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Full Spectrum CBD Oil and all the information you need to know and Hemp Vs CBD!

Beautiful Health Seekers…..here is our video on Hemp oil, the hemp plant and all the information you need to seek a safe source of CBD Full Spectrum oil for anti-inflammatory uses, immune statement support and strengthening, fighting cancers, sleep, behaviour, addictions, auto-immune symptoms, chronic fatigue and sports recovery.   Below are the links to where to purchase the oil […]

Oil Free Chippies

Getting kids off hot chips that are salty and oily can be hard as the addiction is REAL! slowly introduce homemade chips then move away from oils and salts. Here is the recipes for oils free homemade chippies that use sweet potato  and kumara as a white potato alternative. HOW TO MAKE: Slice the potato’s […]

Juice Reset Detox 3+ Days

When we juice cleanse, we are not fasting. But we are resting our digestive system. Allowing for waste to flush out and through the colon and utilise the otherwise energy for digesting to go to healing and cell repair. The longer we juice the better the effects in this process. Fasting is abstaining from all […]

Starters Guide To Transitioning To ‘Plant Only’ (Vegan)

Have you watched GAME CHANGERS? 💪🏼 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSpglxHTJVM Are you ready to make the next step to a cruelty free lifestyle, but have no idea how to get the correct nutrients and what to make?🤦🏽‍♂️ Ok firstly…thank you! Thank you for committing to your own health. The planet and most importantly the beautiful animals that will no […]

Enemas and Essentail Oils

Understanding the Colon and Its Role in Your Health Your digestive system is a ecosystem in itself. There are bacteria and yeasts that live in there in a balance that helps the body absorb all the nutrients. Those nutrients sustain all your body’s functions and give you energy throughout the day. Unfortunately, this balance is […]

The Energetic Meaning of Diseases

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, EVERYTHING CAN BE ADJUSTED, CHANGED AND MANIPULATED TO FIND THE HIGEST VIBRATION FOR HEALING ….Each physical symptom in our body is direct link to an emotion that has not been dealt with or is trapped within the cells. When we detox the body we can release the trauma and trapped emotions that cause […]