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✨Faith – faith is to see each interaction from love first, have faith in what and who you engage with, see love first. Have faith you are divinely loved.

🦋Truth – to speak the truth even when it will not be received well or it brings up fear. To act from Gods absolute truth. To ask for divine universal wisdom.

🌿Action – to act from true divine love, using faith and truth as your guide. To act from love in the world to help all your brothers and sisters and creatures. To act from love towards self.

💜Emotion – to feel all emotions and be true in your emotions. To not spill your unprocessed emotions on to others, acting out of love. To feel trapped emotions to allow your true Soulful Self to break free.

The Five Virtues of Living a Life of DIVINE LOVE are:

• Loving kindness & non-injury or cruelty to Self or others.

• Generosity & non-stealing or manipulation.

• Accurate perception & correct expression of “Absolute Truth”.

• Constancy of aim & effort & non-laziness. Taking full accountability & radical acceptance.

• Moderation & non-excessiveness. Removing addictions & facades to live from the Soulful Self.

What it means to be humble?

Being HUMBLE….having HUMILITY….

When you look these words up, the definition is more around being lower than others. Seeing others as better than you. Even the bible says that God wants you to see he is all mighty and you are not. And you must do XYZ to receive his love. Blah blah…lies.

That is NOT the the true meaning of being humble and having humility.

Being humble means to have the inner knowing to look at ones own self, rather than to protect and blame and scorn others. Being humble is to not be righteous and hierarchical or punishing. To see we mirror each other and triggers are a gift to self improvement. To be humble enough to share what we have with others. To speak our truth. To love ALL no matter what stage of consciousness or evolution they may be at, or what they have done. To love all creatures no matter of intellect or differences. To be self aware enough to see we are making it about another person and not looking within to thy self as we should be. To be humble is to take actions to improve our Soul condition and not need another to do the same. Having humility is being brave enough to forgive and apologies and see our mistakes. Then humble enough to ask for help and learn a new way. Being humble is to see what we learned once is no longer our truth and be prepared to unlearn and have humility to be taught a new.

Truth Humility and Love….this is the path to inner peace and freedom from our traumas pains, sicknesses and to live from a heart and Soul led life. Connected to the Divine.

It takes daily practice….it’s not an easy path. It’s the narrow path.

With love Hannah ✨

Sharing my experience & journey shedding my facades & finding the path to truth, divine love & humility. God’s guidance filtered through me. Take what you will. Leave the rest.

Nourish To Health 🌿

Finding God As An Atheist Trapped in Spirituality!

I feel there is a confusion that must be addressed to progress humanities growth.
The confusion and misinterpretation of the word “God”.
We connect this triggering word too
religion and even spirituality. That’s why I once physically felt sick using the word, and would never enter a church. It brought up such rage and judgement in me. I concluded to use the word God or believe in God. I must be religious, in a cult or simply nuts.

However now I feel it’s our disconnection to our Divine creator and the misunderstanding of the word God…that is why we are in such a state in our World, living so far out of love. We have let dark Spirits influence us for thousands of years. The world is run from violence, cruelty, lies, greed, anger, lust, jealousy, judgement, consumerism, over indulgence, power, and mismanaged. We live outside our means as islands not in community. Most importantly not in love, from love and even understand what true love is. We think we know what love is. I’ve learned recently I thought I did. However I did not. I am in my infancy to understanding the faith, gravitas and meaning of love.
Since I have made peace with the word God and learnt it’s origins. I have started a relationship with God and it has started to shift my life. My relationships and my reality.

I had to break down my triggers with the word and even saying “I have a relationship with God”. To see my own abandonment of Divines Love.
The word God once came from an Old English word, which itself is derived from the Proto-Germanic *ǥuđán, ghut. Which means “The good is invoked within”. The word arose in the proto-Germanic era, which would place it around 500 BCE, at the start of the Iron Age. So the word “God” is about 2,500 years old. Jesus in that time of a strong religious hold on the people he tried to free people from… did not use the word God they used… ‘Yahweh’ which roughly translates to ‘being good’.
God does not mean religion. Nor is it exclusive to religion. In fact religion is in many cases far from loving and good. It is used to invoke control, power and fear. And justify very unloving practices. As can some spiritual beliefs be.

