Our Story

Hello health seekers I share our story with you so if it resonates and yours is similar, you can see I have been through similar to what you are going through. And I have been where you are right now . . . overwhelmed, scared, confused and conflicted. It was not an easy task and took many years but I healed my son’s Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Delays and Physical disabilities… and myself from Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, severe depression and exhaustion with nutrition, mindset changes and lifestyle choices…and I’d like to coach you so you can too! https://nourishtohealth.com.au/contact/

I have always loved food, cooking and loved eating and have been in the organic health food industry for 10 years. But my journey took a change in direction after the birth of my first son. I had a great pregnancy and remand fit and active right up to the day of the birth with no morning sickness and minimum weight gain. But we knew something was wrong straight away but we were so tied and bombarded with so much information to see clearly. After a year of constant screaming, croup, ear infections, chest infections, wind, reflux, colic and no sleep just surviving day to day and numbing our pain with bad food choices, alcohol and respite escapes, we knew we had to take action. Those around us reassured us they all were tired and their kids did these things too. But in the pit on my stomach I knew William, my first born was different to the babies around us. We weren’t just normal parenting tired and stressed we were falling apart and severely fatigued and sick. My husband Robin and I have always had a strong, loving relationship, but those early years tested us to the edge and back. We used all our strength and skills to keep our family from breaking and falling in a heap. The support from our family and friends helped us and those who share our battles have been a vital support as they truly know how hard it is to live with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


We were desperately making changes in our home by removing chemicals and replacing them with “natural’ products and using as many Early Intervention tools and Therapist as we could but they were not really working. After trying many formulas and colic remedies natural and shop brought, I decided because of my dairy allergy as a child that we should take him off dairy. It helped a bit so we researched more and embarked on a gluten free lifestyle as read the two are connected. This combo really made a difference and around his 1st birthday life calmed a bit and especially after removing all sugars. But he was always different to the other children. He climbed the stairs at 6 months, started walking at 11 months so was a very strong active child and started talking early too. He was however not affectionate and would not like to be held or touched unless on his terms and from birth had screamed and been in aggressive meltdowns almost all day, everyday. He has sensory processing disorder and would stim by banging his head against the wall till it bleed or crash from great heights down on to a hard floor. We lived on egg shells and life was extremely tough. Robin my husband had to change jobs as financially all the medical bills, supplements and therapist had put us in serious debt and we lost our home and place on the property ladder.

But it soon went down hill again and I started looking at failsafe type diets and learnt about Salicylate’s and Amines and Phenols and all things that blew my mind at the time. I had always fed him organic home cooked foods that I thought to be healthy, but the more I read and saw others journeys the more I realised that was far from what I was doing. At one point he was eating 3 or 4 safe foods and a carrot or tomato was causing him skin reactions, tummy pain, behavioral issues and sleepless night. How could this be I thought! We started working with an expensive Biomedical Doctor who guided us thorough the minefield that is food sensitivity, intolerances and food allergies. We used expensive unnatural supplements to build up what his body was lacking, I am grateful for all they did but this was an expensive way to mask the problem without finding the cause. I had been a vegetarian since I was 9 years old and always believed I had a good healthy balanced diet. The more knowledge I come upon and studied the more I realised that my diet was processed grains, dairy and refined soy and far too much sugar all watered down with wine. It’s my conclusion that because I didn’t look after myself over the years with too much alcohol, recreational drugs, sugar and a poor diet and lack of sleep and over working….also as a child I had many conditions, plus generational health issues that have built up, and heavy toxins and heavy metals in the family generations back and my parents, it all added up to why William was born with Autism….that is why true cellular detoxification is needed to rewrite the generations of toxins. Then drugs at the birth and a stressful birth causing vagus nerve damage to. And vaccinating him on top of all that pushed his immune system over the edge. I tried to change my diet whilst pregnant with my second child Edward, but I had a tough pregnancy falling pregnant only 7 months after giving birth to William.  I was very unwell and so tired from dealing with William’s aggressive 3-4 hour meltdowns several time a day and all his gut symptoms. I had endless bouts of gastro and exhaustion and a massive 30 kilos weight gain and cravings that were out of control.  I was chronically fatigued and developed hypothyroidism, kidney and liver issues and lymphatic drainage problems in my legs and a host of food allergies . . . I become allergic to air and isolated and my mind was black. My second son was born early through a Caesarian and had jaundice and was incubated for 72 hours. Edward was a calm placid baby and we thought we had a neural typical baby. I believe the changes I made stopped Edward from growing with more conditions, but his life went on we soon realised he had food allergies and intolerances too that were making him zone out and sleep a lot and when we took those foods away especially dairy our calm baby woke up! This was the parasites and pathogens dying off and his body detoxing. It pained me for years but I can’t remember Edward’s first year of life and often he sat in shitty nappies as I couldn’t get to him as I was holding William in a meltdown or too exhausted to move. My parents helped a lot as most days I was trying to calm William’s violent aggressive meltdowns or take him to endless therapy sessions. Without my parents and Robin we would not have gotten through that first year of Edwards life. I am eternally grateful for them and all they do and did.



