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Thank you for finding my page, I believe those who I get to work with me come to me for a reason, and that I learn so much from each client as they help me grow and heal more. I am so blessed to do what makes my soul and heart happy. I wish I had the advice I share with you 8 years ago . . .

Have you tried many diets and been to many many specialist and practitioners? Are you overwhelmed and conflicted by the different advise out there? Yep I was to and even after training as a Nutritionist! I went from expensive Doctor to Doctor and trying many expensive supplements after another trying to get someone or some magical solution to “fix”us . . . well let me tell you know one can fix you, other than YOU! But I can guide you on that path without expensive supplements and super powders but with simple whole foods found in your supermarket and easy to follow recipes and lifestyle that is adaptable to a busy stressful life and easy . . REALLY! I teach you the mindset tools and life changes to transition to a Raw Living Foods lifestyle and overcome self sabotages and pitfalls.

I can work with you and your family on:

  • Transitioning to a “RAW PLANT LIFESTYLE”
  • Candida overgrowth
  • Eczema cures
  • Gut Health
  • Insulin resistance
  • Symtoms associated with Autism
  • Eating for energy and health
  • Mindset work
  • Self sabotage and self doubt
  • Primal eating the way our bodies were designed to digest
  • Raising healthy kids
  • Balancing your life
  • Restorative healing and cellular detoxification
  • Energy work and re balancing Chakras
  • Theta Healing
  • Life skills and goal setting
  • Learning how to manifest and take control in your life
  • Support guidance and love to achieve your best life
  • Raising your vibration and frequency
  • Healing your past traumas



” Since working with Hannah via Skype my family has gone from broken and confused, to thriving. My eldest son has had his diagnosis of High Functioning Autism removed and is happy, healthy and enjoying life at main stream school. And my youngest daughter is improving daily with her gut health and her behaviours and sleep have improved beyond words. As a family we are happy and balanced and know the step we need to take to keep healing. Hannah has become a friend and is always their for us. I am very grateful for all she has done for us and how we live our life now is because of her guidance. I can not recommend working with Hannah enough as i could not have done this on my own.”

Katie Jenkins, Melbourne.

When I first considered what the journey of transitioning to a raw food diet would be like, I was skeptical.
However, my experience with Hannah was so well rounded with amazing mental support as well as practical information, that I can’t imagine that anyone could not grow and be better off as a result of working with her. It is not just about a nutrition plan, but a plan to live an abundant life of beautiful energy and a mindset that makes daily life seem to glow with opportunities for good feelings. And who would want to say no to that!?
Rebecca Marcs – Melbourne 

“It was a blessing to work with Hannah on our healing journey! I appreciated that she gave me very practical tools for not only how to start elements of healing but how to continue them after our consults were finished. Each healing element builds on another – she not only gave my family and I nutritional support but educated me about mindset, intentions, essential oils, etc. As I’ve incorporated habits into my day (and it doesn’t have to be big, which Hannah is great to encourage you on), I’ve rejoiced to have more to give to my family and to others. I’m so grateful to be a witness to how God is growing our family and feel I understand creation better . . . and that awe trickles into all aspects of life. Thank you, Hannah, for the energy you pour into each consult and communication and for practicing what you teach!  We appreciate you! Blessings, Hannah! 🙂 Lots of love!

Megan K.- America 

“Hannah Miles provided a safe and caring place for me to shed not only unwanted body weight but also some long held negative beliefs. Theta healing and nutritional knowledge led me back to my real self. Happy lighter and healthier. I still have more to learn and undo but feel confident Im moving each day in the right direction. Hannah is so generous with her wisdom and constantly shares support on Facebook and her web site. You are never alone on this journey. Thank you Hannah”

Helen Long- Geelong.
“Working with Hannah has been life-changing for me in a number of ways. Hannah incorporates different healing techniques and lifestyle changes, which are tailored to your individual needs and allows for a holistic approach to improving your health. I attribute the incredible improvement in my health to my work with Hannah and what i have learnt and implemented with her guidance. I feel truly blessed to have found Hannah and cannot recommend working with her highly enough.

”Isabella Beath- Newcastle.
“Just over 12 months ago, I left a very destructive marriage, I was a broken person, very much in need of some guidance as to how to get through this awful time! I did not believe I would get through it!!
I was introduced to Hannah by my daughter who told me that Hannah did amazing work with Mindset Coaching.
I eventually built up to having an appointment with Hannah and was ASTOUNDED at how even over the phone, she could truely see me and the help that I needed!
I cant even really describe the help that this amazing, gifted, beautiful woman has given me!
I have continued to work on my progress and have tried to implement the information she has given me.
So far it has worked, I have moved up the coast to an area that I don’t know anyone (on my own) started a new job, I have virtually started a whole new life!! This truely is in large part to Hannah and her amazing guidance, love and her genuine care of me.
Thank you Hannah”

Amanda William- East Coast.

“Our family had been following an organic lifestyle for years but it was just three months ago that Hannah inspired me to overhaul our diets even further to mostly raw and man oh man what a gift it’s been to our family. Sure in the first month or so we had rashes, headaches, the grumps, some unsavoury body odours, blood shot eyes and sniffles but geez it’s so so worth riding through these detox symptoms infact when a new symptom comes to the surface I celebrate it because I know what is just around the corner, more balanced health and happiness. I am eternally grateful for Hannah’s support, advice and guidance. Hannah’s generous advice on her Facebook group helps me on our path”

Donna Waterman- Queensland


Packages are available for your bio-individual needs and health goals for you or your family. I can work with the hidden blockers stopping you achieve your goals and start your nutrition of without self sabotage. If it’s energy healing, plant based nutrition, support, belief work or Theta Healing we can find your path to health together. You have the power to change your life and I am just your guide. I have been where you are and my experience will help short cut your healing.

I am available for motivation talks at schools and business and events on mindful eating and balancing your health and the power of healing your own body. And eating for energy at work.

Please contact me for a consultation, advice or to start our journey together in finding the healthier you via Skype.

Hannah Miles
0414 967 763

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Join my private support group for those transitioning to a Raw Living Foods Lifestyle here

“health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”



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