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I often get asked about PROBIOTICS and should we use them?

Most people think that probiotics are necessary for gut health, but is this actually correct?

Can probiotics supplements actually make things worse?

There are a lot of myths surrounding the topic of probiotic benefits and what may be the best probiotics for gut health.

However even over one century later we still know only a relatively small amount when it comes to the complexity of the gut microbiome and how it affects our overall health.

The same goes for probiotics.
Most people will hear about probiotics benefits, but hardly if ever about probiotics side effects.

There has been plenty said about how many probiotics supplements can in fact be completely useless due to the live bacteria dying off before the consumer even gets to use them. That when we build a healthy terrain the body finds its one balance without the need to add anything in.

But what if people were given the exact same live probiotics and got very different results?

There was actually a study done where they gave all the healthy participants the exact same probiotics. What they found was very surprising.

Some of the participant’s gut microbiome resisted the probiotics and they passed through without making any impact, while another group had their gut microbiome affected by the probiotics.

So the conclusion was that depending on the individual, probiotics may or may not work. Have you found them to help? We never did. Diet and de- stressing gave us a much better microbiome.

Probiotics 💊 Vs Prebiotics 🥭

Probiotics are living microorganisms that support a healthy digestive tract and are useful to restore the gut or in times of stress or imbalance. Eating them, or having them inside your gut, can help your digestive system function more efficiently and studies have shown in some cases it may contribute to a healthier immune system, among other health benefits.

But as always how can we cut out the middle supplement or animal to get what we need?

Well have you heard of PREBIOTICS? According to the official definition, a prebiotic is any substance used by microorganisms inside the body that confers health benefits. Translation: prebiotics are beneficial microbes’ food. While researchers are still learning about their full potential to boost overall health or even treat disease, one thing is for sure adding more prebiotics rich foods to your diet can give you a happier gut.

The difference between PROBIOTICS and PREBIOTICS can be understood in a plant analogy, and you know I love an analogy. If the intestine is comparable to a flowerbed, probiotics are the individual seeds that you plant. Prebiotics work like fertilizer used to promote the growth of the flowers or “probiotics”. As the flower thrives, it will pollenate and multiple in time create a thriving environment. You can’t have flowers without a healthy soil and you can’t have flowers without healthy seeds.

So what are prebiotics?

Not every fiber or carbohydrate is a prebiotic, because there are two categories of dietary fiber: soluble fiber, which is fermented by gut bacteria, and insoluble fiber, which is not fermented. The soluble fibers that are metabolized by beneficial gut microbes are considered “prebiotics”.

Inside your gut, prebiotics stimulate beneficial gut microbes to grow, improving gut health which as we know supports all other areas of health too.

How do we get them?

There are 3 major types of prebiotics that are found: inulin, oligosaccharides and arabinogalactans.

Foods that contain prebiotics are:

•Onions (eaten as medicine only) (raw)
•Leeks (raw)
•Carrots (heirloom yellow and purple)
•Coconut Meat
•Flax Seeds
•Chia Seeds
•Hemp Seeds
•Garlic (eaten as medicine only) (raw)
•Chicory Root
•Dandelion Root and Greens
•Jerusalem Artichoke
•Asparagus (raw)
•Greens (raw)
•Yams (raw)
•Sweet Potatoes (raw)
•Red Cabbage (raw)
•Ginger (raw)
And more…

Increasing these will help your gut health and digestion (note garlic and onions are a medicinal plant and should not be used regularly as they are extremely astringent and can remove benefits if used daily. For instant garlic can break down mucus in the arteries but will also go on to weaken the mucus membranes in the arteries.

#probiotics #prebiotics

What about ANTIBIOTICS? 💊

Some doctors and I agree, say the use of antibiotics has been one of the most harmful medical intervention in modern history. I add vaccinations as the first, antibiotics as the second.

Now in all cases there are the few that this invention has been lifesaving. However the ‘pop like candy’ use of them has lead to longer term issues and generational too.

I recommend my clients to avoid them at all cost and instead consistently work on the terrain inner and outer. Through nutrition, energy and environment and long term longevity solutions from nature.

