Migraines and how to STOP them naturally in 30 minutes!

Migraine Sufferers, I know it sucks!

I used to suffer so badly with migraines and they would wipe me out for days. I couldn’t have a single light or sound. I had to block up my door with towels so no light came in. I missed work. Flashing lights and loss of vision made doing anything impossible. My husband had to come home to look after the kids. They ran my life. I was in fear of triggering one.

This is what I learned.
They are from a few things…

A clogged dirty colon that needs cleaning as the stools trapped are retoxifying your body. The body is acidic and toxic and it must be cleaned. Taking pills will only mask it to return worse.

They are from suppressed emotions and alack of crying, holding all the emotion in. Causing blockage up the spine and in to the neck and head. We call this kundalini energy. Shaking, crying and somatic work to move energy and emotions is vital to stop migraines.

They are from organ overloaded with viruses and mucus and moulds and gland weakness due to toxins…which is hormone imbalance related, especially histamine levels and insulin resistance. And thus deficiencies and raised levels.

They are a reaction to foods that are not natural for our bodies and cause an acidic burden and toxin overload. These can build up over days so sometimes it’s not the last food you eat but the waste trapped and the collection of too many acidic, salty, fatty, false foods and high histamine foods, especially if you have a low zinc copper ratio or MTHFR gene mutation.
•Grains – even gluten free products
•Flesh – including fish
•Tinned Products
•Additives/Preservitives/Colours/E Numbers
•Processed Oils – includes coconut and olive and avocado ect

They are from stress and trauma unable to be realised. Trapped anger and feeling lack of joy and trapped.
Ok so work on balancing these in your own pace…
When one hits hard, these were my steps to rid myself within 30 minutes to 1 hour! That’s down from 3 days!!

Step 1
Run a hot bath with 1 cup magnesium salts 3 drops eucalyptus oil 3 drops ice blue oil. While you do that use Past Tense rollon on your neck and just behind your ears diluted.

Step 2
While the bath is running do your best to make an enema bucket with fresh lemon juice and 3 drops digestzen and any herbal tinctures you have (kidney, nerve, bowel, liver ect)
Give yourself an emema and feel the relief. You need to get the toxins out fast. A migraine is the body capacity to toxins and the pressure needs to be released, you are extremely constipated.

Step 3

While you are emptying your bowels and your bath has been run. Tap your fast EFT pressure points and say ‘release’ see image below.

Step 4
Get in the hot salt bath and chant OM ( I know it sounds hippy woo woo) but the sound of OM will release your neck, shoulders and head and tonify your adrenals and open your heart for more energy flow and to destress. You can chant OM during the enema too.

Step 5
Legs up the wall as you cool down breathing gently and calmly through your nose ONLY. While listening to a binary beats music for migraines. This is best with headphones on. Here is one: https://youtu.be/fyGmSFUPo8o

Step 6
Dandelion Tea for soothing the liver and Bowes and to hydrate. Also sipping lemon water to break down the mucus and toxins, and I’d suggest the rest of the day juices and fruits only to get the bowels moving. You are contipasted and the toxins are being re-absorbed. This is wake up to clean your body so a cleanse or dietary shift is needed.

Hope that helps you suffers. But remember you must stop the obstructive foods and clean your colon and support your organs and glands to be rid of this symptom for good. Past Tense is an amazing essential oil to sooth migraines and headaches but it will not address the root cause or stop them coming back.

Get the toxins out with cleanses and fasts

Shift your nutrition to clean plant foods

Destress and work on mindset

Support the body with essential oils and herbs

With love Hannah x x

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