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Juice Reset Detox 3+ Days

When we juice cleanse, we are not fasting. But we are resting our digestive system. Allowing for waste to flush out and through the colon and utilise the otherwise energy for digesting to go to healing and cell repair. The longer we juice the better the effects in this process.
Fasting is abstaining from all foods and in some cases liquids. Juicing DOES use some digestion so is NOT a fast.
Juice cleansing is great way to ease digestion and give it a rest while still consuming minerals and much needed sugars for a busy lifestyle or when traveling.
Ok so what’s the difference? Who cares l what’s it’s called it’s all healthy right?
Well I see daily people sharing ‘I’ve made a juice’….when it’s blended fruits and veggies.
Sorry to be pedantic but there’s a difference and here’s why you should care!
Juices that are cold pressed contain very little fibre but all the minerals and nutrients SO they do not activate the digestive system as much, allowing it to rest but your body still gets calories and nutrients straight into the blood stream….which makes them ideal for kids to get minerals, sick to get vitamins and those who have gut issues to rest a bit, or to pull out toxins fast. They are a great way to bulk out calories and flush the intestines on waking. Especially celery and cucumber juice.
Smoothies are blended fruits, greens, veggies and water or liquids…..this keeps the fibre and the whole foods intact as best as possible after being spun at a crazy speed through a blade! Because of the fibre your digestive system still has to be activated and if you’re chewing your food (even juices and smoothies) the enzymes will break it down allowing for nutrients to be utilised into the blood stream.
So smoothies are blended meals making for easier digestion and instant energy and great for gut healing time.
Juices are an easy absorbed smack of minerals and vitamins straight to the blood stream without activating the digestive system much. So great for our malnutrition children.
So if you’re doing a juice cleanse don’t blend your fruits….or have smoothies at the end of the day of juices if needed.
I recommend The VitaMix Blender and The Angel Cold Pressed Juicer based on trying many brands over the years.
CENTRIFUGAL JUICERS; These are cheap and easy to clean. The problem with centrifugal juicers is that the fast-spinning metal blade generates heat, which destroys some of the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables you’re juicing….which the purpose of juicing is to get a hit of enzymes into your gut. The heat also oxidises those nutrients, rendering a less nutritious juice than a cold-press juicer.
MASTICATING JUICERS; These are more expensive and much harder to clean. Cold Pressed juicers extract juice by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. Because they don’t produce as much heat, they keep more of the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact.
If you cannot afford a Cold Press Juicer I’d recommend eating the whole juicy fruit to get the enzymes and the benefits of eating fruits in there whole pure state or using a blender to make smoothies is a good second option to. Or straining blended fruits and greens through a nut bag.
A green juice of 24 ounces made from…
· 5 stalks Celery
· 1 Apple
· 1 Lemon
· 2 Cucumbers
Gives you an average of:
· 139 Calories
· 1910 mg Calcium
· 1.49 mg Zinc
· 105 mg Magnesium
· 1485 mg Potassium
· 2.3 mg Iron
If you are drinking 1-2 litres of juice or herbal teas per day you are getting all you need for your daily nutritional regiments….but you may want to use a B12 spray if you are juicing for a longer period if your gut is not propagating its own after healing…you may want to use lemon with your greens to utilise as much iron from the greens as possible too…in fact juicing is allowing your body to use reserves and remove old waste allowing for better absorption when you return to solid healthy alive real foods!
Be prepared and always carry juice!!
For those extremely toxic or busy, water only or dry fasting needs to be worked up to slowly over the years of being raw and on a clean diet and working on elimination. Water only and dry fasts need you to rest. Most of us cannot rest like we should when fasting, and this puts more strain on the adrenals. Using adrenal and kidney herbs through fasting is essential in modern day life.
Anyone can dive into a 1-3 day juice cleanse and feel the benefits.
· Ease the digestion
· Flushing of waste from the colon
· Minerals and vitamin uptake
· Breaking old habits and addictions
· Removes mucus
If you wish to cleanse for longer I STRONGLY suggest a time on plants only mucus lean and then some time of raw before you start this. Transitioning is key for success in healing and cellular detoxification.
The longer you juice for the better the results for your body and mind
There is a difference with blended fruits in a nutribullet or blender than a juice. (see my in detailed post about that. One is with fibre and one is without. We want to rest digestion, so smoothies are still activating digestion…even if its easier and still may bend you to do 1-3 days on just smoothies. That is different.

*Drink juice in an eating window of say 11am-5pm if you can to allow for natural dry fating around this time. This may need to be built up to

· Drink juice in an eating window of say 11am-5pm if you can to allow for natural dry fating around this time. This may need to be built up to

· DO NOT drink juice when you are hungry or at meal times. If your normal meals are 9am 12pm and 6pm….choose 11am 2pm and 5pm. We are trying to get out minds away from eating and set meal times. We are trying to break the habit of using foods to sooth. Resting the digestion and the mind. This will also calm the parasites as they pipe up when its expected feeding times.
· Drink 1-2 litres of juice maxim…the less you drink the more powerful the cleanse. A glass is fine at time with breaks in between each juice. slugging back litres of juice is not the best for your stomach juices. Feel free to dilute the juices too.
· Choose the juice you like. Astringent juices like melons, citrus, watermelon are the most powerful pullers….but if you plan to enjoy it and last a while…go with what you love!!
· Sip your juice and bless your juice. This is liquid and we are liquid so if you send love to your juice that juice sends love to your cells baby!! So set intentions on your juice to heal you, to clean you, to revitalise you.
· Bring your juice to cafes and restaurants and ask for fancy glass. Be proud you’re taking your health back not ashamed about what others think. You can still socialise.
· Mix and match…one day grape and lemon…one day green juice….one day beetroot and ginger maybe…or one juice carrot and ginger and later one juice apple and pear.
· Stick lemon in most juices…citrus juice pulls and dissolves the mucus and dislodges the plague. Make 60% of your juices from fruits the master cleansers.
· Breath into the emotions and set a mindset to succeed. When the days get tough and you feel like eating use your breath to get you through. Ground to the earth…go out in the sunshine….shake and dance….do a meditation to let go of the old patterns of “needing” food.
· Set yourself a finish line…if you go in with a clear intention of 3 or 7 or 14 or 21 days then you are commanding your cells and mind to follow your intention. this is powerful. Do not under estimate the power of the mind in cleaning. It is the key!!
· You don’t “need” a cold pressed juicer… whatever you have is ok. Even shop brought juices if they are pure with no nasties…this is about a break for your digestive system…not perfection. Cold pressed organic in season is of course optimal…but we do our best with what we have!
· Support your glands with herbal tincture and brush the colon with Gi brooms or Black Puddings in the detox support PDF in my support group.
· Move your body with functional exercise like rebounding or Pilates or energy movements like Qigong or Falun Dafa or Thi Chi to move old energy out and kept he lymphatic system moving and eliminating. If you have adrenal fatigue do not over exercise or push yourself. You will go backwards in your health.
· Use herbal teas to warm you up or comfort you and to support the organs and glands to eliminate. Kidney teas, Lung teas. Lymphatic teas. Heal All Teas, Liver teas are the best.
Remember to have fun with it and not get bogged down with results…be mindful in the experience. Try your best and know that is good enough. Each cleanse it gets easier and easier as the cells have memory…like “I know this no food and we don’t die in fact we feel better…all good keep going” haha!!
I, Hannah Miles cannot and do not practice medicine nor do I prescribe anything to you. However, as a researcher, health coach and author of several guides on these subjects, I can inform you about the latest nutritional research and dietary suggestions relating to your area of concern. I provide information about herbs, fruits, vegetables, juices, and foods that have demonstrated benefits for the conditions you are inquiring about. I may also refer you to books, people, and places where you can receive further help. When you follow any information I provide, you are choosing to assume full responsibility for the execution of any suggestions.
ALL content provided by Nourish To Health is strictly the opinion of Hannah Miles, and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. All viewers of any content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions.

