Healing your inner child!

This is the key to healIng as an adult, however the hardest thing to achieve. It takes time and has layers.

We must feel extremely painful emotions and re parent ourselves through it, whilst holding an adult life and in some cases parenting children. Wow! Massive work…

These childhood trapped emotions cannot be released through positive reframing or by telling yourself lies. If you aren’t able to feel true sadness and you are holding it down creating physical symptoms. Yet you tell yourself you are happy. You will simple create depression. As the distance of where you are and where you want to be is too great. If you are going to use affirmations, use ones close to the emotion you are trying to feel like; “I am ready to feel my sadness”. Or even “I desire to be shown how to feel my sadness”….rather than “I am happy”. Feel the vibrational difference?

From babies in utero we are shown, feel and told that when we express our needs and true emotions it’s not safe, met with violence or rage, met with shame and shut downs, met with lack of empathy or with our adults not coping with it and withdrawing themselves or punishing you, or removing you. Of course as adults we will find it hard to feel safe to feel our emotions. Any sign of that can of worms opening up will be shut down through an addiction that stops us feeling (food, sex, drugs, work, TV, social media, rage, fighting, blame, sports, false dopamine hits ect)

The only way we can heal our emotional traumas and trapped emotions is by feeling it fully to completion. Meaning the full cycle of emotion (I wrote about that here so search it if you wish to read) that could mean crying for days or weeks over that one feeling and memory and allowing all the emotions to rise up. Feeling the age the emotion got shut down. Regressing to your 3 or 6 year old self. Not allowing your adult mind to justify it or rationalise it. Not suppressing it or allowing yourself to be shamed to stop. Everyday will trigger you to allow you to heal yourself. Don’t waste these nuggets!

You must feel your childhood beliefs, not what you want to feel now.

We will attract situations and people to unlock these beliefs. Don’t get trapped in blaming these triggers and stuck in the stories. As when we do not fully feel an emotion as a child. The vibration of that energy gets stored in the body and trapped in the Soul. Re directing your path and perception of Self. Including creating false beliefs, and most importantly stopping new truths about Self and your environment coming to you. That’s why we are seeing a connection with those who seek truth to those who have started to do inner development and trauma work. They are cracking their own facade which cracks the external facade. And why we must accept the tigger and feel what it shows us.

A great tool to get to these deep emotions that are trapped… is to picture your self young standing opposite you now. Being told don’t feel that, do that, say that, touch that, why are you so XYZ, be more this…how do you as an adult feel?

Rage? Anger? Sadness? Drive to be perfect? Ie not enough? Hurt? Feel these one at a time following fully through the emotional cycle.

Hope this helps. Robin is visiting this work for the first time and I’m helping him. I’m so impressed with his efforts to heal and walk the path of Love. He is truly doing the inner work. I’ve been peeling off the layers of inner child work for 9 years and each layer brings me more understanding and peace. And of course changes my adult reality.

With love Hannah ✨

Sharing my experience & journey shedding my facades & finding the path to truth, divine love & humility. God’s guidance filtered through me. Take what you will. Leave the rest.

Nourish To Health 🌿