Antibiotics Use 💊

Antibiotics, also known as antibacterials, are medications that destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria. They include a range of powerful drugs and are used to treat diseases caused by bacteria. Antibiotics cannot treat viral infections, such as cold, flu, and most coughs.

All #antibiotics kill or at least damage even healthy cells in the body; a poison is a poison. (Chemo and Radiation to)

When there is a “tooth or or sinus or urine or chest infection or skin irritation,” there is an accumulation of toxic matter inside the tooth, sinus pathways or bladder or chest or the lymphatic system is backed up and the detox pathways are not open….that came from the bloodstream from a bad diet or chemicals, and the body’s defence system and ubiquitous bacteria are working at breaking down the toxins so they’ll be less harmful and can be eliminated. The “INFECTION” is evidence of the body “CURING” itself. Thus, we must stop the cause.

Killing the bacteria only impedes the body’s self-healing efforts. All bacteria are polymorphic….they mutate to different forms in the presence of different food sources. French biologist Antoine Bechamp extolled this in the late 1800s, and he even succeeded in convincing Louis Pasteur that his germ theory of disease causation is wrong. Medical doctor John Tilden, author of the course-book Toxaemia Explained, taught why toxic matter was the cause of disease in the 1920s and 30s, but few paid attention and most dismissed that. This was the time medications and pharmacies started to increase and we moved away from essential oils and herbs to support our bodies. When we have, say, H. pylori at a diseased spot of the body, the medical protocol is to blame the H. pylori and try to kill it. The H. pylori is doing nothing bad; it is eating the rubbish in the body and not making things “worse.” The “worse” experience are symptoms indicating the body’s defence system working hard at getting rid of the toxins for healing. If antibiotics “work,” the body actually did the detoxing and healing work despite the poisonous antibiotics. A common “infection” will be resolved by flushing the local spot if possible with pure water and by doing a water fast or juice cleanse or eating all simply fruits. Antibiotics, even oregano oil, only interfere and make things more difficult for the body, but oregano oils in small does not used regular can be helpful no more than 7 days at a time (always diluted it’s a hot oil). Juice cleansing and fasting is the best approach to return the body to balance.

When antibiotics get into the bowel, they kill the bacteria we need to synthesise vitamins, and that can make the bowel and the entire body sick and disease appears. These takes years to recover from. 1 dose antibiotics takes some weak bodies a lifetime to recover from.

Antibiotic use frequently also builds up a resistance to them creating other bacteria and viruses become resistant and become super bacteria and viruses that are harder to overcome. This overuse contributes toward the growing number of bacterial infections that are becoming resistant to antibacterial medications. Super Bugs 🦠

“Then there is the danger that the ignorant man may easily underdose himself and by exposing his microbes to non-lethal quantities of the drug, make them resistant.” Alex Fleming Quote

Please note this is a guide based on my experience and education. Please listen to your own body and observe for yourself 🍃

Hannah 🤍

20 Tips For Mindful Eating

Guidance For Mindful Eating

1. Eat only when hungry – hunger is in the mouth digestion and parasitic activity is in the gut. You have to be mindful and embodied to notice this. Juice cleansing and water fasting can help you to train your body into noticing this again.

2. Be present when you eat. Drop into your body first and find gratitude.

3. Be mindful and not distracted – no phones, reading, driving, walking when eating.

4. Chew Chew Chew slowly to start digestion in the mouth.

5. Stop when you are full. Observe if you must finish it. Or you must leave some. Stay curious what that’s about?

6. Observe the story in your mind – I wish it was….Don’t tell me what to eat….I must control myself…..I’ll always be….I shouldn’t be…..I’m worried about…..

7. Observe what age you are when this story started. Who’s running your eating now? Your 5 year old self or your 13 year old self?

8. Thank the story and voices but say No Thank You!

9. Praise your wins around food. Even the witnessing and observations. See your progress. Be kinder to yourself. Less critical.

10. Do not label foods as good or bad or restricted or allowed. Allow yourself full freedom, but choose to love yourself enough to nourish your body with nutritious foods that will give you energy and make you feel alive. Ask yourself how you want to feel and ask yourself what foods give you that feeling. If it’s chips and coke then so be it till you adjust your body.