Starters Guide To Transitioning To ‘Plant Only’ (Vegan)

Have you watched GAME CHANGERS? 💪🏼

Are you ready to make the next step to a cruelty free lifestyle, but have no idea how to get the correct nutrients and what to make?🤦🏽‍♂️

Ok firstly…thank you! Thank you for committing to your own health. The planet and most importantly the beautiful animals that will no longer have to be raised and killed for your taste buds…

If you are on the edge and just starting here are some tips:

Dietary Transition Step by Step To A ‘Whole Food Plant Only Diet’ list:

  • Remove all dairy products
  • Remove all animal protein
  • Remove eggs
  • Remove all gluten-containing products
  • Remove all acidic grains and processed foods
  • Eat mostly RAW whole living fruits and vegetables as your foundation

When you have left the dairy, you are ready to let go of everything that comes from the animal kingdom. You are ready to eat a vegan plant only diet. This is very important for anyone who wants to get well or live well. The animal proteins are detrimental to our kidney health, and that also means the whole body’s health.

But what about your taste buds?! Does a life of plants only mean boring and tasteless?


Here are some swaps. First get to all plants using the steps above as a foundation….then clean up with real whole foods that haven’t been processed or high in fats and salts. Health Seekers this is for those moving from an animal products diet to plants only. If you are already on plants then the next step is whole foods mucus free foods only! No processed vegan junk which is not helpful to the planet 🌍 but obviously not as bad as the meat/egg/dairy industries so can be used to help you transition….

SWAP…..              TO…..

MEAT – grilled portobello seasoned mushrooms/pulled king brown mushrooms sautéed in spices/jackfruit marinated/tempeh/tofu

SAUSAGES – vegan sausages

BACON – grilled and seasoned eggplant/coconut flesh seasoned and grilled or pan fried/coconut fakin bacon chips

MILK – hemp/almond/soy/macadamia/coconut/rice/oat/pumpkin/sunflower milk

YOGURT – available from coconut/almond/soy made into yoghurt soft or hard set with flavours or plain

CHEESE – available from almond/soy/coconut/macadamia/cashew made into Brie, Fetta, Gouda, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Cheese Squares/Strings, Blue Vain, Ash, Soft Spread

BUTTER – Nutilex, avocado, nut/seed butter, cashew spread (replace nut butters for cow butter in baking or use Nutilex)

EGGS – chia seed egg (1tbs – 3 tbs water = 1 egg) apple sauce/egg replacer….nothing cannot be baked vegan!

CHOCOLATE – fair trade dark or coconut/almond/soymilk chocolate

ICE CREAM – available from almond/soy/coconut/macadamia/rice milk made to ice cream or sorbet or gelato

PIZZA – vegan cheese topping or ask the restaurant to leave the cheese off

PESTO – leave the Parmesan out instead use nutritional yeast or without

CHEESE SAUCE – steamed white potato and carrots blended with nutritional yeast and turmeric

BOLOGNESE – just veggies or use crumbled hard tofu. Vegan cheese or grated macadamia nuts for Parmesan replacement

TACOS – walnut mince/tofu mince/ diced mushroom meat

BURGERS – chickpeas/quinoa/grated veggies/vegan burgers/falafel/jackfruit/portabella mushrooms

 ROAST DINNERS – roast veggies, vegan gravy, vegan sausages, vegan Yorkshire puddings…vegan cheesy sauce!

 FISH – walnut fake tuna (2 tbs tahini, lemon juice, 1 cup sunflower seeds finely chopped, 1 red pepper,1 sticks celery, parsley and dill to a taste chopped finely and mixed) or jack fruit, coconut amino fish sauce

JELLIES/GUMMIES/SWEETS – vegan sweets, jellies and vegan gummies/jelly beans and confectioners sweets are all available

BONE BROTH – celery juice on an empty stomach (does the same job without the cruelty)

FISH OIL – Algae oil/hemp seeds/DDR Prime/CBD/Frankincense

So that’s the taste buds sorted what about the nutrition side of things?



What About The Protein, Calcium, Mineral And Nutrients…?

Well we actually get more than our daily needs just from fruits and vegetables and greens and do not need to load up on hard to digest beans and legumes to hit our daily need of amino acids or essential fatty acids.

In fact …

The current daily value (%DV) for protein is 50 grams per day and is meant as a general goal for most people. 1 cup of fruit can provide between 1-10% of the DV for protein. High protein fruits include guavas, avocados, apricots, kiwifruit, blackberries, oranges, bananas, cantaloupe, raspberries, and peaches.

I have mocked up a rough daily guide of eating using Cron – O -Meter App of a fresh vegan balanced diet and it hits the daily quota in Fats, Protein, Carbohydrates and Minerals… bar Vitamin E (which you could add a few kiwis or sunflower seeds to make it up )… and Vitamin D (which you get from sunshine or can supplement if you live in a dark cold place) And if I was making the smoothie and salad (this was a choice of shop brought salads on the Cron – O -Meter App) I’d add herbs, more greens and green powders to bump up all of the minerals and amino acids too.














You can see that very little “protein” needed from beans/tofu/vegan burgers/seeds and nuts. Our daily needs are hit easily from fruits, greens and vegetables. I have used chickpeas here as many of you will need to feel like you are eating enough “protein” …but it’s not needed. In fact you only need 10% protein per day from seeds, sprouts, greens or legumes and 10% fats from say, avocado or hemp seeds and 80% of your nutrition from carbohydrates… like fruits and vegetables. If you took those chickpeas out and sprinkled seeds, you’d hit it. Or used more greens and herbs you’d hit it. Or for those raw and high fruits low fats…you’d be eating larger portions of fruits and hit it easily, but your fats would be lower which is ideal for detoxification.


So, An Example Day…👇🏼



7.30 – Large Green Juice

8.00 – Watermelon 1/4-1/2

8.30 – Green Smoothie

Mid Morning:

10.30 – 6 dates


12.30 – large chickpea and pumpkin salad with cucumber and tomatoes lemon juice dressing

Afternoon Snack:

3.00 – 2 tsp tahini with celery sticks

2 apples


6.00 – Coz lettuce to dip into

large vegetable soup

After Dinner:

7.00 – 4 Brazil Nuts and 2 squares dark chocolate

Obviously the more processed and high fats and high complex carbs like bread, cakes, pasta and processed grains you consume the higher the fats and protein you will consume, taking your daily nutritional needs out of balance. You must make sure you are eaten enough moving to plants only as they move through the system faster and cleanse the body, so things will shift. This will settle as time goes on.

High protein and high fats are the cause of many sickness and disease and causes acidosis, so protein should be kept low as should fats and from whole foods sources like avocado and seeds like processed fats.

How Do You Get Enough Protein…?

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and a long chain. Protein must be broken down to an amino acid to be utilised and digested. So, we are cutting out the middle cow and just eating plants!

