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Are you ready to take the steps to love yourself? Then join us and change your life forever…

A4_Poster_SelfLoveImmersionWknd-Final-PNGNourish Your Body and Soul from the inside out!

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There is nothing more powerful, beautiful or free than someone who chooses to love themselves and in this world, and yet, so many of us are so busy taking care of our responsibilities and others, that we don’t give ourselves the self care we need and deserve.

This is why we need powerful immersions like this.

To remind you of who you are, to listen deeply within, to express yourself without worrying if it or you are good enough… and to anchor you into the promises you make to yourself, so that you can in your day to day life make the choices that your heart and soul desire.

Two days in the stunning abundance of the Byron Bay hinterland, learning and exploring through yoga, meditation, reflection and holistic nutrition.

Rarely does such an intentionally-crafted experience open up for us to dive in deep to celebrate life and learn how to nourish ourselves from the inside out.

The Self Care Immersion is a potent blend of these pieces.

It is the yoga and meditation holiday you’re longing for deep in your bones.

It is the opportunity to learn what nourishing and supporting your body really means and practical advice on how to do it in your own home.

It is the coming together of friends with open hearts ready and excited to share and nourish, rekindle and rejuvenate.

In taking time out from everyday life you’ll be able to reflect and remember on how we got to where we are now, and where we want to go.

Imagine spending two days in magical northern New South Wales with us showing you how to reconnect and to live a life from within.

No phones to answer.

No office or kids.

No hustle, struggle or uncertainty about what needs doing ‘yesterday!’.

Just spacious, targeted time to focus on what you LOVE and need.

Time to fall back in love with yourself and your life and life skills to show you how easy it is to do in everyday life.

Imagine receiving a deep-dive immersion, with daily yoga, education sessions, meditation, rest and nourishing farm-to-table meals that have been crafted with perfect nutritional balance for your gut health and healing.

Our modern lifestyles offer us tremendous opportunities and possibilities: with online connectivity many of us can work anywhere, anytime and share our experiences with our social networks even as they happen. But it can also mean we never have any ‘off’ time.

Have you ever tried to step back and recharge, only to find yourself feeling guilty or selfish?

In joining the Self Care Immersion you are saying ‘Yes!’ to a supportive, high-vibrational community ready to support you and your personal growth.

The Self Care Immersion is for you if:
– You know you need to slow down (you’re juggling work, relationships, caring for kids, parents, friends, pets, you have a mortgage and work only ever seems to get busier…) but you don’t know how.

– You know you should eat better, and you’re craving some truth and clarity on what this really means and how to bring it into your everyday life.

– You know that you deserve self care and you are ready to step up and claim your divine right!

You will welcome in each day of the Self Care Immersion with a morning yoga class with Ruth as your teacher.

A truly gorgeous way to start the day. A stick of incense. A few blurry eyes. An unfolding of mats. Your time to simply be with your practice.

Ruth will take you though yoga that is suitable for all levels of experience, from brand new to advanced yogi. You’ll be asked to try new things, literally and metaphorically flex new muscles. And when we’re done, over our luxurious lunch, we can discuss, share and reflect on our experiences.

In our nutritional workshops with Hannah you’ll receive the information and guidance you need to create and sustain nutritional self care strategies that will support you when you step back into ‘real’ life, in ways that are tailored especially for you and are simple and truly do-able.

What you will come away with:
1. A steady, clear foundation for self care (for your body, mind and spirit):

Clarity on your real needs and desires, what you love about your life and what needs more loving attention.

Certainty on your minimal self care needs are and how to gracefully ensure they are met.

2. What sorts of foods work best for you to nourish and support your body for energy and healing:

An introduction to mindfulness and how to apply this in everyday life.

Ways to work with your gut health for radiant health and happiness.

3. A health relationship with your body and self through yoga:

Experience flow and yin yoga and learn how and when to practice these to support your health and wellbeing.

Learning how to use yoga and movement to feel truly comfortable in your skin and love your body.

