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Are you ready to live from the concept that anything is possible?

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Welcome to Nourish to Health a page for those who wish to live from the view that ‘anything is possible’…using Meditation ‘RAW LIVING PLANT FOODS’ cellular detoxification, mindset changes and a positive outlook. I believe anything is possible and that we have the CHOICE to change our lives and achieve what we were told was not possible for our families. Join me and make that a possibility…

Do you have an autistic child or a child with learning difficulties and behavioural issues or developmental delays? Do you have a list of daily symptoms that you push aside to look after your family? Have you been diagnosed with an auto-immune condition and tried everything to heal?

Then welcome you have come to the right page…

About me

My name is Hannah Miles, I’m a Detoxification and Mindset Coach. Trained in Nutritional Science, Food as Medicine, Natural Hygiene, Soul Focused Psychotherapy, Theta Healing, Mediation & Mindfulness, Conscious Parenting and childOsophy under Dr Maxine Therese. I’ve been inspired by my own life experiences to empower you to take back your health, learn how to heal yourself holistically and be the best and healthiest you can be through one on one coaching or packages or from one of my retreats or webinars.

The big secret I would like you to know is that YOU have the power to heal your own body! No one else just YOU. No expensive supplements or magic super powders, all from easily found plant foods. And I am just a guide on your path to be your healthiest highest self. And that to heal your child you must heal yourself first this is KEY. This is something most of us struggle to come to terms with as we like to fix others. But to heal your family it all starts with YOU!

A natural approach to wellness

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Personal, loving one on one guidance to help you achieve your health goals and aid your family’s wellbeing and healing. More..

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Take back your health, learn how to heal yourself holistically and be the best and healthiest you can be! Learn More..

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My guides provide guidance and practical steps to improve your family’s health and find balance in your home. Learn More..

Thank you for finding my page

I believe those who I get to work with me come to me for a reason, and that I learn so much from each client and they become friends as we share such beautiful connections. I am so blessed to do what makes my soul and heart happy. I wish I had the advice I share with you 8 years ago . . .

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