Nor is the word God relating to a “person”… more an almightily Soul, our creator mother father. A path to follow by following his ways. To be a good loving kind truthful person while alive, and to live a life of Divine Love. Then when in Spirit form continue that relationship to continue you as the Souls, growth. God is an entity in the highest of Dimensions that is a great advance Soul of completion who is everything and can be within everyone who chooses. We can become at-one with him through our faith and actions in alignment to Divine Love. Through our understanding we are a Soul not anything else. That this in the start of our journey here on Earth.

Religion is a set of rules, regulations, and rituals created by humans influences by dark Spirts, who both want control over human growth, and too control the Spirit World from growth. Religion has aways been about corruption, greed of wealth and resources, politics and diverseness…. and the tool for power over others. Keeping people believing God punishes and judges. That we are depraved, sinful, and subservient. Fearing his wrath. Divisiveness and judgement against other religions. Shame on those who no don’t follow that religion. Religions are based on a misinterpretation of Jesus and great philosophers true channeled teachings from God. Swayed and twisted and rewritten to the gains of a select elite few.
These dark spirits that influence the select few… have us living in lust, fear, diverseness, in a lack of faith and inner connection to the Divine and under their control. All brainwashing started with religion for thousands of years. Now they still use religion, even atheism and science…however it’s now also through media, social media, Hollywood, entertainment, celebrities, music, gaming and TV.
And through spirituality…

Spirituality however, is seen as a way of life, and often used to free one from religion or atheism. But it can also be restrictive in true faith too. Also dogmatic and controlling. And also a misunderstanding of God the entity, misinterpreting God as simply an energy within us all, not our Creator a great Soul we can become at-one with through living a loving path. Some teachings of spirituality is a way that Dark Spirits can slow humanities growth, deceive us and not receive the true wisdom of the universe. Not allowing for higher Souls growth through the higher spheres (dimensions). Religions and often spiritual beliefs can cap our Souls growth.

Therefore not allowing true Divine Love to accelerate our Souls growth.
Why? Because so many Spiritual ways are still UNLOVING. Keeping us on a hamster wheel of fixing ourselves and others, solving from the 3D perspective and blaming others for our traumas. Justifying bad unloving actions in the name of free will. Thinking we are all God so thus justifying unloving actions without radical responsibility. Seeking outside of self. Disconnecting from God as our Creator. Ripping ourselves apart, constantly not enough… seeking to be better, and loosing our individuality in the misinterpretation of Oneness. A misinterpretation of body ~soul ~ spirit. Rather than a Soul with a spirt body and a temporary physical body… all connected to our great Spirit God and Divinity.

Although we feel they are loving practices or pure Light, as I did. We can use them to justify unloving practices, as I did. So many false Light or New Age spiritual practices keep us away from the truth of Our Creator, and the truths of the universe. Keeping us from radical responsibility to stand up and change the world… starting with living from PURE TRUE DIVINE LOVE. In Gods absolute truth.

God to me means living a loving, kind, truthful, humble path of trying each day not in inflict harm, violence and cruelty on another. To not project my emotions and unmet needs on to others. To not sacrifice myself or act unloving to self. To take ownership of my emotions and to feel truly my blocks/pains/trauma/birth traumas/patterns/circuits/ to release unloving ways. To become ‘at-one’ and live with Gods Universal Laws.

I am far from that, however I strive for this each day. Through the barometer of ‘Is that loving?’ ‘Is that love?’ ‘Am I acting from love?’ ‘How is my unloving actions a projection onto another?’

When I am not true love. I restore and try to change that through radical ownership. This is Soul growth for the betterment for humanity and my family.
That is my journey with myself. Not with a cult or religion or movement or set of rules. Although the only rule “Law” is of Divine Love.
My relationship with God. An entity that is complete in Love and Soul union hence him/her. That as soon as I connected too and opened up to receive her love. I understood my path ahead. My relationship grows as I feel his love and live more and more from her example.

Not a man in the sky, not a judging, punishing, scorning, righteous creation of religion and dark forces we retract from and fear, or believe we can never become connected with because we are not good enough, not sinless enough in his eyes.
God is our Creator Mother ~ Father who created a path back to her, which is to live a loving true life, in harmony with Nature’s Laws. In harmony with Universal Laws. To feel our Soul and to live through our Soulful Self removing the barrage of pain, trauma, density and blocks that prevents that. To let love in, have faith in a higher path ahead of us. Live from truth and humility. To pass on Divine wisdom and truth to others. To live in love for all of our Brothers and Sisters and all beings and creatures. Without harming another.

