the excretions; skin, kidneys, liver, bowels ect and then from the blood into the large intestines and excreted out the body. This is big process for the body and takes the lymphatic system to be working properly for the waste to be removed. The lymphatic system picks up waste from the cells and carries it through channels into the blood stream. These are things that do not need to be in the body like ie toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, fat, unnatural foods or synthetics, excess minerals it cannot store ect. The lymphatic system then passes it through the lungs to remove carbon dioxide and then goes to the liver and that then passes the waste materials to be converted and used again where possible into the blood, it then goes on to the large intestines and the waste is then excreted from the body in stools or urine which is filtered blood. If this process does not work you get backed up in your lungs (Asthma, croup, CPOD ect,) liver (fatty liver, low stomach acid) skin (eczema, acne, psoriasis ect) and intestines (IB ,Crohn’s and leaky gut) and your blood gets sticky and your lymphatic system slows down unable to work further. The body then leaches waste in to the blood from the instines and the body sends out ways to clean it up and the food particles get trapped and leaky gut is created. You store your waste in fat cells and the body tries to clean the lymphatic system by sending out mucus and bacteria. The mucus then putrefies and causes infections in the ears, lungs and skin. The bacteria gets overgrown and cause imbalances and yeast overgrowths. If the body is not draining probably this affect the glands as they stop excreting juices or produce too much, and of course this all effects the hormones as hormones are made in the glands. . .Wow!!

Are you starting to see how EVERYTHING is connected and how removing glands, or organs just is not the answer, how surpassing symptoms with drugs and medications only leads to death. We must restore balance to the body and only put raw materials into the body.

This is all controlled by the nervous system. The nervous system is so vital in the body, without that transmission nothing would work. So the final part of nutrition is the stress levels in your life. If you can remove the stress and the toxic relationships and trauma and return the body to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest), and allow the body to drain the waste correctly then you can control all illnesses and diseases, retuning the body back to it’s healthy balances state.

By understanding the importance of what you put in you body effects what your body sends out and how that breeds disease, then you understand that it is all, fixable with the right raw materials to start with. Which are;

  • CLEAN PURE WATER –not the chemical cocktail from a tap!

I hope this information helps you to make the wisest choices for your clever body. The only thing stopping your health is YOU!

Why do we get sick and why are we always so tired?

What does “Mindful Eating” really mean and how can it help your food intolerance?

For years I put everything into what I was eating and the quality of the food without ever thinking about the words I used around food and the way I spoke to my self when I ate that food or even prepared my food. Now I truly know the power of words and thoughts and how they can effect everything you eat and how your body responds to the food on a cellular level and if it will react to it or not.

So how the hell does a word effect if you react to tomatoes or not? Well in one way it doesn’t . . . but in another way it does. By using positive words, mindful eating and affirmations daily you raise the vibration of your body and when you are vibrating at a higher frequency your body heals it self. Your cells rejuvenate faster, repair more efficiently and cope with foods better as it’s not in a state of inflammation.

So what is “Mindful Eating” it’s banded around so often in blogs, but what does it really mean?



What it means is to slow down when eating and take some care over what you fuel your body with. When you are busy and running around at work or with kids or shopping, your in fight or flight mode, most of us live in this state 90% of the time. We are at a very anxious level all day and can not switch off. Then when we eat we inhale our food throwing it in our mouths. So not only do we not digest in fight or flight but also as we have eaten to fast it puts an added burden on our bodies. To digest our food we must switch back into our parasympathetic nervous system ‘repair and digest” or there is not point eating at all, as all it does is laden the body with a burden you don’t get the minerals and benefits from eating food.

wen you cook your food think about how much it went through to get to you. Thank the farmers, the animal that sacrificed it’s life, or the earth, sea or tree for providing it to you. When you have it in front of you touch, taste and smell it to start appreciating it. When you eat it, smell it to start the saliva in your mouth, which tells the brain to start activating the juices in your stomach, and prepare your body to start the digestion process. An example of the reverse of this is inhaling a burger in a few bites and that burger sitting in your stomach unable to be digested, as the body has had no warning signs it was coming. But if you cut ripe water melon and smell it and lick your fingers, your body is aware of what your about to eat and it gets excited as it pulls up that memory of eating it. You feel grateful for this watermelon and say to yourself ‘this will replenish my body and hydrate me, this is exactly what I need right now’ your body will digest this very easily.