For those who say we don’t absorb nutrients from plants as well as flesh….how does a gorilla 🦍 get so strong? Or a horse 🐎 or a giraffe 🦒 ⁉️

Nine essential amino acids are needed for muscle growth so a variety of fruits and greens are best. There are 22 amino acids that exist, nine are essential and 11 are non-essential. These are what we need the most threonine, tryptophan, isoleucine, methionine, leucine, and lysine. The distinction between essential and non-essential amino acids is somewhat cloudy, as some amino acids can be produced from others, it can get a little confusing and I am not a scientist hahah. Our bodies are designed to break down these macro and micro nutrients, when we consumed processed altered versions of natures foods i.e. concentrated, dense amounts of proteins, sugars or oils or salts the body reads these as toxins and store them to be eliminated. If they are coming in faster than can be expelled, we cause acidic build up, which creates pathogens and thus disease.

Some Plants High In The 9 Essential Amino Acids I’d suggest Are:

Seaweeds, Pumpkin, Peas, Sesame seeds, Watercress, Turnip greens, Sunflower seeds, Figs, Avocados, Raisins, Dates, Apples, Oranges, Grapefruit, Açai, Blueberries, Olives, Bananas, Leafy greens, Hemp seeds, Chia seeds, Cranberries, Quinoa, Kiwis, Parsley, Coriander, Avocados, Sprouts, Sprouted Chickpeas, Brazil nuts, Barley grass, Spirulina, Celery, Cauliflower, Cantaloupe, Teff, Quinoa, Sprouted Buckwheat, Flaxseeds, Papaya, Apricots (fresh and dried), Strawberries, Cucumbers, Coz lettuce…

But All fruits and vegetables and plants have some level of amino acids to build strong bodies accept Lychees…oddly.

When we eat a variety of fruits, greens and vegetables we are getting ALL WE NEED!

Nothing puts a toll on the kidneys, like having to break down those animal proteins;

Look at a full animal protein as a brick wall. It is a finished product, so to speak. It is made out of bricks, which are the amino acids in our body. They are the building blocks which are found in all fruits and vegetables, in all living plant foods…that that animal has eaten plants to make the protein. So, our body needs those amino acids/building blocks to build its own protein, to make muscle and tissue…not the finished protein.

When we eat that animal protein, the body first has to tear it apart, using a lot of energy. Then it has to get rid of the waste, the mortar.

This is where the kidneys come in, as they have to get rid of and get weakened with all that metabolic waste. High plant protein from too much nuts/tofu/legumes/beans will also strain the kidneys, so again we do not need to go over boards with nuts, seeds, legumes and beans when moving to a plant only diet. Less is more!!

Very simply put, all proteins that we ingest are a burden to our

kidneys, but nothing slams them as a steak or roast chicken does. So be aware. If you are hurting, or in any form of pain or inflammation, stop eating animals this very minute, and feel the difference. But you have made that choice now well done! So let’s move on…

We do not use complete proteins, we need only their parts to build our own unique proteins, thousands of them. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein as I said.

Proteins are harder for the body to use for energy in fact they drain energy robbing you of health…. your organism will burn proteins only when its preferred energy sources are not available (carbohydrates and fats i.e. whole food plants).

Our body gets all but 1/6 of the protein it needs from recycling old body tissue, especially when we fast or go in to ketosis which is why short term the Keto diets give results….but living in ketosis stresses the body long-term as it is not addressing the root cause. This 1/6 must come from essential amino acids we eat.

Some Protein Rich Plant Foods Are: (which is easily available for the cells to use for energy)

  • spinach 49% calories from protein
  • kale 45% calories from protein
  • broccoli 45% calories from protein
  • cauliflower 24% calories from protein
  • green paper 22% calories from protein
  • parsley 34% calories from protein
  • cucumber 22% calories from protein
  • lettuce 29% (let that sink in!) calories from protein
  • cabbage 25% calories from protein
  • tomatoes 18% calories from protein
  • apricots 12% calories from protein
  • peaches 9% calories from protein
  • sunflower seeds 14% calories from protein
  • watermelon 9% calories from protein


  • hemp seeds contain 22% calories from protein
  • sprouts 44% calories from protein, an excellent source of protein and B12 so perfect vegan food especially Alfalfa

Yes you can get protein from fruit!

 Let’s Compare That To Animal Products: (which is less bioavailable for the body to use as energy and is toxic and acidic)

  • beef 25.8% calories from protein.
  • chicken 23% calories from protein.
  • eggs 12% calories from protein.

What About Getting B12…?

It’s a popular belief that if you are vegan you are automatically B12 deficient…but in fact a large amount of the globe is B12 defiant even if they eat red meat. And most are in need of a B12 supplement due to our clean lifestyle and lack of organic garden grown vegetables and lacking mineral rich soils. I recommend all my clients to research and find a good source to start taking as a minimum when we work on gut health. B12 is essential for the body and plays a part in gut health and healing, calming your nervous system, with weight loss, adrenal support, hormone balancing and thyroid function to mention a few.

The best bioavailable form of B12 is from soil, river water, unwashed raw organic vegetables, especially freshly picked un waxed organic apples, sprouts, dates, bananas and micro herbs and through a high quality ‘Adenosylcobal-Amin-methylcobelamin’ blend taken sub lingually. Found from a good naturopath or health food stores.
B12 plays an important part in the healing of Autism and recovery of the brain as it will help to calm the brain and support the body in its detoxification process.

When do you know if your deficient? 🌱a lack of B12 will result in fewer red blood cells. Exhaustion, anxiety, pale skin, sleep issues, a red tongue. In severe cases the nervous system diseases and symptoms occur includes a “pins and needles” sensation in the hands and or feet (which happened to me) as well as poor balance and mental depression (this can be severe or mild). You can almost guarantee an autistic child to be deficient. Testing can be done through your Doctor then take your results to a good naturopath.

Increasing your B12 now will help with protein absorption rather than eating more protein, which we now know is a myth!

We get B12 from the bacteria in the soils from eating organic plants. Did you know 95% of oxalates came from funguses and only 5% from plants…’s not always about what you put in, but how your body utilises and absorbs what you put in…and that is due to how strong your organs and glands are and how clean your body is! So much of Nutrition is based off isolated science or studies done not looking at the whole picture. Yes, we need X but taking it in pill form without addressing why we don’t have it to start with is not holistic health care. So once your gut is healthy and you are on an abundance of fruits and vegetables especially seaweed, which gives you your daily B12 needs…you may not need a B12 supplement. Till then best to take one.

What About Calcium For The Bones and Teeth…?

Eating meat and dairy floods the body with protein waste products. The kidneys then need to eliminate these acidic wastes, requiring calcium as a buffer in the process, leeching calcium from the bones. Calcium is continually lost in the urinary waste and may result in osteoporosis or bone loss. It has been showed now that people who consume dairy in large daily amounts over their lifetime tend to have osteoporosis. Contrary what we are taught!

Vegetable protein is much more easily absorbed (Bioavailable) into the bloodstream without the loss of calcium from eating animal.

Often, we seem to be low or high in calcium when in fact it is due to heavy metals that calcium gets drawn out of the bones and teeth and floats around the blood not being able to be utilised so is urinated out. This means it is present but cannot be used properly. This condition causes symptoms of both deficiency and excess at the same time because there can be a deficiency of available calcium, and an excess of bio-unavailable calcium at the same time. I do not suggest calcium supplements. The body does not cope well with large amount of nutrients not in a whole foods form being dumped into the body… so doesn’t utilise it and excretes most out effecting the bodies own balance to utilise more or produce more. K2 plays an important role with calcium too for healthy teethe and bones, as it acts like a public transportation system for calcium. You consume calcium through food like the rich foods I’ve mentioned above. Then vitamin K2 takes the calcium to where it needs to go. Without vitamin K2, calcium can end up hardening in your arteries as plaque, and deposits in the joints, arteries, kidneys, brain and elsewhere. K2 rich foods are greens, herbs, sprouts, asparagus, berries , grapes and prunes.