William was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at 2 years old we still remember our legs going numb…it was not a shock as we knew at 10-11 months, but still to hear your baby will be sick for life and never show us affection and never go to main stream school and that he will see the world differently was so hard to process and we had to grieve for the child we thought we would have and the life we thought we would have. So we knew we had to take more steps to help him. I went on a reading spree and absorbed all I could and spent most evenings up late talking to other mothers on line and reading medical journals to see how we could save our child from what everyone told us was a life sentence. We were told he would never feel empathy and not be social and I won’t get close to him. I grieved again like I’d lost the boy I thought I was going to give birth too and all our dreams for him. This was my lowest point of depression and I then went on to hit suicidal thoughts and pure blackness wanting to end my life. I no longer felt anything or saw joy in anything. I tried to be the best friend and mother I could be, but saw little hope and saw no point continuing my life. But we picked ourselves off the floor and we came across The GAPS Diet and after the initial hard Intro stage and changing our mindset about certain “healthy” foods like grains and legumes and my ethical views as a vegetarian, and lots of detox as parasites and yeasts where removed from their bodies . . . we started seeing massive improvements cognitively and behaviorally with both boys but we plateaued out, finding old symptoms returning and not getting deeper healing that I knew we could achieve. Edward got very acidic on the GAPS diet and his symtoms worsened.  We then moved to a ‘RAW VEGAN LIVING’ foods lifestyle which was more aligned with my views as I had been a vegetarian since I was 9. We also used Homeopathy and doTERRA essential oils and started to see there is hope out there again, and my depression started to lift and our food intolerance healed after being on this lifestyle for a while. We had Edward tested for Autism when he was 2, and he came back with Global Development Delay and Learning Diffucultes of 19 months which put him at a 11-12 months olds ability whilst being aged 2 years. We had to go through such a hard grieving process thinking will Edward ever talk and say mummy and will William be able to go to school and fit in. But as we embarked on a clean living lifestyle and removed all toxins and chemicals from our home and focused on positively being present and distressing our lives, we saw our boys and family blossom. I’ve healed from my Cushing’s Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia and I’m now strong enough to exercise daily to keep my journey to health improving and to continue to loose toxic fat that I have had all my life. My food allergies, intolerances, Histamine intolerances are all gone, my eczema has healed and depression gone! My mindset is the best it has ever been in my life! I am truly happy in myself and l am learning to love my body and love life to the fullest with full acceptance of where I am at and where I have come from. This was through Mickel Therapy, mediation and mindful living, soul focused psychotherapy and daily spiritual practices and boundaries, Qigong, childOsophy and The Landmark Forum- all techniques I can help you with!  Edward has no longer got any delays and is a cheeky social funny little boy who has healed our family and does not stop talking!! Before moving Edward to a RAW VEGAN lifestyle he was very acidic and it was causing his body to leach calcium and minerals and leave him deficient, he also could not tolerate fats and proteins and this lifestyle has corrected that. He is now on par with his age group and thriving at Kinder. And my darling William has become such a clever, kind, thoughtful boy who loves his friends and very social and is so affectionate and loving to all that meet him, and is learning to fit in to a world that was once hard for him to understand and still aspects are for him as he missed out on so much socially when he was unwell. Drama, Circus School and Music is healing that along with the more I heal the more he realises. We moved them both to a Waldorf Steiner School and this has seen both boys flourish and thrive amongst their tribe and this beautiful educational system. We find that when we lowered the overall stress on thier bodies, the early childhood interventions worked so much more effectively and are not needed now. Both my boys show such strength and passion and I believe more than anything they will do great things and make the world a better place for those around them. We thank them daily for teaching us to slow down and appreciate what we have and inspiring us to become healthy and fit. I am so thankful for our struggles as a family. Back then a woman I met only once said this happens to those who are strong enough to cope and it is a blessing. I wanted to hit her and scream ‘why is my child’s pain a blessing’ I clearly see now how without this we would not have learnt to live in a higher vibration and not been gifted such lessons from our children. We have found ourselves through this process and found true like minded friends on this path too. Although we still keep working on our own health and personal issues we have as we evolve, we are the happiest, healthiest and free from the chains in our minds than we have ever been.  We are blessed to be living and blessed to be where we are right now!