How you talk to yourself and feel makes a big affect on your digestion system and how the body takes nutrients to the cells too. An example of this is: ‘This food will heal me’ ‘This food is nourishing my body’ or ‘I’m so grateful for this food’.

The opposite to this is: ‘This isn’t very good for me’ ‘I shouldn’t really eat this’ or ‘I’ll have to pay for this tomorrow and have to go to the gym for 2 hours’

One is telling your body this is great food to eat and the other is saying don’t digest this it will harm you and the body will send out white blood cells to eradicate it. Now this doesn’t mean you can eat junk food with positive affirmations, as junk food is junk food at it serves no purpose in your body and causes inflammation . . . but it means not to beat yourself up when you have an indulgent healthy treat as that will be worst than the treat on the body and your everyday food should be eaten with appreciation and in a slow mindful manner. CHEW CHEW CHEW!! Oh and CHEW!

Your posture can play a part in this too up right strong and happy or slumped tired and unhappy? Choosing a positive mindset

Another level of this is: choosing the right “diet” or way of eating for your body. There are so many celebrities out there who indorse their way of life. But we have all got different bodies and our bodies all react differently to food, environment have certain genes are switched on or not. Just because it worked for that celebrity it may not be right for you. So how do you know what “diet” I hate that word . . . is right for you?

Well if you eat meat and your body feels heavy, sluggish and you feel guilt for eating an animal, then maybe that’s not right for you no matter what fade “diet” is in at the time. Or maybe you eat meat and it gives you so much energy and makes you fit and lean and you have no issue eating an animal, then maybe it is right for you.


Your mindset when going into a new way of eating is so important. If you believe in it and feel it is right than it most likely will be right, as your mindset is in alignment. If you go into a new fade diet and you say to yourself ‘this will be a hassle’ or ‘it will be hard and I wont be able to stick to it.’ Or something I hear all the time ‘my kids wont eat that!” . . then you guessed it, it will be hard and not work as you have set your self up for failing before you started you are sending out that vibration and you and your kids will pick up on that. Go in to any thing in life with the right mindset and alignment and things will fall into place and work for you.

The food it self is vibrational and a plant just picked or a fruit just picked will have a high vibration that will help to keep your body vibrating at a high level and running efficiently. If you choose food that is void of vibrations and a dead food like an over cooked burger which hold no life force in it at all. All it will do is dull your body’s energy and flow of life force, over time this plays its price on your body and inflammation and disease.

So is it mambo jumbo or scientific fact? Try it and see! Think about the way you talk to your body and how you feel when you eat a food and they way you talk to your self after eating a food and see if you can twist it positively and see any changes. I used this to overcome my fear of food as so many foods I used to react to. I just kept saying before I ate a food ‘oh I will react to this’ and low and behold I did! When I started to say ‘I love this food and I’m going to eat it and have fun and be relaxed’ suddenly foods I couldn’t eat caused me no problem. Even some foods I eat everyday might cause a reaction if I’m in the wrong mindset as my conscious ego pops up and says ‘oh don’t eat that your eyes will come up’ NO NO NO they won’t hahahah!

Positively and positive words raise Serotonin and reduces Histamine in the body. Help regulate the glands and lowers the white blood count. I.e. inflammation!

So how do you actually eat mindfully?

You need to prepare your body for food. Shovelling food into the body and not chewing properly stops digestion and if the body is working hard on digestion it will take energy away from other functions and you will feel sluggish and tired and bloated after you eat . . . (Christmas dinner anyone?). You are supposed to feel energised and light after food. If you are not re think the food you are eating!

So do the following before you eat always!

  • Take 10 deep belly breaths
  • Be grateful for the food
  • Smell your food
  • Touch your food
  • Thank the farmers or who ever made it for you

By this stage your mouth will be watering sending signals to the gut to start the digestive juices and the enzymes that are needed to break down the food. Digestion starts in the mouth!

CHEW CHEW CHEW CHEW CHEW 30 times each mouthful!