Vitamin D from the sun, the body easily absorbs vitamin D with just 15 minutes of exposure to sunshine per day… triggers ergosterol, which is transformed into vitamin D, which helps us absorb calcium from the foods we consume directly into our bloodstream. This will help take the pressure of the body from excuse protein until you can transition to a low fat high carb raw vegan lifestyle.

What About Getting Enough Minerals…?

 When the gut is healed, and the glands and organs are strong and function optimally the glands can produce the correct balance of hormones to assimilate and absorb minerals and nutrients and utilise enzymes in foods and create enzymes. If this doesn’t happen, we become deficient. Adding in supplements alone without addressing why the organs and glands are not thriving is a temporary symptom-based solution. When we address the cause and use natural plants to re mineralise and we deal with supporting the glands and organs…. we address the roots not just the leaves of the tree. Certain foods like meat and eggs, alcohol, drugs, vaccines, sugar, over cooked foods and dairy remove minerals from the body or stop the body absorbing minerals. This must be addressed before we use supplements. No matter how much amazing food we put in….if the body isn’t functioning or it is overburdened we will not be thriving in Homeostasis.

Some High Mineral Rich Foods I Suggest Are:

Figs, Sea Moss, Bladderweck, Mesquite Powder, Pine Pollen, Shizandra Berry, Baobab Powder, Maca Powder, Barley Grass, E3, Alfalfia, Camu Camu, Ashwagandha, Dates, Apricots, Goji berries, Wild blueberries, Celery juice, Hemp seeds, Papaya and seeds, Mulberries, Coz lettuce- organic, Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, Carob, Berries, Sprouts.

What About Omega 3 Fatty Acids For The Brain…?

Whole food fats are essential for the brain and cellular health and growing kids. Just like protein there is myth on how much we need. 10% is enough for adults!! 20% for toddlers and 30% for babies. Often most raw vegan diets or standard diets and especially meat and dairy based diets are high in the 40-60% fats!! We must keep them whole and low…processed plant oils are separated form the fibre and thus coat the intestines stopping nutrients being absorbed. Oils pull minerals from the body and use so much energy to digest them. Often these oils are imbalanced with too much omega 6 and 9 which is not needed and when too high inflammation occurs. Processed oils stop any nutrients they are coating being absorbed…i.e. the salad or burger etc. Oils putrefy and feed candida and parasites especially when mixed with fast digesting fruits or vegetables. This build up of undigested foods create an acidic environment for parasites to grow and fungus and moulds to grow out of balance (Candidia). This in turn weakened the junctures of the gut creating leaky gut. The only non plant food that can help that is an “incomplete” protein, is gelatine. Which is why Bone Broth diets work at first, but then when you introduce other foods the food combinations spike yeasts again and imbalance the body….this is a bandied effect supressing the symptoms. Using high proteins stimulates adrenaline and weakens the adrenal glands… as we are not designed to keep cortisol/adrenaline in the blood for prolonged periods. PLUS We don’t want to kill an animal just for this….so we can use pure organic straight celery juice, a variety of sprouts and greens and high fruits and vegetables to heal the gut and balance the body instead. Removing ALL oils from the diet even coconut oil or olive oil and using only whole food fats like avocado, olives or hemp seeds or flax seeds will feed your brain with healthy omega 3 fatty acids without feeding the bad bacteria and yeasts or causing leaky gut is a step to work towards once you are 100% plant based.

Whole Foods High In Omega 3 Fatty Acids I Suggest Are:

Avocado, Jackfruit, Duran, Hemp seeds, Dandelion Root, Flax seeds, Young Coconut, Brazil nuts (activated and germinated ) Seaweed, Figs, Dates, Alfalfa, Greens, Sunflowers seeds (activated and germinated ) Pumpkin seeds (activated and germinated ), Watermelon seeds, Papaya, Dates.

So now you are aware that a plant only diet gives you EVERYTHING YOU NEED!! And how easy it is to hit your daily quota without needing large amounts of legumes, beans, rice and nuts and seeds…just with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and some seeds etc…

Protein…Amino Acids!! Calcium, Minerals, Fats, Carbohydrates are main source of fuel…

 So you can start to feel like you are thriving on plant powered!!

 Kids need 20% fats 10% protein 70% Carbohydrates. Babies up to 30% fats…remember form whole foods!!

Please share this with those starting this lifestyle or those you wish to inspire to make this change.

Please note this is a guide based on my experience and education. Please listen to your own body and observe for yourself 🍃

Hannah Miles – Leading the Movement for ‘Detoxing & Natural Living’ for Families Touched by Health Conditions & Behavioural Challenges

What do you do when you get a cold and Flu?

Fevers, cold/flu, diarrhoea, vomiting are all clever mechanism the body uses to heal itself. These are also very common healing crisis. Or can be from an overburden body trying to realise out..ever noticed that you get a “cold” after a big week of indulgent foods or a stressful week at work. Unfortunately most people will suppress it instead of assisting what the body is trying to do and you don’t want to get into suppressing minor symptoms like that, as it leads to more issues down the road. I see this a lot of people even in the natural health community, because they are still trying to fix symptoms instead of understanding the cause. This is still an allopathic approach disguised as natural health.

Whatever you use to suppress symptoms (even herbs or natural treatment) will not improve health in the long run, because the body’s elimination process has been stopped you are working against the bodies instincts.

When we suppress, all we are doing is ignoring the cause or the message the body is sending us. I understand symptom can be quite annoying and it’s hard to see your child “unwell”  but if you know exactly what is going on with the body, you can assist it in what it’s trying to do, without obstructing the flow of energy….Intuitive self healing!

So what is a fever exactly in many cases? I can be due to dehydration, stress, a rise in blood pressure, etc. In most cases a fever is the body trying to dissolve and move stagnant mucus in the brain and sinus area. Please note if your fever is to high consult a specialist.

What can you do to help yourself? 

You can get rid of colds, flus, fevers in about a couple hours following these procedures , but sometimes it takes a day or two depending on how much discharge the body is trying to get rid of or how much stress the body is under. It will definitely shorten the severity and duration of whatever you are dealing with.

  1. When the body is dealing with an acute ailment, it naturally looses its desire to eat. Follow that, don’t fight it….don’t listen to the tails of “eat something you will feel better”. If you do feel hungry try to limit your intake to fruit juices only or coconut water. High water fruit like watermelon and grapes can be eaten as well or even a soup depending on the person’s detoxification plan, but you want to give a rest to you digestive system so your body’s energy can go to healing instead of processing foods. Also do not listen to the old tails of “toast will soak it up” the bread feeds the pathogens, blocks the body and seems to make you feel better, but in fact you push it back down for another time…
  2. Using essential oils to cool the body like peppermint, but not stopping the fever is great. Adding 1 drop with a carrier oil to the soles of your feet or placing 2 drops in a salt bath for children.
  3. Mucus will start to run out of the nose. You will want to assist that with pungent and/or aromatic herbs like cayenne, ginger, Lemon, garlic, horseradish, etc. Or using  2 drops of doTERRA Easy Air in a head steam bath with  a tip of cayenne pepper and cover with a towel for 20 minutes. Other recipes can be found here:
  4. Drink plenty of liquids (preferably natural juices of the sub acid and acid category or my lymph buster) as this will help the body flush out toxins at a faster rate.
  5. You want to open the bowels, especially with a fever. If there is a lot of mucus in the sinus/head area, there is definitely too much in the transverse colon. Enemas are great in this case even twice a day while you feel congested.
  6. Instead of cold bath, think sweat bath if possible. You want to sweat out the toxins as well. This can be done by drinking some ginger tea and then taking a hot bath. Afterwards, go to bed and cover yourself with a blanket to sweat out the toxins. Or go to sauna and cold plunge if you feel up to it.
  7. Feel in to what emotion issue you are not dealing with read more hear:

Avoid using cough suppressants (even herbs that do this) instead use decongestants or expectorant herbs like mullein, eucalyptus, Echinacea, etc. especially if you get green, brown or yellow (thick) mucus coming out. That is a good sign. White is acute, yellow is sub acute, green is virus and toxic, brown is chronic, black is degenerative.

