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Pranic Foods. Living Foods!

PRANIC FOODS… Foods that hold life! Vibration and increase your pranic energy  ARE YOU EATING TO ENHANCE YOUR ENERGY OR ROB YOUR ENERGY? EVERYTHING IS ENERGY WE ARE ALL ENERGY AND EVERYTHING HAS A FREQUENCY  NEGATIVE PRANIC FOODS: (takes away energy) Coffee, cacao, vinegars, flesh, eggs, tinned foods, dairy, flours, baked goods, cooked […]

Why its time to ditch the dairy!

Fermented, raw, organic or not, for the young or old…. Cow/Goat/Camel or Dog Milk is not our food and very acidic, toxic and mucus forming to our human bodies. Most importantly….well other than the utter cruelty and supporting the meat industry directly (sorry vegetarians)…is the macro ratios are completely wrong for humans… If we look […]