To work on our triggers and lack of faith around the word and our path of spirituality.

The word Spirituality means to have recognition of a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than self as a physical body. Something more to being human than sensory experiences, and that the greater whole of which we are apart of, is cosmic and divine in nature. An opening of the heart is an essential aspect of true spirituality and a path to God.

Learn more about Divine Truth from AJ’s website and youtube channel.

With Love Hannah x x

Choosing Gods Path. The Time Is NOW!

Now is the time to ask for Gods Love. To open yourselves up too the Divine Love & Pure Light that’s on offer, that birthed you into creation as a Soul. To move away from the limitations of mans Natural Love & the addictions, lures & pains we have been trapped in on Earth, in such low Soul conditions. Keeping us stagnant in Soul growth. Trapped by unloving practices. Justifying our unloving actions.

Natural Love is generated from within us & will only takes you so far (6 spheres out of 33). We are in a mid to low dimension in the 1st sphere on Earth. Depending on how in alignment to love you are. Natural love gifts us some intellectual understanding of the universe, metaphysical experiences & some creations. Having a love for self & others. Yet still able to ascend without true unconditional love & still partaking in unloving practices. Also not knowing the powerful love of God. Either believing you are a God or God doesn’t exist, or God is punishing or the only way to God is through Jesus or religion, or swallowing a Bible, or God is an energy or God is the universe.

God created the Source energy life force, & is love & created the universe & all beings. He is not all beings. We are his creations. All connected through the essence of her life force.

Divine Love, which is the love Gods gifts to anyone who asks & longs for it. Brings a true connection & a relationship to God. It will gift you mortality, peace & true universal wisdom & enlightenment (to the 33rd sphere & above).

This path will close soon & only those who have let Gods love in, will keep ascending beyond the 6th sphere. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t choose the narrow path less walked. You will just not fully experience who we were created to become. To be at one with God knowing her plans and infinite potential & gifts. To experience true union of Divine Love with your Soulmate. It’s simply Free Will. A choice to open to Gods teachings & ultimate unconditional love.

I choose love. I found my relationship with the entity God, our Creator Mother Father. My wisdom expanded, my eyes opened, my life changed, my future set on course. My healing journey just begun.

With love Hannah x x

God is all loving all forgiving an ultimate Soul!

Religions would have you believe God is wrathful and not forgiving unless you scarce yourself or offer to him or do magical things. This is not true! Religion is man made, channeled through mans filters and wounds and twisted to gain power. The bible and books of religion hold good parts but are not the true word of God.

•God doesn’t fight battles for you
•God doesn’t create wars & suffering
•God doesn’t heal the world
•God doesn’t heal you
•God doesn’t punish you
•God doesn’t judge you
•God loves you even when you do not love her or know her
•God doesn’t teach you through lessons that hurt
•God doesn’t create obstacles & challenges for you to overcome
•God doesn’t cause you pain
•God doesn’t heal your sickness
•God doesn’t ignore you when you ignore him

•You create the wars & world problems (we all played our part collectively)
•You create your pain
•You create your challenges & obstacles via your law of attraction
•You create the earth to hurt
•You can heal yourself
•You can help the Earth
•You can hear God when you choose too
•You can change your reality
•You can ask for God to guide you
•You can open yourself up to receive Gods love
•You can use Gods love to change your life

When we all collectively change our Earth & world will change. When you decide to change & open to healing. Your reality will change.

No one…even God will save you. Fix you. Heal you. God didn’t create the mess we are in with violence, murder, aggression, suppression, criminal vaccinations & medical systems, child abuse, torture, theft, animal abuse, greed, over working, banking, slavery, toxic air/soil/food/water ect

You did, I did. We did. By our actions & thoughts & what we allow others to do. What we support. Our fears. Our acceptance of this reality. From our lack of connection to our creator & nature & our natural ways.

Do not blame God. Take radical responsibility & become the change you want to see. By creating your own reality to be more loving & in alignment to natures laws. That ripple creates waves.

God created Free Will. We took his gifts of this Earth abundant in resources & fruits & plants to eat. Our ability to love all & hear her voice & be guided to become our best selves. We created this current reality instead. God will not fix it…she will guide us how we can change our reality. If we listen! If we are ready to drop our façades & addictions.