Often coughs that linger and have been shown not to be a virus can be upper respiratory, due the cough respiratory being in the ear nose and throat and if these areas are congested with mucus…cleaning them with ear candles or room temperature organic olive oil perpetuated into the ear canal for 15 minutes each side and massaged so the oil dislodged the wax and draws it out. This can also be done with a clean sock filled with sea salt and tired at the top, then heated in a pan and gentle placed on the ear for 10 minutes each side, with eucalyptus oils dropped on to the warmed sock. This will draw toxins out to.

Also if you get swollen lymph nodes, use lymphatic and kidney herbs. Good lymphatics are plantain, cleavers, red clover, pau darco and good kidney herbs are nettle, cornsilk, chapparal.

I invite you to stop treating symptoms! Stop fighting the body’s elimination processes! Stop going against the flow of energy of the body!

I invite you to understanding the cause instead of the effect! Start assisting the body in doing what it does best…self healing machine!

Please contact me if you would like to find ways to boost your immunity naturally through nutrition, spirituality and fasting…

Hannah x x

Edema (Swelling of the body)

Edema is something I have had all of my life. I have always carried water in my legs and looked puffy in my face. I just thought it was fat….after many cleanses I see that when I fast and my body utilises the stagnant water and moves my stagnant lymph fluid out, I see dramatic changes in my legs and face. I used to get swollen eye lids and I now know this is because my kidneys were not filtering as I started eating foods that were dislodging the heavy metals, viruses and bacteria out….it just kept floating around by body and my clever body stored it where it could. I would blame food for or situation, but really the foods I was eating where helping me clean but it was my kidney that couldn’t filter it out.  I am still cleansing and from time to time this comes back if I don’t regular fast and cleanse or I get too busy and my mind goes over time STRESS PLAYS A BIG PART (healing takes time for all of us and my Kidneys were very damaged so will take longer to heal)


When you start to eat cleanly removing high protein, eggs, dairy, alcohol and grains and do regular cleanses and fast you may stir up a lot of stuff if you have very genetically weak kidneys, or kidneys that have been badly damaged from high protein diets in the past…. even though I was a vegetarian most my life I drank a lot of milk, ate cheese and tofu , nuts, grains, alcohol, chocolate and legumes where my staple diet. Don’t be put off by this “HEALING CRISIS” just focus on getting your Kidneys to filter…


I have found that too much fasting too quickly and too many yo yo clean periods and then binges can shock the system and create Edema from steering up a lot of stuff while your still struggling with turning on digestion, absorption, elimination and utilization. This is why transitioning affectively is very important…. as well as consistency when reaching the high levels of being in a 100% RAW FOOD DIET. 


ONE CONTRIVERSAL THING I LEARNT, WAS TO STOP DRINKING SO MUCH WATER and introduce dry fasting in to your health routine. Read more here:  How much water is good for you, and why you should never take it with food?

Edema is serious and can build up into the lungs and drown you. Please focus on getting your kidneys to filter through your nutrition, exercise, mediation and fasting. If your kidneys are in very bad shape like mine, and you don’t get them to filter then your Edema could get worse, and this will only put more ware and tare on your Kidneys and Adrenal Glands. The Adrenal Glands sit on the Kidneys and control them, so if they do not function well and your stressed….then you won’t get good kidney filtration ether.



If you have Edema and you’re still eating a very acidic cooked high protein diet….you’re only going to damage your kidneys even more and create more of a problem in the future when you transition over to a healthy high fruit raw food diet. START NOW!


The best thing you can do for your body is to stop consuming and eating  animals, grains, beans, starches, alcohol and dairy products. Your kidneys are the most import eliminative organ to remove metabolic waste, mucus and acids from the lymphatic system. The kidneys are the exit valves to empty the septic tank. The kidneys hate proteins, cooked and acid forming foods and can’t eliminate there waste when there being damaged by these neurotoxins on a daily bases. 

Still drink coffee?. . .’oh just the one’ THINK AGAIN. . .

Kidneys love fruits, vegetables, and herbs as they leave little to no metabolic waste….the kidneys can function optimally when your eating a diet that creates a highly alkaline and hydrated environment. When you eat this way you do not need extra water, your fruits are high in water contents and you often drink green juices too. Water will just add to your Edema and slow your healing down. 

I am still on this path to heal my Edema but I know when its’ better my kidneys filter and when it stops and returns I have dabbled in too many starches, nuts, seeds, fats and the odd cooked foods. I have been on this journey for a few years and I no longer like the effects of following my taste buds over my natural diet!

Hannah  x x

Why no cooked, denatured foods and flesh- Make the LEAP to 100% plant Nutrition instead…

Many health coaches are all about balance and moderation…that’s not me. Your system will become very sensitive if your 80% raw but still compromising your body with animal foods, alcohol and cooked foods even if it is just a couple times a week.

Foreign denatured foods such as dead flesh, dairy and processed cooked grains that putrefies very quickly in the gut because we are not designed to eat it as our digestive tracts is too long with not the right enzymes….will compromise you not matter how much healthy fruits and vegetables you are eating.

Cooked food robs the body of energy! The chemistry is greatly altered and in most cases, causes digestive stress, gas, acidosis and loss of energy. Ultimately cooking food does lead to disease and an an early slow death!!

Getting healthy is not about what you add on to your diet…but about what you eliminate from your diet.. I would start getting healthy today and not put it off so you avoid the suffering in the future. Any kind of heads symptoms are usually related to a very toxic G.I. track because the head is connected to the stomach. Your stomach is second brain and when it gets compromised by foreign evaders and dead rotting foods, it’s eating away at your brain and nervous system. You may not be able to afford to be eating these foods that are very mucus forming and full of acids…. because you have become so backed up with an acidic lymphatic system. The generation of kids these days are coming through worst…. their health is due to their genetic make up been compromised by the wrong foods we have been eating are whole lives and for a few generations. So stop feeding your kids this toxic stuff!

We don’t need cooked foods of any kind to meet our nutritional requirements, or health needs. You are a fruigivore species by your anatomy and physiology. The further you move away from eating fruit in it’s Raw and natural state and the more you put these obstructions in the body, the more health problems you will have sooner or later. I highly recommend detoxification by eliminating the acidic and mucus forming foods to avoid the pain….removing heavy metals and toxins form our sensitive kids.

Grains, beans, and animal foods will never promote health only add on acidosis. Every human species is allergic to dairy and gluten BECAUSE IT IS NOT OUR FOOD. The body will start to heal itself naturally when you remove cooked and mucous forming food.

The amount of acid ash meat leaves behind will put so much damage on your kidneys, and reproductive organs! The body is a carbon-based system and like gas is designed to make a car operate, sugar is designed up make the body operate. Protein and fats throw the body into ketosis…. and ketosis is a state of the body trying to live off it’s protective reserves not the essential fuel it’s designed for which is carbon. Animal protein has been known to strip calcium from the bones and create bone loss and cancer and osteoporosis. Animal foods are linked to cancer/heart disease/diabetes. Dairy is linked to prostate, breast and colon cancer. All these foods we think we need do for there “proteins” are causing the very health problems were experiencing…..and we continue to eat them thinking we need their proteins!!??