  • Savour each mouthful
  • Thank your body for digesting this food.
  • Be grateful for how lucky you are for having great food and the time to eat it-if you have not got time to eat re think your priorities and work on the balance in your life like what we spoke about earlier.

The other side to mindful eating is knowing where your food comes from and looking after the planet.

  • How was it raised and killed?
  • What part of the world did it come from?
  • What has it been through to get here?
  • What the life force or vibration of this food?

Mediation and Breathing techniques for beginners!

My journey with meditation and the power of mindset began about 5 years ago when I needed techniques and changes in my life to cope with health issues and the health of my children. I saw very quickly how strong being mindful was and how I can overcome physical conditions with just my mind. I use mindfulness and mediation in each and every day and today I have a strong sexy brain!

Mediation is one of the biggest tools in my healing and our family’s healing and that I now bring to my clients as it is the key to bring all their health goals together. The science of this ancient art form is that breathing deeply and slowly through your belly helps the vagus nerve (running from the neck down through the diaphragm) to send a signal to your brain to turn up your parasympathetic nervous system i.e. (relax and repair) and turn down your sympathetic nervous system i.e. (fight or flight).

A good breath practice to start with is:

  • Breath in for 3 seconds
  • Hold the breath for 5 seconds
  • Breath out for 5 seconds
  • And repeat for as long as you can.

This breath work can be increased to 5 seconds and 8 seconds when you have become comfortable with the first stage.

What ever way works for you be it, Mickle Therapy, Theta Healing, Mediation Apps, Yoga, Meditation, chanting, reading healing self help books like ‘The Power Of Now’ or walking in nature. Finding your key to unlocking your spiritual practice and calming your ‘chattery’ mind, breathing deeply and calmly will help every aspect of your life.

What is spirituality?

My interoperation is that you become aware that you are your body, mind and energetic body, and that they are all connected and that we are connected to each life force in the universe. And that we are all made from the same atoms and molecules or “star dust” and that nothing happens without a reason as we make out won destiny! it can have everything or nothing to do with religion . . .mediation can help you see and feel this.

A few ticks I have been taught along the way and things I’ve found that help me are:

When you meditate it’s not about having a blank mind with no thoughts, more when a thought arises and it will. Don’t pay it any attention just let it drift through your mind or sweep it away. When you pay attention to thoughts aniexty arises as you live in the future or dwell on the past. Over time your thoughts will be less crowded and you’ll let them pass without any attention. If you can hold a positive clear thought for 17 seconds another positive thought will join it and you will feel happier very quickly. The same goes for a negative thought and downward spirals . . .

Finding time for mediation practice can be hard and I’ve learnt not to make it perfect. It’s better to learn this practice in the noise of work, kids, a play ground or whilst the kids are screaming and running around, learn to be mindful in each day. For a long time I sort perfection to be able to mediate the cables and chants and the incenses . . . ha well that never happened. There will always be noise distractions and “life” Mediation is just to be aware of your body, breath and thoughts. It does not need to be hard . . .stop over thinking it!

Practising in a perfect calm yoga studios or mediation rooms has it’s place and is brilliant for healing and others who are in a higher vibration to you can help lift you up, but if you cannot keep that practice space up once your at home you loose that feeling and get despondent. Which stops mindful-living and being present from becoming a daily life choice.

Instead learn to breath and calm you mind with all that is around you and your practice will be stronger.

I few places I like to mediate or concentrate on my breath are:
mediate in the car before school pick up.
Breath deeply and slowly at the traffic lights.
Lying on the floor while the kids watch movies and meditate.
In the garden even when the kids are screaming and attacking each other with water finding a space to sit with my breath.
Putting on an App just before bed or in the bath.

Raising my legs up the wall and being still is the latest way to get out of my head!

Mediation can be done whilst walking or running or cycling too. Anything that allows your mind to be calm and thoughts to drift in and out without giving them any momentum or power. To walk slowly in the grass noticing the feel on your feet and the sounds and the air on your face can be just powerful as chanting in a circle with enlightened hippies! -I can say that am a chanting hippie at heart hahah!

I hope these tips help you see you can strengthen you practice anywhere at any time.

Blessings in your day and let me know if these techniques helped you x x