Learn more from the Divine Truth website and YouTube.

Love Hannah x x

Journey of the Soul (as I understand it this far)

God an entity, creates Individualisation of the Soul from pure Divine Love, separate from Gods Soul however connected to her and all Souls. The Soul has 2 halves. Each half is individual yet part of 1 individual Soul.

Our Soul half incarnates on Earth, our “parents” create our physical body and spirit body through conception… Earth is our nursery in the 1st sphere (mid dimension of the 1st sphere) or another planet in its respective Universe. To learn about Free Will.

Depending of the condition on the planet, comes the learning about ethics and morals. Here is where progress of the Soul begins.

Earth is in hell (1st sphere) conditions, so we are in a hell condition ourselves till we progress, because that’s the condition of our parents are and the environment we were born into. To progress we grow first in ethics and morals up to the 6th sphere (spheres 1-6, which is ‘Natural Love’, from within ourselves…not Gods ‘Divine Love’ gifted and asked for. 1-6 is to see ourselves as God or separate from Gods creation or to be an atheist)

2-6 sphere’s is certainly a good place to reside and a vast improvement to Earths 1st sphere. Yet nothing like what we can achieve by walking the Divine Love path 6-36 and beyond.
We seek, if it’s our Free Will too, to find our Soul half and grow in Soul union. We can find our Soul half in 1-6 and be very connected in Natural Love, yet not in true Soul union. Unless we open to Gods Divine Love.

Atonement with God from one or both of the halves. Occurs at 8th sphere.

Then you as a half Soul can progress up to the 21st sphere and then you wait until your other half joins you. A beautiful place to live so no need to fix or force your Soulmate to grow at your pace. You will become at one with God and in union eventually.

Then Soul Union, at 22nd – 36th sphere, where we see our half’s as one. This is why God is both male and female. We become both as one. Which is why even as a gay couple Soul half’s, one is more masculine or feminine than the other.

Then that’s where the Soul Universe starts, since you become… a whole Soul in Atonement with God.

The higher spheres we can choose to reincarnate to help our fellow humans (only currently 7 complete Souls on our earth who have incarcerated) my teacher is 1 half of 7 souls thus 14 who have incarcerated. Incarnation is taught as a mis-truth by Souls stuck in the 6th sphere state of ‘Natural Love’ not able to progress because they believe they are God or their is no God. Think Buddha and many religious or spiritual teachers. So attached to their facades.

In higher spheres we can choose to create animals. Dimensions. And influence many humans with 1 soul ie our Soul creating many lives on Earth. Higher spheres we can talk too and hear Gods visions. Although we can talk to God at any moment.

8th sphere is the Celestial realms. This is why when we ask for help via a medium. If that medium or psychic is of the 1st sphere (like us on Earth) she/he will only be calling in lower sphere spirts who will have limited insights or mis-truths and visions, or have negative self interest or be feeding from your or her/his addictions. Removing energy from you and mis guiding you. That’s also why I talk of talking directly to God or a higher Celestial Spirt or your Guardian allocated at birth from God. So you get truthful loving advice and not get used or lied too. Thus why even if you tap into a 6th sphere being in the spirit world on the Natural Love path…you will be limited in truth and swayed from the Divine Love path. Which is why I no longer follow spirituality or new age movements and no longer meditate where I tap into realms I do not truly know. I tap directly to God herself and use Nature to guide me.

The Earth is our physical world. Our nursery to learn about the path of Divine Love and Free Will. The Spirt world is to improve in Divine Love if we choose. The Soul World is to perfect love and create from there.

Who knows what’s beyond!!

Each sphere has 10-100’s or more to infinite dimensions within it, depending on the individuals path and those who create it from each persons actions and Soul condition. Our 1st sphere is changing and we are going through cycles of shifts. The frequency is evolving. Dimensions wrapping up.

Hence why the Earth is in such a Hell state. The lower sphere Spirts stuck in pain and addictions, and unaware or choosing not to follow Gods path, them too influenced themselves by dark spirits….are influencing humans for their own gains. Humans are addicted to their addictions and disconnected to Gods love…thus allow this through their actions. We need radical self awareness, radical actions towards love and responsibility for our emotions and actions to change.