11. Don’t give yourself goals and time lines. Eat intuitively if you start a juice cleanse and only do 1 day praise that not what you didn’t do.

12. Move between cleansing and detoxification and rebuilding and maintenance so you don’t feel deprived or restricted and you can still enjoy life.

13. Love your binges and numb outs or unconscious eating times. They served you and may still need to serve you till you build up your mindset and energy tools. Take to control and critical voice away and enjoy your coffee/wine/nachos mindfully using the above steps till the charge has gone and you move away instinctively- not through force or control.

14. Remove Salts Oils Sugars to give your body chance to digest and really sense when it’s full.

15. Take bite size steps that will be lifelong practices not quick fixes, unless you need to remove a symptom fast and want to jump into to mucus free/ high raw/ high fruits/ juice cleansing.

16. Make a small step towards food breaks – I Day a week jurist juices or just water. 3 days a month fruits only. What ever you can achieve to keep moving forward that’s achievable.

17. Notice where you are pinching yourself self off from feelings or emotions by eating . How are you numbing from source/god/self f by eating to Create a fullness that you are not getting from going within ?

18. Eat till satiated and satisfied not over full.

19. Eat with joy and gratitude.

20. Eat with others when you can and not in your car or in secret.

Why NO Onions and Garlic?

Why NO Onions & Garlic ?

This seems to be a challenging one for most to move away from. Cooking without oils, salts, onions, garlic or chili and vinegar takes a advanced palate and skill. However you soon learn that the less you do to food, the simpler you eat…the better food taste and the less you need. Of course the better it is for the body.

For CELLULAR DETOXIFICATION mono meals are best and simply fruits, herbs, greens, and raw correctly combined salads with some avocado or coconut low fat seed dressings. Lots of juice, herbal tea and water.

For MAINTENANCE and REBUILDING vegetables, greens, sprouts, herbs, micro greens, fruits, seeds, avocado, coconut, and some mucuslean nuts and some alkaline sudo grains make up a nutritious balanced diet for a human, with water and herbal tea and juices.

How I feel after a fancy meal even a mucuslean and high raw one…vs simply raw 1-3 ingredients is vastly different. We do not use onions, garlic, chili, oils, salts, vinegars at home at all even if I’m cooking for others. If we go out we request foods without these too.
These are a) stimulating for the body b) addictive c) acidic and harsh d) contracting
More about Onions and Garlic.

All members of the onion family—onions, garlic, leeks, shallots, chives, etc. as well as radishes and all other foods containing appreciable amounts of mustard oil inhibit digestion. This is because they occasion irritation of the stomach and intestines.
It does not make sense to ingest food that would interfere with or destroy this important function within our body.

Allicin is an antibacterial agent and an extremely irritating liquid. It has a drug-like property that, like any other drug, destroys life. Antibacterial agents kill bacteria. Do we wish to kill bacteria? Certainly not! Bacteria are essential components of life, and without them, life would not continue.

Garlic also interferes with certain physiological processes. It is known to interfere with the synthesis or breakdown of LIPIDS in the LIVER. This is why the cholesterol level of those ingesting garlic over a period of time is lower. However, the body synthesizes cholesterol in the liver for a reason, and it is needed for certain cellular functions. Any agent which interferes with any normal bodily function is health-destroying and not health-promoting.

The following are just some of the PESTICIDAL properties of garlic:

Causes 100% mortality in 5 species of mosquito larvae when used in small doses of 200 parts per million. Planting rows of garlic plants between rows of vegetables or flowers specifically vulnerable to insect attack, such as rose, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, etc., will prevent insect infestations and protect plants. Garlic is simply a natural plant to help keep edible plants safe.

When used on dogs, garlic will kill ticks within 20-30 minutes.
Would you put a pesticide on your salad? We had better leave the garlic in the garden!

