Do Viruses Exists?

It’s a controversial topic. Nobody is denying the existence of microbes. Spores, cells, or sperm as they are the essence of life. I repeat, LIFE, not disease.Human DNA is 1 percent human and 99 percent microbial. Our microbial ecosystem is present in every cell of our body, just like in every other living organism.

The difference between the theories is that one of them ASSUMES that disease is caused by microbes. This is assumed because virology claims that microbes are “seen” or “active” when disease is present, but as I just explained before, microbes are in 99% of our DNA. It is obvious that they are present everywhere. But, virology’s has not been able to prove that they are there as the cause of disease. Why? It is not because they can’t be analysed, it is because they are there to clean up and detoxify. A dead animal’s carcass is full of microbes– is that because they killed the animal? Obviously not. The microbes did not kill the animal, but excretions of the cells are seen (exosomes) and/or microbes are there to clean up to help detoxify dead cells. Because these microbes are present, germ theory assumes the microbes are the CAUSE of disease and it assumes that because they are there, they killed the animal.

Why are prebiotic foods important and recommended? Because they ferment in your intestine to create probiotic (live bacteria) which does the same job of the animal carcass– bacteria cleans up dead tissue, dead cells, etc and creates a symbiotic environment in your gut. Is this clear so far??

Terrain theory supports the existence of the microbial ecosystem, but as the “cleaning/detoxifying team” which is again, the work that your entire microbiome does. It provides the ability to detoxify constantly. Terrain or cell theory, just like lifestyle medicine for those who follow this proven concept, relates to epigenetic, another proven concept, where it is the environment of the cell (inner ecosystem) and the environment of a living organism (outer ecosystem) which includes food, water, air, and everything that affects the living being, as the determinant factors on health or disease outcomes. It is not genetics, or germs, it is the environment that determines health outcomes.

For those here who understand that food is part of the major outcome for disease, this is exactly supporting the concept of the terrain, meaning, it is what you eat (or put in your inner environment) what determines your health or lack of it. Besides food, there are many other aspects which affect our environment as toxicity comes from many sources, and therefore they need to be taken in consideration. Whatever affects your body, can affect the balance of your wellbeing– event stress, as it activates the over production of the glands, causing imbalances and oxidation of the cells. This is why it is called Cell or Terrain Theory— again, it is the environment, lifestyle habits, ecosystem, habitat or terrain, whether inner or outer, which determines health or disease.

Mainstream medicine has manipulated the concepts of many things including this one, for obvious reasons. Excretions/detoxification of the cells in mainstream medicine are called “viruses” and are blamed as the cause of diseases. This supports a great empire of antibiotic (anti-life) drugs, vaccines, and therapies against these so called “viruses”. Again, they are excretions of the cells. Our microbes, are an active part of our immune system, not the cause of disease.

Lastly, the human body’s system of detoxification uses every single one of our orifices for detoxification or riddance of toxins. When something toxic is inhaled, the body sneezes or coughs out. When something toxic is eaten, the body throws up, if it is ingested it is eliminated through defecation or diarrhoea, etc. The body utilises fever as a way to elevate the temperature and detoxify through skin pores by sweating. Heating of the body allows mucosa to rebuild and excrete toxins through it. These are some of the detoxification methods utilised by the perfect human machine but in mainstream medicine these are called “illnesses”.

A fish is only as healthy as the water it swims in!

here is slink to learn more about the Terrain Theory:Terrain Theory

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