Only when we change in our own condition of love. Can we all start fully wrapping up the lower spheres 1-6 and improve the condition of the Earth…by improving our own conditions. I believe this can be done. Where we create a nursery for Souls to learn more loving ways. Where animals are not abused and exploited. Where children are allowed to be innocent and protected. Where greed, violence and pain doesn’t run the world. Where multidimensional metaphysical gifts are commonly used.

God created the 6th sphere and above. Really the 6th sphere is the 1st sphere of our journey to Divine Love. Man created 1-6 as its natural man made love from within self, and all that comes with separation from God. God created Free Will, thus he doesn’t stop it playing out as she created ‘CAUSE and EFFECT’ and ‘Law Of Attraction’ and her other many natural laws to guide us to the Divine Love Path. We have Free Will to walk that path, or not. We can stay in lower spheres for thousands years if we desire to keep feeding our addictions and living in pain. Failing to see the narrow path ahead.

We pass through Dimensions and grow in Spheres by our understanding of love. Living a loving life and living by truth and humanity. We grow by our connection to God and asking for her love and being open to it, and seeing ourselves through his eyes. We will never be God. Yet we can know God and feel Gods love. We can create a perfect existence. We can create from love. We can ‘Know Thy Self’ as a Soul. We can walk beside God. We can share his teachings. We can know utopia!

I for one am on this path while I live on Earth. I choose not to wait till I’m in the spirit world. I dedicate myself to improve my Soul condition as I’m aware it’s poor. To release fear, my self sacrificing, my lack of love to self, my addictions, to forgive, to learn true love, to always speak truth and to be humble.

I share with hope this helps inspire your journey. Learn more from the Divine Truth website and youtube channel.

love Hannah x x

All Life Is Essential & Needed & A Gift From God

Abortion: Read this with an awareness of triggers mean there are emotions to be felt and released.

Abortion pro or against? Is it that simple?

With the recent news around abortion. I believe, this like so many big topics, are here to teach us to go within to find true unconditional love, a brilliant opportunity to be triggered to heal our own wounds, process old pains and clear out emotions that are trapped. To improve Soul Condition.

Not that there is a right and wrong egotistical facade argument to “win”
However I’d like to bring in the perspective from a Soul growth level on this topic.

A child born and adopted, is better for the child’s Soul growth and the parents Soul, by giving the child away. Vs murder (look up the definition of this word) of the child and the child’s Free Will removed…as that’s hard for the Soul to process in the Spirit World without an experience on Earth. And the parents Soul as murderers to process, especially if the parents do not recognise taken life as murder. Adoption of the child means they all get to process emotions and the child hopefully gets to live a good life with parents who love them. Free Will for the child. Even if the child gets moved around the system and never finds loving parents…it’s still easier on a Soul level and the child has Free Will to find its Soulmate and give birth and to find Divine Love, than total rejection and the parents killing them… stopping them coming to Earth (the nursery of Soul growth, and one’s spiritual journey to start learning who they are)

Gods Free Will gives choice, yes. However each choice has an effect on the Souls condition and morality attached, that effects the Souls growth. I have Free Will to rape, murder, abuse and steal. That’s my right! However it will effect my Soul condition, and I will get stuck in lower spheres in-till I repent and restore for those actions that were out of alignment with Divine Love.

To reject a child by passing it to another parent who wants to love that child. Without “ownership” knowing that child was created by God and is a Soul with a physical body, that a parent doesn’t own… just made. (Mothering is an action and choice not just biological). Its easier for that child to find Free Will, heal its wounds and live life. Than it’s parents stopping it’s chance to live and experience all the gifts this Earth school grants…that the spirit world cannot. When people say it’s “my body my choice”, they forget the babies choice who actually choose those parents at that time, through that experience in Divine timing. And they forget Gods gift of Free Will does not mean all choices made will not damage the Soul and your Soul growth. If one cannot love a child one made. Gift the child to someone who can. That is a more loving act in the eyes of God. If any person takes the life of a being…animal or human. They will have to deal with that on a Soul level for themselves and the Soul they inflicted damage onto. Repent, restore and find forgiveness for Self. Of course death here does not mean Soul death as a Soul is immortal, however it does impact the Soul if one is murdered. Or the murderer. Animal death is slightly different as they do not have Souls only spirit bodies. However it still impacts your Soul when actions are Free Will, however not loving.