Paleo…Ketosis Diets and Atkins are all killing us!!

The homosapien is not a meat eating species. Humans are like primates designed to eat fruits, tender greens and some seeds…
Animal protein is too high in protein (complex structures of amino acids) it putrefies in your GI tract, its vibrationally negative and leaches calcium out of the body. All of this is caused by high acidosis, which leads to all the allopathic disease symptomology. Vegan/Vegetarian high complex amino acid foods (proteins) such as beans, seeds, eggs, nuts, etc., cause acidosis as well. These foods are very difficult to digest (enzyme inhibitors) and very constipating just to start. The result of a high protein is a long list of disease the medical world created. The areas of your body that see the most damage from higher protein diets are the GI tract tissue, urinary system (kidneys, bladder, testes, prostate, uterus, and ovaries.



Starch cravings and why kids under 5 should not eat starches…

If  you have to cook a food in order to digest it…it is not suitable for your body. Every animal in nature eats their food raw by natural design. Humans are not an exception. The human anatomy is not designed to consume food that has to be cooked. We are frugivores so we are designed for fresh ripe fruits in there raw and natural state.

But people can and have survive of these foods and live long life’s when fire came in and they needed too…. and they thrive more then someone consuming animal products BUT OUR SENSTIVE KIDS NEED ADVANCED NUTRTION TO UNLOCK THEM AND REMOVE TOXINS. I can recommend using starches in the evening meals only while transitioning to this lifestyle and or would also consider a few steamed sweet potatoes pr pumpkin for someone extremely toxic during a detox to slow it down considerably if the die off was too much. The body is designed for simple sugars found in fructose not complex sugars. Complex sugars found in starchy foods, leave behind a lot of metabolic waste and create a sticky gluey like substance in the bowel wall that blocks absorption an coats the villi. This creates mucoid plaque. Starches like root vegetables and grains are also fungal promoting foods and fermentation causes candida overgrowth in the body and SIBO.

Children before there immune system has been strengthened should not eat starches and any child who has compromise gut should avoid starches. 

There is a good reason why someone who goes on a 100% raw food diet starts to crave starchy foods. When someone craves starchy foods like potatoes, breads, rice and flour products on a detox program it’s because they’re pulling on fungal beds and the parasites are trying to survive. These microbes and parasites are dying and they have consciousness like any other living beings. They eat and waste in our bodies and they crave these foods badly so they could survive. Whenever you get cravings for these foods it’s most likely because candida is getting out of control because of fermentation…..or it’s because there struggling to survive and are dying. The best way to overcome these cravings is to be consistent on a raw food diet and never cheat (I know how hard that is)…that’s why eating high fruit will help you. If you want to get these cravings under control while you detox you can look into a juice cleanse to flush out your bowels for 3-14 days. Also take a good anti-parasitic herbal formula or homeopathy to kill of the parasites and candida while you detox the lymphatic system. The root cause of this problem the majority of the time is because the adrenal glands are not functioning properly and they are responsible for sugar metabolism. If your not metabolizing fruit sugar well you have really bad adrenal function, and most likely tons of candida overgrowth in your body. So the main focus is to try and encourage adrenal gland function with fruits, fasting, detoxification and meditation as STRESS plays a massive part. When the adrenal glands start to function again then your blood sugar should come back in balance and you won’t ferment your sugars…. candida will balance out in the body and the cravings for starches will cease to exist. I PROMISE YOU…I can now go to a bread ship or cakes stand and not feel any urge to eat it….I still crave cooked sweet potatoes from time to time as die off happens.

If you have high fungus and sulphur in your body and your eating root veggies and other starches then your going to have a lot of trouble metabolizing complex sugars vs fruit sugars…thus you will have massive amounts of candida issues. Even veggies will be more difficult then fruits. Fruits are the best option for detoxification, sugar metabolism issues and getting to the root problem. Fixing the adrenal glands that are responsible for the metabolism of sugars will resolve the blood sugar fermentation issue.

I find using dried fruits to transition from comforting starchy foods helps and eating bananas as they fill you up…

If you are ready to make these step contact me today!


Malabsorption…and food in your stools

The first thing I ask my clients is what are you stools like? I talk about shit often hahah!

Your bowel movements will tell you a lot about weather you have mucoid plaque build up in your large bowel (which we all have!).

Are your bowel movements thin, and not full? And are you finding undigested food in your stools?  This is your pancreas being suppressed by acidosis and your foods are not being absorbed in the villi in the small bowel. This is because of mucus and sulphur blocking absorption. Starchy foods stick like glue in the Villi. Detox will resolve this issue in time, if you get your bowels moving well and are eating plenty of astringent fruits and your fats are low. Contrary to belief vegetables like celery alone, will not scrub this stuff out… you need the fruits and fruit juice for this. It takes time to clean this stuff out, as I say often…and it is in this muciod plague that the parasites and fungus and yeast thrive!!

When you have been eating starchy cooked and processed foods for the majority of your life as I had. It takes time to get improved absorption. You’ve got to be at least 80% fruit based, if you want to resolve this issue faster.

 Grapes, watermelon, berries and citrus fruits and juice are the best at pulling it out. Along with enemas and dry fasting…

Be patient and allow your body to break down as much as it wants to because you can’t fix Malabsorption with supplements, nutrition, fats and proteins. This issue of malabsorption must be fixed through detoxification. If you have lots of mucoid plaque, sulphur, and fungus in the body then it may take a while to get this stuff out, I know for me it is taken years and sometimes I feel like I will never get there…but I know it takes time. The acids and mucus is the root of all these obstructive health conditions especially for my youngest son Edward. Starches will only make Malabsorption worse, because starch sticks to the bowels like paper machete stopping nutrients getting in.

 Along with the above astringent fruits I recommend a GI Broom powder or making your own.

Take ½ tsp for children 2-3 tsp for adults in juice or water each night…

 To make this:

250 grams Psyllium Husk

2 tbs Activated Charcoal

2 tbs Bentonite Clay

2 tbs Slippery Elm Powder

*Option to add any herbs you like.

Add it all into a container or jar and use the dose above each night for healthy bowel movements and to pull out mucus plague….

Thyroid and the Parathyroid Gland…

Did you know that the thyroid gland is responsible for regulation of the metabolism. The ability of cells to absorb and use glucose, protein metabolism for growth. The parathyroid is responsible for calcium utilization. There are four little circular glands that sit on the back of the thyroid and they are vital!

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism:

Something I lived with for years and over came with this lifestyle.
Bone loss / improper bone growth
Brittle and rigid finger nails
Hair loss
Cold hands/feet (can’t tolerate cold)
Heart arrhythmias
Heart attacks
Connective tissue weakness
Scoliosis of the spine
Slow metabolism
Hot flashes/cramping/ spasms/ myxoedema’s/ and growth issues

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism are:
protruding eyes
Excessive growth issues

Hyperthyroidism is a lot more easy to resolve through detoxification than medication. Doctors just want to remove essential glands that regulate proper functioning of the human body. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE ORGANS…we don’t want to remove organs and glands but instead detoxify the body and regenerate their function. Always remember the 4 keys to focus on with detoxification. We must digest the food we consume, we must absorb the foods we consume, we must utilize the foods we consume, and we must eliminate the foods we consume.

