Enemas and Essentail Oils

Understanding the Colon and Its Role in Your Health

Your digestive system is a ecosystem in itself. There are bacteria and yeasts that live in there in a balance that helps the body absorb all the nutrients. Those nutrients sustain all your body’s functions and give you energy throughout the day. Unfortunately, this balance is very fragile and it is often disrupted by certain factors. Contrary to many peoples beliefs and fade diets it is not about killing off anything but restoring balance that is the key to health…

The things that can imbalance your body are:

  • Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Diseases
  • Medication (antibiotics)
  • Stress
  • Sleep Schedule
  • Over Sterile Conditions
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Negative Thoughts

All these factors can deteriorate and effect the health of your colon. They allow the level of good bacteria to drop. And when left untreated, all the harmful bacteria can break the protective barrier of the colon and release toxins in it (leaky gut).

Once the bad bacteria go through the protective barrier of the colon, they will affect the health of all the other organs too.

The digestive tract is home to about 450 bacteria and yeast species.

Here are some of the symptoms associated with a stressed colon:

  • Cramps
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue and brain fog
  • Agitation and anxiety
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Infections
  • Depression
  • Food allergies
  • Blood in the stools
  • Skin Conditions

Why is colon health so important?  And why is it not just a 2 week juice cleanse or magic pill to heal from it?

Colon health is important because an imbalance between the yeasts and the good bacteria can lead to a weak immune system and malnutrition.  That can also cause autoimmune diseases like thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn’s disease.

When we start the long journey to detoxify our bodies through fasting and raw living foods, we start to take the pressure from the body and give it chance to heal itself, this takes time and consistaency to achieve.

Fortunately, there are quite a few doTERRA essential oils to support colon health along the way! They can be used along side a cellular detoxification plan and natural lifestyle…

 One way or another, more than 80% of the people suffer from some kind of colon problem…even the ones who declare the don’t!  Some have an unbalanced flora that can lead to infections. While others suffer from food sensitivity, which translates into food intolerance or allergies. Others its skin conditions or mental health or presenting with Autism ADHD symptoms.

If you are new to Essentail oils you can start with applying the oils below with fractionated coconut oil to the bottoms of the feet first. The bottoms of the feet are highly absorptive and a safe location for the application of any essential oil especially in children.

Then you can move to applying them to the abdomen in a clockwise motion with castor oil or coconut oil.

If you are not using daily or regular enemas or colonics,  I would suggest to start as if you are removing harmful foods and adding detoxing practices… but you are not helping your body get rid of these toxins fats enough you can cause more issues and what we call re-toxing. So once you have built up a tolerance with your essential oils and using them regularly…you can start using them prior to the enema or colonic to encourage a comfortable release.

Another way if you don’t feel comfortable to do an enema or you can’t achieve this with children is to make your own essential oils suppositories. By using organic coconut oil in an ice cube tray, then adding between 2 to 5 drops of essential oils per cube (I’d suggest a silicone tray). Then inserting 1 as far up inside your anus as you can to allow the oils to penetrate in to your colon.

Here are my suggestions for the oils to benefit you condition:

Prostate Issues: frankincense, myrrh, wintergreen, copaiba, cypress, grapefruit

Chronic Fatigue: peppermint, cilantro, lemon, wild orange, grapefruit, basil

Weight loss: peppermint, zendocrine, smart sassy, lemon, orange, grapefruit, cypress

Skin Conditions: lavender, rosewood, lavender, geranium, frankincense

Pain/Cramps: wintergreen, cypress, peppermint, marjoram, copaiba, frankincense

Digestive Aid: lemon, wild orange, peppermint, fennel, wintergreen, spearmint

Leaky Gut Syndrome: lemon, wild orange, digestZen, grapefruit, fennel, lavender, frankincense, cilantro

Cancer: tangerine, grapefruit, oregano, frankincense, myrrh, lavender, geranium, sandalwood

Gastro-intestinal Infections: on gaurd, rosemary, marjoram, cilantro, basil, clove, peppermint, fennel

Detox: peppermint, zendocrine, lemon, wild orange, digestZen, grapefruit, cypress, tangerine, grapefruit

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint, fennel, wild orange, ginger, cypress, grapefruit, lemon

Colitis: wintergreen, cypress, peppermint, marjoram, copaiba, frankincense


DOSAGE – Applying 5-10 drops per litre of water you use….making sure it is stirred. I apply my oils to the last water that goes in so it stays in longer. Ask your colonic practitioner to add your oils just before the treatment finishes.