I personally believe that each Soul chooses to come into form for experiences and the parents law of attraction. So if that’s through rape or into a bad parenting situation or extreme poverty or war or to a teenager. Who’s to say that Soul doesn’t get to experience that and learn… and even create amazing things into the collective co-creation from that. Who’s to say rape victim children don’t go on to be amazing co-creators to our world that are needed. And who are we to stop that…? Perhaps that Soul choose that mother for her own growth or to serve humanity? Maybe that Soul only wanted a short life experience here to test if it were ready through miscarriage or infant death?!

On the flip side, I do not believe in “death”. Only transformation of energy and frequencies shifts in different spheres with dimensions. Nor do I believe anymore in reincarnation. I see how that belief stops so many of us taking radical responsibility for our actions in this life. Or stopping us standing up for others. “Oh in another life I will change that”, “oh another life they will be better off no need to help them”, ….”this Soul will come back again I’m not ready now”
…meaning no need to radically change or do anything or truly do the inner work now, here on earth, in this body! Or to take radical responsibility for Soul damage to self or others. That’s where this debate misses the mark. No one talks about the Soul, the immortal part of us that is effected by our Earthy actions and choices. Once a Soul gets rejected from Earth it cannot incarnate here again. Who are you too take that journey from another. Playing God.

So thus, when the baby gets aborted, for the use of a better word. That Soul then experiences it’s journey in its spirit body form, as an infinite energy as there is no end or death, just evolution and growth of Souls and the collective. I do however, believe everything serves us to grow as individual Souls and the collective growth towards Divine Love. So thus an abortion for one person, could lead on to them for filling amazing things in life and finding their purpose without “said baby” changing their timeline, however they will have to deal with the unloving act towards the child at one stage in their spiritual journey. Or equally that abortion brings such trauma, that leads them to also experiencing profound experiences to awaken them, or guide others to a Divine Love. And I believe if that Soul is here to learn a particular lesson it will learn it no matter how many times it’s sabotaged or mis directed from the ego or collective dark forces… So therefore, It’s an individuals path to themselves and their own path to what is truely loving or not. Not acting from fear, but true Divine Love. How many women who have abortions can say it was true love that made me do this? And it was true love for the Soul I rejected? I question that…perhaps mostly its fear, judgment, pressure. Negative spirit influences. Society pressure.

And this subject like veganism or climate change or any other controversial topic…is the permission slip for the individual to find themselves and their beliefs…and their own resonance with their Souls journey, their remembrance of who they are. A Child of God here too experience and return to the Divine Love path of oneness with God, through the spirit world spheres and dimensions. With time here on Earth or not, that will happen. Whatever your belief they will all eventually lead to Divine wisdoms truth.

The final point I feel is at 17 or 20 I would have had an abortion without truly understanding what I understand now. Without much grief in fact. Just an attachment to the drama for my own gains. I popped the morning after pill a few times not even thinking about when life starts. However if I were faced with that now, it would feel very different to the point I wouldn’t feel able to do it. I believe life starts at conception, in fact thought of conception. Is my younger self wrong? I am right now? No, it’s transformation of Self and my individual needs at the time of continually growing. So my conclusion thus far in my delving into this subject is…there are so many variables however only one a Divine Truth. I believe we are Souls here in physical form having an experience for our growth, we think it’s real yet the Earth part is the most unreal part. Only when we “die” do we truly see ourselves and the true spirit world with its layers of potential growth. Earth is our nursery, the very start of our spiritual journey to oneness with our Creator. Others mirror to us aspects of our own mind and ego and subconscious in reflections and projections giving us an opportunity in that moment to choose love, humility, truth and forgiveness. This serves us to look to our vibration and adjust our course.

So instead of saying “pro life” is right. Or “it’s my body it’s my right”. Ect. Look within. What is this teaching you? Are you triggered and what can that show you? Why so strong a view, is it showing you a trauma to be released ect? How can we all have more compassion and understanding of each other’s realities? How can we inner-stand without reaction. How can we do the emotional inner work. Rather than get caught up in the facade drama outer world.

Can you view it from a Soul level!