The reason the body is not utilizing the foods we consume is because we have damaged the endocrine glands that are responsible of the regulation and activity of utilization of minerals, vitamins, nutrients, steroids, metabolism, and hormones. If we continue to eat highly cooked, seasoned stimulating processed foods such as dead animal tissue, there milks, starches, and grains we will create further damage to the endocrine glands, and without proper metabolism and calcium utilization your in serious trouble!

When we back up the lymphatic system with acids, mucus, sulphur, and consume parasitic forming foods. We only make it more difficult to heal and regenerate these important glands that regulate the entire function of the body. Chemical medications, chemical hygiene products, the chemicals in the water foods… and the chemicals we are breathing in the air. Make it extremely difficult to keep the lymphatic system clean so we can have healthy glands to function with happy bodies….
In today’s world and the amount of destruction we have caused to our bodies….is above and beyond damaging to the lymphatic system… I have heard people say this may be the first generation were the parents out live there kids. WE NEED TO BE THE GENERATION TO CHANGE THAT!!!

 What is the remedy for regenerating the thyroid and parathyroid?

First thing we can do is to get rid of all stimulants, proteins, chemical drugs, processed, and highly cooked foods. Transitioning to a 100% raw food diet making fruits at least 80% to 100% for your daily Nutritional needs.

Most generations do not think of strengthening their cells, so they keep passing down genetically weakened tissue generation after generation after generation. The problem is that each generation is weaker then the last. Look around and observe the conditions of our children do you know ONE THAT IS NOT CONSTANTLY SICK? They’re coming into this world with chronic and degenerative glandular weaknesses. No medicine on earth can stop this. TRUE HEALTH is the only answer!

If you think of it like our glands are the bosses (or controllers and regulators) of the cells, tissues and organs of the body. When they become hyper (over) active or hypo (under) active, it can create many cellular changes. This can have a highly acidic effect upon tissue, leading to lymphatic and immune responses. This is especially true with oestrogen, testosterone and aldosterone. Long term exposure without cortisone and progesterone buffers can lead to fibrocystic conditions of tissues, as well as tissue atrophy (destruction) and cancer.

We over complete these issues and feel like we have damaged are bodies without repair as I once thought or get convinced we must cut out parts of our bodies or cysts.

Detoxification with the right alkaline chemistry consumption will bring balance and vitality to the human body. Fruits, berries, melons, teddy vegetables, greens and herbs as simple or “restrictive” as it sounds will bring regeneration and promote detoxification to help the body heal it self. Time, patients, and hard work will accomplish any goal you put your mind too. We must put the work and effort into cleaning and repairing our bodies…Be the best project you have ever worked on!

Here is link to some safe herbs to support your Thyroid naturally:

Hannah x x

Acid vs Alkaline and why one creates death and the other allows you to THRIVE!

What happens when the body gets too acidic?

Acidosis happens, the only “disease” that exists. In Natural Hygiene we do not subscribe to labels or names for symptoms. We believe and teach that all and every symptom is due to an acidic system, and a backed up lymphatic system that needs to be cleaned out so the disease/symptoms/illness goes away!

The only disease that exists is a “disease” called acidosis!

With the state of most people’s health we must question if the allopathic industry really are invested in healing and providing a cure? We must question if they even understand the basics of how a person’s health declines and the role they play in it?

Medical doctors make disease symptoms appear so complicated that the average person thinks only trained specialist can help them. My mission is to show everyone they can heal themselves from anything with just simple fruits and raw natural living foods and a natural lifestyle… without expensive supplements, medications, treatments and potions.

But Doctors, Governments and Big Pharma don’t want this information to get out….

There are 2 fluids in the human body. There is the blood and there is the lymphatic system and I speak about these in most of my posts. The blood acts like the kitchen it’s provides you what you need as a carrier of nutrients. The lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body. (The septic waste tank) just as we remove rubbish to a bin, the cells eliminate their waste into the lymphatic system. The waste is then carried to the lymph nodes by the lymphatic vessels, just as the sewer pipes carry them to the septic tank. After these waste brakes down they must be eliminated through the lymphatic fluids carrying the final by-products through the (kidneys) if that’s not possible because they’re damaged…. the waste will go through the skin! YUK
Just as bacteria is in a septic tank, brakes down it’s waste, the bacteria in the lymph nodes brakes down the body’s acid waste….never get your nodes removed!!

Most medical Doctors and Specialist don’t understand this simple concept and how the body functions in this way. They are still to focused on the kitchen (the blood) they assume that it’s the blood that detects these ” diseases” this is why they coined the phrase autoimmune disease that really just translates ( I don’t have a clue and no way to help you) it’s a perfect phrase to “diagnose a disease” to push the agenda of prescribing chemical medications and supplements to temporarily mask and suppress a “disease like symptom” its money for there banks. The medical system likes to blame our bodies for not working properly when really we just are not looking after them but giving the chance they work just fine!

It’s simple stagnant acids that are creating these obstructions, and it’s your kidneys that are too damage to filter and release them through the urinary tract.Causing swelling and rashes and symptoms that your body needs to be cleaned.

If you’re in a disease like state it’s not because you have a autoimmune problem and the body is attacking itself. Your body has been obstructed by acids and there backed up in the Lymphatic system from head to toe even in the brain, and your systemically effected by these acids, and your feeling the symptoms from your genetically weak areas. Skin lungs ect…

The answer to healing the body of all “diseases” is through DETOXIFICATION.

STOP damaging your body with acid obstructions that are corrosive to your lymphatic system, your body will start to heal it’s self naturally. Treating a problem with drugs that only numb, and mask a symptom, will only lock in these acids more and create a bigger problem in your future.

Does it really make sense if someone has damaged mutated cells (cancer) to dump more acids on top of acids that created the damaged cells?? Chemotherapy drugs and chemical radiation are acids….the same acids that created the problem in the first place like the foods we ingest, the fluids we drink, the air we breathe, and the things we put on our skin and the thoughts and environments we live in….

Some in the main stream are starting to come around to these facts of how simple it can be to heal are bodies. In Natural Hygiene we look to nature for guidance…when a animal in nature gets sick the animal finds a quite place and rest. The animal does not eat or drink anything until the body properly cleanses it’s self out from what has created the dis-ease, which has put the animal in this state of illness.
So should do the same thing, except we must work harder because humans are more toxic than animals in the wild. A diet high in fruits, greens, tender vegetables and herbs….with small fasting periods is essential with the highly toxic depleted state humans are in these days, especially for our Autistic children who are so toxic and sensitive.

By adding in alkaline chemistry through your diet. You can fix digestion, absorption, utilization, and elimination and you will remove the side of chemistry that is destroying your body and health. When you remove the acidic dead and carcinogenic producing foods such as grains, beans, meat, dairy, and all processed acid forming foods, the body can properly detoxify its self turn on proper glandular function…so you can get utilization of base chemistry. Alkalinity will fight off acids.

You must bring in more alkaline chemistry In order to remove acid chemistry.

This is a great chart below:


How do we bring in more alkaline chemistry so we can fight of corrosive obstructive acids that cause systemic lymphatic acidosis? 