The substance in onions that gives them their characteristic odor and flavor is mustard oil, a volatile oil that is highly toxic. Its vapors are so irritating that they cause profuse watering of the eyes by being in contact with the vapors for a few seconds. This oil, if applied directly to the skin, would cause extreme redness and blistering.
Q: Would onions be all right to eat if they were cooked?
A: Since mustard oil in the onions is a volatile substance, some will evaporate during the cooking process. However, enough will remain to make it a toxic substance. Furthermore, I do not recommend cooking as it alters or destroys most food constituents and contributes to toxins in the body. Try staying with an all raw food program, and you will find that you will not require onions for seasoning.
Q: Are the milder-tasting onions less harmful than the stronger ones?
A: They are somewhat better but still contain enough mustard oil to warrant keeping them off the diet.
-T.C. Fry

Whenever I post about these popular ingredients I often get people quoting Ayurvedic principles at me. One they are over used now. In ancient teachings they were used as methods to rid the body fast. Just like leaches were used to cleanse the blood. Like a poison to get out a poison. Today they are used in 2 meals a day each day. Second garlic was and can be used to remove dense mucus from the body. However it is so astringent and toxic it also goes on to remove the mucus membrane. Often those who insist on its healing potential are simply addicted to these stimulating ingredients.

When I challenge them to cook without onions, garlic, chili, oils, salts, vinegars for 1-2 months. Then add them back in and witness their bodies reactions. They then clearly feel what I say. When you clean your body of these irritants then add them back…oh gosh you feel it, smell it on your pores, see the change in your stools and feel the difference in your gut, mood and emotions…why?

Because they are stimulating, acidic and not human foods naturally.

With love
Hannah x x

Migraines and how to STOP them naturally in 30 minutes!

Migraine Sufferers, I know it sucks!

I used to suffer so badly with migraines and they would wipe me out for days. I couldn’t have a single light or sound. I had to block up my door with towels so no light came in. I missed work. Flashing lights and loss of vision made doing anything impossible. My husband had to come home to look after the kids. They ran my life. I was in fear of triggering one.

This is what I learned.
They are from a few things…

A clogged dirty colon that needs cleaning as the stools trapped are retoxifying your body. The body is acidic and toxic and it must be cleaned. Taking pills will only mask it to return worse.

They are from suppressed emotions and alack of crying, holding all the emotion in. Causing blockage up the spine and in to the neck and head. We call this kundalini energy. Shaking, crying and somatic work to move energy and emotions is vital to stop migraines.

They are from organ overloaded with viruses and mucus and moulds and gland weakness due to toxins…which is hormone imbalance related, especially histamine levels and insulin resistance. And thus deficiencies and raised levels.

They are a reaction to foods that are not natural for our bodies and cause an acidic burden and toxin overload. These can build up over days so sometimes it’s not the last food you eat but the waste trapped and the collection of too many acidic, salty, fatty, false foods and high histamine foods, especially if you have a low zinc copper ratio or MTHFR gene mutation.
•Grains – even gluten free products
•Flesh – including fish
•Tinned Products
•Additives/Preservitives/Colours/E Numbers
•Processed Oils – includes coconut and olive and avocado ect

They are from stress and trauma unable to be realised. Trapped anger and feeling lack of joy and trapped.
Ok so work on balancing these in your own pace…
When one hits hard, these were my steps to rid myself within 30 minutes to 1 hour! That’s down from 3 days!!

Step 1
Run a hot bath with 1 cup magnesium salts 3 drops eucalyptus oil 3 drops ice blue oil. While you do that use Past Tense rollon on your neck and just behind your ears diluted.

Step 2
While the bath is running do your best to make an enema bucket with fresh lemon juice and 3 drops digestzen and any herbal tinctures you have (kidney, nerve, bowel, liver ect)
Give yourself an emema and feel the relief. You need to get the toxins out fast. A migraine is the body capacity to toxins and the pressure needs to be released, you are extremely constipated.

Step 3

While you are emptying your bowels and your bath has been run. Tap your fast EFT pressure points and say ‘release’ see image below.

Step 4
Get in the hot salt bath and chant OM ( I know it sounds hippy woo woo) but the sound of OM will release your neck, shoulders and head and tonify your adrenals and open your heart for more energy flow and to destress. You can chant OM during the enema too.