I will add that I’ve been shown by my guides, it’s hard for a rejected Soul as they have lots of emotions and it can effect the Souls spirit world journey, not getting to experience the Earth plane (our nursery). However they are met with higher celestial beings to hold them and guide them and ease that pain. Like a spirit world nursery. However the creator intended for each Soul to have Free Will, and to experience Earth…and if ones choice was Earth and these parents rejected them…that must be processed. Therefore making peace with the Soul we lost in miscarriage or abortion or through the morning after pill….is helpful to both our journey and there’s. Send love, ask to hear how they are and explaining your situation and emotions at the time. This can bring such healing to you both. I know I did for the female Soul I miscarriage when I fell pregnant with a Marina Coil inside me (with 99% protection) and when they took it out the baby was aborted at 14 weeks, it had to come out as it was lodged and could have caused infection and would have killed the baby anyway and possibly me, yet pulling it out killed her. I would have kept her if I could, it was such grief that took me years to process, I didn’t know what I know now. I explained this to her and she found peace and progression in her Souls journey. In fact William was being influenced by a female spirit from 2 1/2 years old confusing his own gender (the time I experienced this) and after that, no more influence from her. I feel she was trying to connect with what she missed through Williams body. We all felt more peace after I spoke to her and felt love and forgiveness for self and those involved. William was more confident with who he was. I Expressed I would find her in the spirit world and sleep state and we could be together. That I didn’t reject her consciously. I grieved and keep grieving for any experience that could have hurt another Soul coming through me.

Written with love around this vast subject. Blessings to all 💓

With love Hannah ✨

God’s guidance filtered through me. Sharing my experience & journey shedding my facades & finding the path to truth, divine love & humility. Take what you will. Leave the rest.

Feeling Emotions to The Full Cycle…

Full cycle
Focus on feeling your emotions good and unwanted to it’s full cycle ⭕️

When you notice yourself justifying, analysing, making excuses or being in the head…drop back to the body and feel. What does it feel like, where is it, what’s happening…use your breath to stay focused on the body in the now moment.

Breath + Intentions/Imagination + Muscle Awareness = Embodiment.

If you fall out of the emotions. Have compassion for your self. It’s a protection for your nervous system. Speak kindly, love yourself through it. You may fall back into the cycle or know you can get their again.

Once you’ve finished a cycle you will feel the love pour through. Dancing, stomping, shaking and using your voice to express sounds helps here.


Notice where you bring your facade and with who?

Who can you show up truly with?

Explain to close friends what you are doing and why and ask for accountability. No justifying, no over explaining, no pleasing, no over apologising, just truth with love.

Write a simple closed question text to your friend for closure. Feel the guilt, sadness till it’s cycle then get very clear what you want to call in once the old energy has been said goodbye to, with love.

Manifesting Tips:

Get very clear with details. Use a list or vision board or mind movies photos or a Pinterest.

Notice fear arising of the “how” or justification of why you cannot or why you do not deserve it…any emotions that arise show you the inner work that must be done to release that kink in the hose of your vibrations…to call in the new vibrations.

Then feel it is done. Speak it as it’s done. Even if it feels like a lie or silly.

“When my husband and I go to a retreat to work on ourselves…”

“I am a singing on big stages”

“I am working 3 days & earning great money “

“I am thriving in my body”

“I am looking after my body with love and ease”

I hope…brings room for doubt and fear…I AM…tells your subconscious (your Soul) it’s done so go find it…bring it too me.

Write a I AM list for your bathroom mirror..

I am….
I am…
I am….

Look at it daily…read it daily alongside your vision board or lists ect.

TIP: you must feel while you read. even “this is stupid” will tell you something.

Finally each supplement you take, each drink or food you eat. Eat from love for your vessel holding your Soul. Protecting you. Serving you. Stop before and say a gratitude prayer. Be in the body. Slow the breath.

MANTRA: Start asking your self is this loving for me? Is this living for others? Is this serving my Soul growth?

Dance as often as you can, move the body by stomping or shaking to help the emotions flow. Music helps this.

And most importantly drink 4 litres of good water a day to help the emotions flow (I did a post on this)

Next session we can go through nutrition and routine tweaks…so we got it from both angles!

You’ve got this. Baby steps… the overwhelm is essential and the float under the water needing to be released.

Hannah x x

You Are A soul! What Is A Soul?

The Soul is the part created by Gods Divine Love.

🤍Your True Self 🤍Your Desires🤍Your Intuition🤍Your Personality🤍Your Aspersions
🤍Your Memories🤍Your Emotions🤍Your Individuality
🤍Your Passions

Your physical body is like a coat you take off once you leave this physical reality, created by your parents allowing your Soul to experience itself here on Earth…to learn. Your Spirit body is say…a car you drive in through the first few spheres of the Spirit World. Created at the same time as your physical body through conception….See the post on the Egg analogy.