Using essential oils in your enema not only supports your colon health and healing journey, but it really make your shit smell like roses…or rosemary or ginger to hahah!

NOTE –  add fears lemon juice if you are constipated or 1 tsp Bi- Carb powder if you are very loose in your stools. You can also add your herbal tincture or teas like Parasite M form Dr Morse to enemas to. I DO NOT RECOMMEND COFFEE ENEMAS they are far to stimulating unless you are in stage 4 cancer and need to heal faster.

How to do a enema:


-Add warm water to your enema bag or bucket then add your chosen supportive oils or herbs.
Hang your enema bag/bucket about 18 in. to 3 ft above your rectum. A good tool for this is too hang it from a shower or up high on a shelf.

-You should have a clamp on your enema the to slow the water up or down.I find downward dog or dolphin or putting my legs up on the edge of the bath suits me best, but some say lying on their sides or even lying flat works for them. A good starting portion is on your right side.

-Insert nozzle/colon tube tip into your anus, using a lubricant like coconut oil

-Inject solution into rectum slowly, and take as much as possible , refill bag as needed or until it becomes uncomfortable to take any more solution. Somedays you will be able to take more than others.

-Massage abdomen in counter-clockwise direction this will help the solution higher into the colon.

-When bag is empty or no more fluid can be taken remove nozzle/rectal tube
Lie on each side for 5 to 10 minutes, while massaging your abdomen.
Now you can move to the toilet and release the enema, continuing to massage your abdomen.

When expelling the enema:
-Massage abdomen in a clockwise direction this will help move the solution back toward the rectum and anus. This helps with expelling the enema water and helps move the solution and feces towards the rectum and out the anus.

NOTE: when doing enemas on kids use an iPad or favourite game to distract them lying them on their side on a towel, keeping them warm and calm and off cause ask their permission…we called them ‘tummy washes’ and used them daily when my children were extremely constipated and very toxic. Then place them on the toilet with books till they empty out. We use them now from time to time if they have virus or headaches or need an emotion realise.  

When I resist doing an enema, I ask myself ‘what am I not prepared to let go of today?’

When I do an enema and the water comes straight out and I cannot hold it in ‘I wonder what I’m rigid and uptight about today?’

When I can hold 2 litres in with time to move around before releasing the water, I ask myself ‘how can I go deeper into healing today and shed more than I ever have?’

Much love Hannah x x

The Energetic Meaning of Diseases

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, EVERYTHING CAN BE ADJUSTED, CHANGED AND MANIPULATED TO FIND THE HIGEST VIBRATION FOR HEALING ….Each physical symptom in our body is direct link to an emotion that has not been dealt with or is trapped within the cells. When we detox the body we can release the trauma and trapped emotions that cause the symptoms, or we can address the emotions or the needs that are not being met and clear it from the energetic body, or a combination of the two I have found to work the best…

Here is run down of what I have seen and witnessed from others:

The Energetic Meaning of Depression and Mental Illness – “Your Soul needs attention, you are more than a body”

Depression and mental illness is linked to an imbalanced or suppressed 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra – our power centre. Beautiful one you need to bring sunlight and hope back to your Soul. This may be through grounding or outdoors exercise, nature, music, dancing, an high frequency high raw diet (food and otherwise) being with inspiring people and focusing on what your gifts are, rather than what you can’t do and don’t have. Your mind needs new incentives to achieve, and things to learn, and be exited by! Take a baby step to see joy and bring in the new each day…

The Energetic Meaning of Coughs and Colds – “Where are you feeling not listened to and overwhelmed or not speaking your truth?”

From birth we have been force-fed ideas (and foods). Our parents and teachers and society tell us what to think, our hierarchical system tells us what to do, the media tells us what we should aspire to and look like. Why? Because this behaviour keeps us powerless and easy to control…we see it in so many people who have stiff necks and shoulders when they have trouble speaking from the heart! They’ve been trained to be manipulated minds disconnected from their hearts. Frequent coughs, sore throats, colds, flus and bugs are linked to an imbalanced or suppressing of the 5th Throat Chakra – our inner voice, which is connected to the immune system. And 6th Third Eye Chakra – our mind and vision, intuition and truth seeking.

Many women have under-active thyroids, perhaps because we’re so accustomed to biting our tongues and ‘being polite’ and doing as we are told. Time to speak up and share your wisdom, views and voice!! Time to let your children shine their light and listen to others with love. As you strengthen your voice and your 5th Chakra expands so in turn does your immune system strengthen!