We must change are diets to Raw Living Alkaline Foods. Mucus forming foods will only add on the fire causing the burn of cells!
So you see that the alkaline foods we consume are fresh raw fruits and vegetables, not cooked dead foods that cause an acid ash and create decay in the human organism. The detoxification process of the body healing its self can only take place when we consume chemistry alkaline and living in its natural form. The body cannot heal itself when we consume acid and mucus morning foods. IT CAN NOT HEAL WITH DEAD ANIMALS PRODUCTS IN IT…

The level of chronic poor health toxicity we have in today’s world is very shocking and upsetting to me… babies lymphatic systems are so compromised by this toxicity through generations they are being born with cancer!
We need the power of the fruits to remove the obstructions that are damaging the cells so that the cells can regenerate. Fruits do not ruin your skin, cause deficiencies, and make your symptoms worse. Fruits expose theses issues, and reveal them when they’re pulling them out of a toxic body.
If you stay on fruit long enough and push through the healing crisis, you’ll find out how beneficial the fruits are when it comes to energy, digestion and brain power! Which is why it will take a few years to overcome Autism on this lifestyle but it is possible!

Sometimes it can take several months to get your body to have a response or even years depending on how toxic and backed up you are.
Keep your detoxification going….my journey has been slow and years but I never give up!

Hannah x x

Detoxification…how do you detox and why should you?

Detoxification is a popular word and it’s often used in the wrong way and made popular from companies exploiting detoxing through shakes powders and systems that don’t really detox the body they just suppress or stimulate the symptoms.

Detoxing simple means cleanse or to clean!

Each and every night you go to sleep your body detoxes and you cleanse the waste from your body though your GI tract, your stools, your kidneys, your skin and your lungs and while your body sleeps or rest not through most foods you eat. This confuses people as they eat ‘detoxing foods’…there are foods that can help give your body nutrients and build healthy cells…but it is not the food that detoxes the body it is the lymphatic system and when the body is in a resting repair state.

In our lifestyle nowadays we are all so toxic and backed up and find cleansing the body harder and harder. Each cell all trillion of them excretes waste within your body and that has to be removed, if this is not possible the body becomes acidic.  And when we eat acidic foods and excessively work out and have negative thoughts we produce an very acidic environment and this has to be buffered through the blood.

When you stop consuming acid ash and mucus forming foods the body will start the detoxification cycle, and you will experience symptoms of discomfort. These acids dehydrate the body and burn the vital tissues, glands and organs causing them to fall into dysfunction, creating the symptoms we suffer with and the whole medical system and pharmaceutical industry is based around…

We have 2 fluids in the body the blood and the lymph fluid. If the lymph is not moving and the body has lots of acid it becomes damaged or burned and the kidney get damaged and the body send you signals like skin issues, asthma, colds, flu, pain, poor eyes sight, headaches and then if you don’t listen….cancers. That was just my whole life there!!

So we are all so constipated and backed up with toxins and it expresses it self in your everyday symptoms. All diseases are an over burden waste system and all disease and symptoms need to be treated in exactly the same way…HOW? Detox the body, clean it out to allow it to repair by it self.



Why are we so toxic? Our thoughts, the food we eat the lifestyle we have…we come in to contact with toxins each and everyday!!

So how do you detox?

  • Stop harming your body with acid practices
  • Stop putting in toxic unnatural foods
  • Stop allowing negative thoughts to run your life
  • Stop negative relationships
  • Regular weekly saunas
  • High fruit low fat eating
  • Gentle exercise to move your lymphatic system
  • Fasting and water and juice cleanses
  • Mediation

If it has an ingredient list – it has been processed don’t put it in your body SIMPLE!

We must digest the food we consume, we must absorb the foods we consume, we must utilize the foods we consume, and we must eliminate the foods we consume.

 So the only food that can help pull waste and mucus from your body is fruit….nothing else just raw ripe fruit or juice. Why, because it is easy to digest and doesn’t cause an acid ash waste in the body. So when you stop digesting the body can actually heal…

Even vegetables and greens are not pulling detoxing foods they are building foods and will slow down the detoxification process BUT THEY ARE NOT HARMFUL JUST SLOW IT DOWN.

So to be a real detox cleanse it has to be through either:



Water fast WHICH TURNS OFF DIGESTION COMPLETELY so you can have 100% energy for healing and eating up damaged cells.

Or a Dry fast which I won’t talk about here but you can contact me about.

There are ways to take the pressure of the system and improve your health but to get real detoxing at an intense level it has to be taking the pressure of the body to allow the body to rest and repair… so NO shake powders, nutritional super powders or detox bar will do that.  

So the ideal is to move between a healthy eating lifestyle low in fat and high in fruits and greens… and then do periods of deep cleaning where the digestive tract is not engage and all the blood can go to the brain and to healing and you build up to that with guidance from myself.

If you want to detox the body the fats must be low or completely out for that time. Especially if you’re eating high fruits. Our Autistic kids need higher fats for there brains but there are ways to still detox them safely.

So lets re cap the body detoxes constantly on it’s own and especially at night so keeping your eating window to maximum 6-7 hours is key. But you must take the pressure of so it can eat up the damaged cells remove the mucus and filter the kidneys.

Foods that will stop you detoxing are:

  • Meats
  • Grains
  • Packaged foods
  • Oils of all types
  • Supplements and Isolates
  • Starches
  • Sugars
  • Spices
  • Caffeines and Cacaos
  • Spices
  • High Fats
  • High protein
  • Cooked foods (will slow you down)

Why no oils in detoxing?

Because they stop the simple sugars from fruit reaching the cells causing debates. That fruit then ferments and causing gas bloating rashes and exhaustion.

Once you have detoxified and are clean add the healthy fats back in.

When you are not detoxing properly and you are still added mucus forming foods in and negative thoughts and environmental toxins the mucus get produces to protect the body, and it lines the intestines and builds up in the ear nose and throat area and lungs and when that putrefies.. it feeds parasites yeast and fungus…for example dairy and meat turns to pus within the body and just feed parasites.

 Fruit is the only foods that can go through the system without cause damage and eliminate easily with all the nutrients we need carbs, protein and minerals and fats.

Pyramid To Health

 So when you start detoxing what do you expect?

When you start to pull out the obstructions such as acids, mucus, proteins plaques, parasites, fungus, sulfur, worms, chemicals, and mucoid plaque you will experience cleansing reactions. Don’t be alarmed when having these healing crisis’s because once these toxic obstructions come out of the body you can start to heal. The body must break down to a remarkable degree in order to rebuild itself up again.

The cleansing process can range from very light with just a running nose and minor coughing to heavy, with deep bronchial and lung expectoration. Or/and rashes, headaches, old symptoms arising that you may have overcome, emotions, old patterns arising, behaviours, aches and pains…

These are what we call cold and flue like symptoms. The body wants to eliminate as much toxic Terran it can. The body will often feel weak and achy, but these are good signs that the body is starting to heal itself. this is when it is vital you do not suppress the detox with cooked foods or mediaction.

Aches and pains are common during detoxification. Remember acids in creates pain and acids out will create pain too. Pain is a result of acidosis that has created inflammation. Pain also develops when there are blockages locked in the body.

Pain will show itself wherever there are weaknesses in the body. Most of these pains will last from a few hours to a few weeks or in some cases longer.

Sounds horrid right! Why would you go through that?  

Because 3-7 years of detoxing and cleaning the body will stop you getting diseases and sickness as you get older and stop the playing out of family diseases playing out!


I have been on this raw lifestyle for a while and only after that time and feeling amazing did I go into deep healing and cleansing and some symptoms have come back as they come up and out of my body and others have stayed away but each cleanse I get healthier and closer to my idea health goals. So I go through the sore eyes and the headaches and the longer fasts to get the goals I want. And I hold in my mind that I want to be healthier in my 40’s than in my 20’s and that I will age with health and vitality!

And my worst detox weeks I am still better off than my best unhealthy weeks!

Why we should DETOX?

Because you owe it to yourself and the next generation!!

Try my ‘Vitality Detox Cleanse’ for 2 weeks then contact me to go further and take back your health!!

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