Step 5
Legs up the wall as you cool down breathing gently and calmly through your nose ONLY. While listening to a binary beats music for migraines. This is best with headphones on. Here is one:

Step 6
Dandelion Tea for soothing the liver and Bowes and to hydrate. Also sipping lemon water to break down the mucus and toxins, and I’d suggest the rest of the day juices and fruits only to get the bowels moving. You are contipasted and the toxins are being re-absorbed. This is wake up to clean your body so a cleanse or dietary shift is needed.

Hope that helps you suffers. But remember you must stop the obstructive foods and clean your colon and support your organs and glands to be rid of this symptom for good. Past Tense is an amazing essential oil to sooth migraines and headaches but it will not address the root cause or stop them coming back.

Get the toxins out with cleanses and fasts

Shift your nutrition to clean plant foods

Destress and work on mindset

Support the body with essential oils and herbs

With love Hannah x x

Pranic Foods. Living Foods!


Foods that hold life! Vibration and increase your pranic energy



NEGATIVE PRANIC FOODS: (takes away energy)
Coffee, cacao, vinegars, flesh, eggs, tinned foods, dairy, flours, baked goods, cooked tomatoes, cooked onions, cooked garlic, sodas, tofu, oils, sugars, eggplant, alcohol, preservatives, additives, colours, E numbers.

White potatoes, tomatoes, cooked vegetables, cooked fruits, cooked juice, legumes, cooked mushrooms, tempeh, unripe fruits.

Honey, maple syrup, ripe fruits, citrus, raw vegetables, greens, herbs, dried herbs, dried fruits, raw juices, nuts, seeds, sprouts, wintermelon, berries, melons, avocado, coconut, essential oils.

Why NO Oil?! Not even Olive Oil!

What’s wrong with oil?

The mediterraneans are healthy right?

You have t look at their overall lifestyle rather than pick out the olive oil.

Organic Cold Pressed and evening passed through a pigs bottom oil is not ideal for human bodies.

Oil is not the type of fat that you want to include in your diet because it’s fattening and disease building.

You will hear about essential fatty acids, such as omega 3’s and 6’s and how raw and cold pressed oils will give you these health promoting fats.

Whether it is olive oil, coconut oil, flax seed oil, heat treated or cold pressed/raw oil, oils do not promote health in any shape or form.

Mediterranean diet myth and its use of olive oil!

Supposedly, a great aid to those that consume it and today is still touted around the world as been health promoting.
However, when you look at the facts behind this and other supposedly healthy oils it all comes down to the same thing…fat and nothing else but fat!

What never gets mentioned is the fact that the people consuming olive oil in the island of Crete, for example, back in the 1950’s were eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables and doing plenty of exercise and manual work.

Fast forward to the present day and their health is now very much the same as many westerners, being overweight and unhealthy.

The problem is that they now exercise less, eat unhealthily, consume animal products and processed foods, and carry on consuming olive oil.

Greek EPIC prospective cohort study followed 23,349 people eating the Mediterranean diet for 8.5 years.
The biggest health benefits did not come from the olive oil that they were eating.

Instead, it came from high vegetable intake, low meat intake, and moderate alcohol consumption.
Diets rich in olive oil, on the other hand, contribute to atherosclerosis and higher rates of coronary artery disease.

Let’s look at some of the facts about oils:
1. Oils are a highly processed food (a man-made fragmented nutrient), and contain 100% fat, which is something you will never find in nature. They can never compare to whole foods (fruits, veg, nuts and seeds), which always contain a whole host of many other nutrients as well as fat, and are a complete nutritional package.
2. Olive oil packs a whopping 4020 calories per ounce – if you want to release weight, that’s a LOT of empty, junk food calories!
3. Fat found in oils can results in extra flab around the waist and hips. Yes, as far as oils are concerned the unhealthy fat that you eat will be the fat that you wear.
4. Other adverse effects of consuming oils include: unbalanced Omega 3 to 6 ratio, diabetes and immune system suppression. We need omega 3’s which cone in a ratio low in 6’s from whole seeds, greens, sprouts, seaweeds and algae’s.
Let’s also mention the thinning of the blood, which could be very serious if one is in a major traffic accident or suffers a ruptured artery in the brain.
Oil fats are also associated with an increased risk of cataracts.