The Energetic Meaning of Allergies (Hay-fever, Gluten, Sensitive’s) – “Stop pushing down your feelings, listen to your heart”

Allergies are a sign that many chakras are imbalanced, as the body is overburdened…but particularly linked to a sensitive 4th Heart Chakra – our joy centre and 6th Third Eye Chakra – our mind and vision. Hay-fever can suggest ‘inner wounding’ and problems ‘in your face’ that you are avoiding, especially interpersonal conflict and not listening to your inner voice. To resolve your bodies history of ‘over-reacting’, ie sending out to much Histamine or Cortisol you need to detox your whole environment, as well as strengthen your aura, mind and body to give yourself the right conditions for success. This can be done through a chemical free, non toxic lifestyle and real plant foods and cellular detoxification.

With digestive allergies and food intolerances, look at where have ‘you had a GUTFUL’ and lost your appetite for life? Maybe it’s time to look at where your food and thinking really comes from? What kind of future do you want for yourself and the planet? Are you feeding faceless giants corporations or supporting local, organic entrepreneurs who are healing the planet? How can you clean your body and in return clean the planet? How can you create a nourishing relationship with food and the environment? Cold you nurture food in your garden as you nurture your body and soul purpose?

Get education and support around how to cope with your feelings and connecting to your inner voice. When you allow your self to be heard and stand in your own abilities your body will fall in to line…nutrition plays a massive part in allowing this to transpire.

The Energetic Meaning of Addictions (Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Overspending, Food, Over exercising, Drama,Work) – “Why do you think you’re not valuable? You’re priceless!”

We’re all addicts in a way. The trick is to choose addictions which will prolong, rather than reduce your life experience. Addiction is human nature we are seekers of pleasure…I see it in my detoxing community who seek to be nourished from only the elements, and within myself how I have changed from one addiction to another. It used to be alcohol, drugs, over spending and eating out…now it’s nutrition and healing, knowledge, mediation and nature. One is far better for me than another but still an addiction of sorts. My path may lead me to releasing all addictions and feeling like I need and want for nothing…who knows!
Addictions are connected to the 1st Root Chakra – our family tree and grounding. And our 2nd Sacral Chakra – feelings, relationships, past lives and 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra – energy centres. Finding other activities that give you the same highs/comfort or escape as your prior addictions can help you move away from unwanted addictions to more proactive supports in life, as you move through finding out who you are and what you are here to do….for me, these include creating food, swimming in the ocean , yoga, mediation and woman’s circles and running a spiritual business that gives back.

Until you master your outlets to deal with emotions and allow feeling to arise, you will keep going back to these old patterns. Just remember, you’re a human being, not a human doing…Landmark Forum taught me that it is ok to be a human and not search for perfectionism!

The Energetic Meaning of a Sick Child – “Where is a small part of you tired and unwell or not being looked after?”

Children are the canaries in the gold mine!! When we’re off-track, and our needs are not being met…you can bet it will show in your child’s behaviour or physical body and reflecting in all 11 Chakras. This can give us clues as to our next steps and how to sooth and direct the issues and address our own needs. If your kids seem to be chronically unwell or have a diagnosis or label from the medical world, its essential to look at the spiritual payoffs….hold on before you scream at the screen!

Really ask yourself ‘What are the benefits to you?’ and to them when taking time out to rest and grow and seek a new? Although it sounds weird, some people find their purpose as a result of their child’s illness or syndromes, and this can be part of our greater karmic plan. This was true for me. I would not have been able to step in to my gifts or life’s purpose as a 33/6 Intuitive Healer without my children showing me I needed to clean my life, my thoughts and my energy bodies…and give back to the world not just take form it. You often hear of a lot of successful people, who were sick when they were young, which forced them to become resilient and patient, qualities that have led them to incredible wisdom or seeking out side of their family for their life path.

In other cases, you may be using your child’s problems to get attention subconsciously, e.g. from society or even your partner or friends or to seek healing yourself. This is not something to feel guilty about there is no blame here (parents feel guilty enough without feeling it from another), however there are better ways to make yourself seen and meet your needs.

Maybe ask yourself “Did my parents live through me, too? Am I willing to discover who I am, without hiding behind my family duties? Can I see my struggles as a gift? Am I able to see my children as complete beings who are here to teach me?


If you would like to work with me on any of these with nutrition and energy work please contact me here:


Many blessings beautiful shining lights

Hannah Miles – Leading the Movement for ‘Detoxing & Spiritual Living’ for Sensitive Families 🍃🌙