This journey has taught our family to be better individuals, better to each other and inspired us to share and help other achieve this too. It has made us change our outlook on life and what is truly important. To cherish our loved ones and live in the present. To love each other unconditionally and ourselves unconditionally. We are more mindful and see happiness in simple things. We celebrate small things and are thankful for what most families see as everyday normal tasks. Whilst all this was going on Robin set up his Consultancy ‘Inspireme’ and ‘Geelong Consultancy” so he could work flexible hours to be around for the boys and he works closely with disabled and not for profit organisations and giving back to those who helped us. I studied Nutrition and Health coaching at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and Nutritional Science at Endeavour Collage and Plant Based Nutrition and Natural Hygiene at Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy. I trained as a mindset coach using Mediation and Mindfulness Diplomas, Theta Healing, Mickel Therapy and Soul Focused Psychotherapy and as a chidOsophy Practitioner. I continue to improve my skills with Reiki training, advanced Theta healing, life coaching courses and herbalist course and continually expanding my skills daily as I work on myself. I set up my health and lifestyle coaching business, ‘Nourish To Health’ as I wanted to share my knowledge that our journey has taught me and to help others see there is an alternative to numbing your pain and taking medications, and that your child is more than there symptoms. That through diet and lifestyle you can get your children back and unlock them from their chains that is Autism or disease, and from the view they will not achieve their potential or be bound by their diagnoses. But most importantly support all you amazing mothers and fathers who battle each day a battle that most don’t see . . . I see you and love you! To help you look after yourselves so you can look after these beautiful children. To help you see you can live the life you wanted and dreamed off.

The gut-brain connection is a proven scientific fact and we need to take mental health seriously. What you eat, your environment and how you talk to yourself effects each and every cell and your mood and behaviour. You can heal YOU and your child’s body will heal. You have that strength and I’m here to help you. Disease and labels are a list of symptoms that can be healed one at time. Autism is seperate from personalty and family traits, these will remain . . . It takes time and it is not an easy path but I tell you it is so worth it. Williams Diagnoses ‘Label’ was removed when he was 6 and Edwards was removed when he was 4 1/2.

You are not your illness. You are not your Autism. You are not your Fat. You are not your thoughts. You are just YOU telling yourself these stories. . . I can help you can be released from these. . .



I’d love you to join us on the path to healthy minds and healthy bodies. If you want to work with me to achieve a healthier life or overcome your struggles contact me here: https://nourishtohealth.com.au/contact/ I have been where you are and I too tried everything and spent endless cash on one thing after another before I found the path to healing.

Blessings and Love Hannah Miles 🦋


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  1. WOW – not usual for me, but I have no words. Bless you and Robin for your strength in not losing faith and sharing pure love to your boys. x


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