So what should you eat instead of oil?

A whole and as much raw as possible diet containing fresh fruits, vegetables, and moderate amounts of plant-based whole food fats, are the optimal and only real choice for obtaining your essential fatty acids in a health-inducing way.

So, instead of buying into all this hype about what oils are supposed to do – just have your olives, nuts, coconuts and seeds as they come in their natural state and in moderate amounts.

Any oil, regardless of whether it has been cold pressed or not, is an imbalanced and unhealthy food source. Fragmented products result in fragmented health.

With Love Hannah x x

Why its time to ditch the dairy!

Fermented, raw, organic or not, for the young or old…. Cow/Goat/Camel or Dog Milk is not our food and very acidic, toxic and mucus forming to our human bodies.

Most importantly….well other than the utter cruelty and supporting the meat industry directly (sorry vegetarians)…is the macro ratios are completely wrong for humans…
If we look at …

Human Breast Milk it is 7.4% Carbohydrates (simple sugars our fuel) 3.2% fats (can be used for fuel and is needed for the brain, but not our main source of energy) and 0.895% Protein (not our optimal fuel at all)

Cows Milk is 4% Carbohydrates, 12% fat!! (way too high) and 16% Protein (sooo high is it acid forming and inflaming)

Goats Milk is 4.46% Carbohydrates and 4.13% Fat and 3.56% Protein….better, but still not ideal macro ratios.

Almond Milk is 0.61% Carbohydrates (eaten with a high carbohydrate diet to subsidise) and 1.58% Fat and 0.66% Protein….add some coconut or avocado and for extra fats and extra minerals like Sea Moss and Green Powders like Moringa for calcium and iron…to it for a accurate baby formula, that is more suited to a babies growth than cows milk.

Coconut Milk is 4% Carbohydrates and 88% Fat (way too much if eaten to often) and 11% Protein

Avocado is 5.29% Carbohydrates and 6.75% Fat and 52.98% Protein making is a good first baby food.

As is banana at 13% Carbohydrates and 0.47%.Fat and 9.43% Protein.

You can see how easy it is to go way over our natural need for fats and protein on a plant diet, let alone animal milks… designed to make baby calves into big fast growing cows for safety……and that carbohydrates are our main source of fuel for the cells…these Amino Acids come from fruits, vegetables, sprouts, leafy greens, seeds and herbs that are a Bio-available source of protein (not Protein that is needed to be broken down to Amino Acids like animal flesh) these plants are our building blocks for growth.

Not high fat and not high protein… and not cruel!

Why I don’t recommend eating Eggs!

Why NO Eggs?!

Eggs are one of the most constipating foods and are made up of protein and cholesterol. However this is not the type of protein the body can assimilate, so precious life-force energy is taken to break it down into amino acids (which you get readily broken down in greens & veggies)

Eating the cholesterol fluid from a chicken, backs up our lymphatic system and the dirty protein hurts the kidneys. They are straight up acidic for the human body. And a chicken menstrual cycle, when not incubated to become a baby chicken.

You want to keep your intestines clean and flowing with natures bounty foods, such as fruits and vegetables, that clean your body when they come out not clog up your pipes setting up a parasitic and bacterial overgrowth/imbalanced environment.

Whole plant foods feed the microbiome and beneficial gut bacteria, animal products kill and destroy, because they are straight up acids, and the human body is designed to function on alkaline chemistry, not acid chemistry.

1 Tbs of chia seeds to 3 Tbs water makes an egg replacement
or use 1 tbs apple sauce or 1 banana for each egg required.

What is your skin is telling you?

Skin is your white flag to your bodies health. ACNE, ROSACEA , ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, SPOTS, RASHES ect… No topical cream potion or lotion will address it unless you address the root cause.