So you are a Soul!

What is your Soul Condition then?

You will hear me talk about us as Souls & how only when we feel our emotions & release feelings can we heal, no matter what we do physically or with force. You will also hear me talk of our Soul Condition….

So what does that mean. Well as Souls we are born pure (see egg post) however through our parents own Soul Condition and societies Soul Condition as a collective… our own Soul Condition gets effected….damaged, dulled, scared….

So what makes up your Soul Condition?

A sum total of:

•Your Souls desires
•Your Souls passions
•Your passions
•Your longings in alignment to love
•Your longings in alignment out of love
•Your moral beliefs
•Your moral condition
•Your aspersions
•Your Souls emotions
•Your unfelt emotions
•Your feelings
•Your religious beliefs
•Your scientific beliefs
•Your metaphorical beliefs
•Your religious beliefs
•Your pursuits
•Your loves
•Your hates
•Your fears
•Yours likes
•Your actions out of alignment to love
•Your actions in alignment to love
•Your thoughts
•Your mental aspersions
•Your intentions

You see the path to heal your Soul Condition & thus, radically heal your physical body & life & which dimension you live in….takes living from a loving state across all aspects of your life.

How you eat, eating cruelty free, how you support the earth, how you live, how you educate yourself, what you do, how you treat yourself, how you treat others, how you act, how you feel, dealing with your emotions & feeling your feelings, your actions, your thoughts, your desires, your longing for divine love & divine truth….your longing for Soul improvement, your desire to be more loving, your ability to look radically at where you are unloving….forgiveness of self & all.

It’s an on going journey that starts now & continues when your physical body dies & you continue in your spirit body. It can be assisted by Gods love if you ask for it….& that will speed this journey up or you can try to do it alone with many ups and downs. However that’s a natural love path & only takes you so far.

I feel blessed to know these teachings form the Divine Truth path and AJ’s work.

With love Soul to Soul
Hannah x x


Stages Of Soul Growth

Stages Of Soul Growth

1. You Develop Faith. Without faith you cannot contemplate your pain or progress in Divine love. Faith draws you to your highest self, your true self. Faith starts the journey.
2. Accept Your Facade. You accept you have addictions & trauma, that these are creating your facade/s, protective ego self. You accept the big journey ahead, even if you are scared or unsure. You are ready to step into the unknown. Because you have step 1.
3. Deconstruct Your Facade. You start your journey of awakening. You start to find the reason why you act the way you do or have the reality you do. Your rage & anger starts to disappear & be felt. Your addiction to being comfortable disappears & you start to love being uncomfortable, you love hearing about your pains & why you have physical symptoms & traumas, & love finding the why. You have compassion & love for yourself & your journey. You release the blame & addictions to stories & justification. You accept all that happened & you can forgive those who hurt you as you see it’s part of their trauma & have compassion for them, you may be able to help them through your examples. You do not attack others for triggering you and see these triggers help you in your path. You have compassion for them. You see your own faults & how you harmed people & yourself. You want to remove your facade & find your true self. You accept being emotional, that you’re an emotional being.
4. Realising Terror. You start to release deep traumas, pains & terror. You get to the causal emotions. You see the benefits of pain, in fact welcome it as it shows you the path of what you must still release. You love being emotional. Your physical symptoms start to be released as you feel your emotions & feelings.
5. Connection. Your start to connect to God more & develop your relationship with her as your faith grows. You feel connected to all your brothers & sisters knowing you are all children of God. You feel connected to all creatures & beings on Earth & in our universe. You know God is your creator & created everything as a separate all powerful entity. You know it’s not love to harm another being. Exploit another being. Hurt another being. You know to speak the truth is essential & the only path. You seek universal truths. Your LOA starts to improve, as your emotional state starts to improve. You start to understand how the universe works & accept cause & effect. Thus understand nothing needs fixing, & no one needs fixing. It’s not our role to judge or save another. You have a deep appreciation of how Gods systems, laws & creations work.
6. You Become Childlike. As you grow in love & release your facade self, you return to your true self. The Soulful Self. This feels childlike. However an aware child not repeating unloving ways. No facade, you are emotional, humble, loving, kind, joyful, creative. You are connected to God, you move through emotions in the moment, your LOA increases & is instant. You feel your true self. You remove negativity from your life.

With love Hannah x x