4. An exploration of meditation and mindset techniques and playful techniques for making friends with the ‘monkey mind’:

Different approaches to meditation so you can find an approach that soothes and inspires you.

And of course the benefit of having spent a weekend on retreat: wholesome plant based meals, daily yoga and meditation and gorgeous company all in a picturesque natural environment.

You don’t need to have previous yoga experience to join us.

You don’t need to have ever meditated.

You may never have gone on a yoga retreat before.

You don’t need to be vegan, vegetarian or any sort of other dietary regime.

This is an ‘all levels’ retreat: from yoga and meditation practice through to mindfulness, journaling and mind set work.

The Self Care Immersion is unlike any other form of self care program you can imagine.

Instead, it is a deep, nurturing and supportive wellbeing weekend where we come together each day to bring forth your personal best, from a place of rest, openness and contemplation.

Our daily meditation and journaling will be designed to rekindle your passion for your life, as well as draw forth inspiration, ideas and creativity to take deep care of yourself and allow you to live from the inside out to experience your natural state of happiness and ease.

You’ll be supported with incredible farm-to-table plant based meals and snacks prepared with love by Hannah.

Our retreat will take place at Myocum, about 20 mins from Byron Bay in New South Wales.

In this Immersion you will receive

4 Yoga classes
2 Meditation and Relaxation sessions
2 nutrition and mind set educational sessions
Lunches and snacks
Access to a gorgeous garden where you can walk, meditate or chat during your free time and breaks
Not included:

Our meals are prepared with love and full of local flavour and amazing fresh ingredients.

May 20th- 21st 2017-Myocom Byron Hinterlands NSW.  

The Self Care Immersion is a very special weekend.

The investment to join us is $497 AUD
Book now, places limited!

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“Hannah provided a safe and caring place for me to shed not only unwanted body weight but also some long held negative beliefs. Theta healing and nutritional knowledge led me back to my real self. Happy lighter and healthier. I still have more to learn and undo but feel confident I’m moving each day in the right direction. Hannah is so generous with her wisdom and constantly shares support on facebook and her web site. You are never alone on this journey. Thankyou Hannah”

Helen Long, Geelong

“Working with Hannah has been life-changing for me in a number of ways. Hannah incorporates different healing techniques and lifestyle changes, which are tailored to your individual needs and allows for a holistic approach to improving your health. I attribute the incredible improvement in my health to my work with Hannah and what I have learn’t and implemented with her guidance. I feel truly blessed to have found Hannah and cannot recommend working with her highly enough.”

Isabella Beath, Newcastle

“Ruth is a fantastic instructor, particularly for novices like me. Her combination of gentle humour and easy-to-follow instructions puts anyone at ease. I love that she always offers variations to poses so all in her class can challenge themselves. Ruth incorporates a variety of yoga styles, both modern and traditional, which keeps interest and enthusiasm high. Her interval yoga classes are especially fun.”

Kate Hagman, Brisbane

If you know that you need to take time for yourself but you never find that time and are sometimes too busy to even think clearly…

If you’re tired of the busy-ness and overwhelm of our modern lifestyles and you fear burn out and exhaustion…

If you’re just not the type to invest in yourself (but know you need to)…

Then I’m ready to invite you in to the special sanctuary in northern New South Wales and guide you into a fuller, more grounded and more abundant version of yourself and your life.

Spend two days in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland, eating amazing organic meals, practicing yoga and meditation, reflecting, learning about nutrition and wellness with a group of like-minded souls and really taking time for you!

And enjoy our support and guidance to map out the self care practices to create the life you truly desire.

It’s true: not every immersion is the right fit for everybody.

If you’d like to speak with one of us privately about this weekend and discover if it is the right fit for you, please send us an email and we can set up a time to talk.

Our intention for this retreat is that the perfect collection of people to delve deep and explore what self care and living from within really mean to share, connect and explore alone and together. So we are totally available to help you decide if this is for you. Are you ready to take the steps to love yourself and change your life forever? 

Email Hannah on or Ruth on