Acids in the body! An acidic body thus an inflamed body which then causes too much mucus to be produced which causes the lymphatic system to become backed up and ooze out of the skin bringing the acids with it (the clever body is trying to eliminate the build up of waste and toxins) THE SKIN IS YOUR LAGEST ELIMINATION ORGAN!! It is simply lifting out what’s trapped inside…

So you see a cream on the outside will NOT address the inside. Only proper stress management, cellular detoxification with fasting, herbs, essential oils and FRUITS and raw vegetables will empty the body to allow the body to heal itself and return balance to allow you to be more mindful of what you put in again. Detoxification needs to be done but it doesn’t last forever you can return to a healthy balanced plant lifestyle afterwards BUT IT TAKES TIME


•Dairy from all animals even fermented kefirs and yogurts (big one)
•Eggs (big one)
•Meat and fish (big one)
•Oils like coconut, olive, sesame, peanut, macadamia, avocado ect (big one)
•Processed foods like flours and products made from them even GLUTEN FREE
•Grains and products made from them EVEN HOMEMADE ORGANIC
•Excess fats, nuts and seeds
•Beans and legumes
•A negative Mindset and overthinking
•Anger and especially trapped anger
•Trapped trauma
•Childhood trauma
•Lack of sleep
•Chemicals and toxins
•Poor food combinations
•Over eating
•Not removing waste from the intestines and lymphatic system
•Spices and vinegars

•Transition to a plant only diet
•Increases fruits
•Decrease processed foods
•Remove oils and excess fats keeping them to 5-10% from natural whole fats like avocado
•Remove toxins and chemicals from your self care and home and environment
•Work on mindset and mindfulness and stress relief
•Work on trauma release and energy work
•Remove mucus and acid forming foods
•Build up to a cellular detox
•Connect to nature
•Move the body to pump your lymphatic system
•Breath deeply
•Introduce fasting slowly

Are you ready to do this?

DM me now and I can guide you in the right direction

Parasite and Worm Protocol For Kids!

Parasites and Worms are something we all have, its when they get out of balance it’s an issue. Regular cleansing is vital for us all especially our children.

Some common symptoms of worm infestation in children can be:
•Loss of appetite
•Nausea or vomiting
•Itching around anus. This is usually more
severe at night
•Anger/irritable/lashing out
•Gas and burping

We all have parasites and worms a healthy alkaline body copes and expels them. An acidic overburdened body can’t fight them as the amount of mucus and waste feeds then faster. So nutrition and waste removal is essential along side these natural remedies.

Try a few or one to find what works best:
•8-11 oz carrot juice with turmeric and ginger per day for 14 days
•On guard essential oil either on apples (cut 2 apples thinly add 1 drop oil to 1 cup water soak for 15 minutes then eat and drink the water) or diluted in their feet for 3 months or until the bottle ends.(cloves, eucalyptus, orange peel are amazing for worming)
•Unripe Papaya smoothie with some papaya seeds and lime or lime essential oil at least once a week continued.
•A whole garlic swallowed on an empty stomach (preferably fermented) each day for 5 days each month.
•Bitter melon (raw or boiled in seed/nut milk) each day for 3 days on an empty stomach. Or bitter herbs like blackwood, wormwood, neem.
•Carom/Aiwain/Jaggery seeds Take 1/2 teaspoon of ajwain seeds and mix with same amount of jaggery and carom. Give this to child twice a day made into a tea or tincture or in a smoothie. Add 1 tsp ajwain seeds in a half a litre of water and boil for 4-5 minutes. Strain and give this water to your child 5-6 times a day to keep her/ him worm-free for 7-9 days.
•Fresh nutmeg ground to a paste with 1 tsp coconut oil or Manuka honey, 1 drop black pepper oil and 1 drop cinnamon oil given once a week.
•Fresh Thyme tea or thyme essential oil with fresh lemon (4x a day) for 7 days.
•Oregano oil diluted well on their feet or made into a week tea drink at night for 7 days maximum.
•Humerworm herbal powder taken daily on an empty stomach and at night in apple sauce for 30 days.
•Castor Oil Pack on their stomach or kidneys with 1 tbsp castor oil with 5 drops clove. 3 drops oregano. 3 drops thyme.
With a hot water bottle on top of the cloth over the oils.
•Tea Tree and Eucalyptus salt baths daily. 3 drops of each to 1 cup of salts.
Hope this helps

I’d recommend all the family do this so not to pass the eggs around…including the dogs and cats. I give my dogs papaya seeds most days.

With Love Hannah x x