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The Energetic Meaning of Diseases

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, EVERYTHING CAN BE ADJUSTED, CHANGED AND MANIPULATED TO FIND THE HIGEST VIBRATION FOR HEALING ….Each physical symptom in our body is direct link to an emotion that has not been dealt with or is trapped within the cells. When we detox the body we can release the trauma and trapped emotions that cause the symptoms, or we can address the emotions or the needs that are not being met and clear it from the energetic body, or a combination of the two I have found to work the best…

Here is run down of what I have seen and witnessed from others:

The Energetic Meaning of Depression and Mental Illness – “Your Soul needs attention, you are more than a body”

Depression and mental illness is linked to an imbalanced or suppressed 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra – our power centre. Beautiful one you need to bring sunlight and hope back to your Soul. This may be through grounding or outdoors exercise, nature, music, dancing, an high frequency high raw diet (food and otherwise) being with inspiring people and focusing on what your gifts are, rather than what you can’t do and don’t have. Your mind needs new incentives to achieve, and things to learn, and be exited by! Take a baby step to see joy and bring in the new each day…

The Energetic Meaning of Coughs and Colds – “Where are you feeling not listened to and overwhelmed or not speaking your truth?”

From birth we have been force-fed ideas (and foods). Our parents and teachers and society tell us what to think, our hierarchical system tells us what to do, the media tells us what we should aspire to and look like. Why? Because this behaviour keeps us powerless and easy to control…we see it in so many people who have stiff necks and shoulders when they have trouble speaking from the heart! They’ve been trained to be manipulated minds disconnected from their hearts. Frequent coughs, sore throats, colds, flus and bugs are linked to an imbalanced or suppressing of the 5th Throat Chakra – our inner voice, which is connected to the immune system. And 6th Third Eye Chakra – our mind and vision, intuition and truth seeking.

Many women have under-active thyroids, perhaps because we’re so accustomed to biting our tongues and ‘being polite’ and doing as we are told. Time to speak up and share your wisdom, views and voice!! Time to let your children shine their light and listen to others with love. As you strengthen your voice and your 5th Chakra expands so in turn does your immune system strengthen!

The Energetic Meaning of Allergies (Hay-fever, Gluten, Sensitive’s) – “Stop pushing down your feelings, listen to your heart”

Allergies are a sign that many chakras are imbalanced, as the body is overburdened…but particularly linked to a sensitive 4th Heart Chakra – our joy centre and 6th Third Eye Chakra – our mind and vision. Hay-fever can suggest ‘inner wounding’ and problems ‘in your face’ that you are avoiding, especially interpersonal conflict and not listening to your inner voice. To resolve your bodies history of ‘over-reacting’, ie sending out to much Histamine or Cortisol you need to detox your whole environment, as well as strengthen your aura, mind and body to give yourself the right conditions for success. This can be done through a chemical free, non toxic lifestyle and real plant foods and cellular detoxification.

With digestive allergies and food intolerances, look at where have ‘you had a GUTFUL’ and lost your appetite for life? Maybe it’s time to look at where your food and thinking really comes from? What kind of future do you want for yourself and the planet? Are you feeding faceless giants corporations or supporting local, organic entrepreneurs who are healing the planet? How can you clean your body and in return clean the planet? How can you create a nourishing relationship with food and the environment? Cold you nurture food in your garden as you nurture your body and soul purpose?

Get education and support around how to cope with your feelings and connecting to your inner voice. When you allow your self to be heard and stand in your own abilities your body will fall in to line…nutrition plays a massive part in allowing this to transpire.

The Energetic Meaning of Addictions (Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Overspending, Food, Over exercising, Drama,Work) – “Why do you think you’re not valuable? You’re priceless!”

We’re all addicts in a way. The trick is to choose addictions which will prolong, rather than reduce your life experience. Addiction is human nature we are seekers of pleasure…I see it in my detoxing community who seek to be nourished from only the elements, and within myself how I have changed from one addiction to another. It used to be alcohol, drugs, over spending and eating out…now it’s nutrition and healing, knowledge, mediation and nature. One is far better for me than another but still an addiction of sorts. My path may lead me to releasing all addictions and feeling like I need and want for nothing…who knows!
Addictions are connected to the 1st Root Chakra – our family tree and grounding. And our 2nd Sacral Chakra – feelings, relationships, past lives and 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra – energy centres. Finding other activities that give you the same highs/comfort or escape as your prior addictions can help you move away from unwanted addictions to more proactive supports in life, as you move through finding out who you are and what you are here to do….for me, these include creating food, swimming in the ocean , yoga, mediation and woman’s circles and running a spiritual business that gives back.

Until you master your outlets to deal with emotions and allow feeling to arise, you will keep going back to these old patterns. Just remember, you’re a human being, not a human doing…Landmark Forum taught me that it is ok to be a human and not search for perfectionism!

The Energetic Meaning of a Sick Child – “Where is a small part of you tired and unwell or not being looked after?”

Children are the canaries in the gold mine!! When we’re off-track, and our needs are not being met…you can bet it will show in your child’s behaviour or physical body and reflecting in all 11 Chakras. This can give us clues as to our next steps and how to sooth and direct the issues and address our own needs. If your kids seem to be chronically unwell or have a diagnosis or label from the medical world, its essential to look at the spiritual payoffs….hold on before you scream at the screen!

Really ask yourself ‘What are the benefits to you?’ and to them when taking time out to rest and grow and seek a new? Although it sounds weird, some people find their purpose as a result of their child’s illness or syndromes, and this can be part of our greater karmic plan. This was true for me. I would not have been able to step in to my gifts or life’s purpose as a 33/6 Intuitive Healer without my children showing me I needed to clean my life, my thoughts and my energy bodies…and give back to the world not just take form it. You often hear of a lot of successful people, who were sick when they were young, which forced them to become resilient and patient, qualities that have led them to incredible wisdom or seeking out side of their family for their life path.

In other cases, you may be using your child’s problems to get attention subconsciously, e.g. from society or even your partner or friends or to seek healing yourself. This is not something to feel guilty about there is no blame here (parents feel guilty enough without feeling it from another), however there are better ways to make yourself seen and meet your needs.

Maybe ask yourself “Did my parents live through me, too? Am I willing to discover who I am, without hiding behind my family duties? Can I see my struggles as a gift? Am I able to see my children as complete beings who are here to teach me?


If you would like to work with me on any of these with nutrition and energy work please contact me here: https://nourishtohealth.com.au/contact/


Many blessings beautiful shining lights

Hannah Miles – Leading the Movement for ‘Detoxing & Spiritual Living’ for Sensitive Families 🍃🌙

Understanding why we feel stressed and how to overcome it with spiritual practices.

STRESS you have the decision to view life any way you want…you can choose to think and feel anyway you want to…

Aligning with your soul or aligning with your ego will determine your daily life and how stressed you are day to day.

How many of us experience stress?

A perception of stress is that it is because of what others do or circumstances out of your control that make you stressed, and how others makes you feel. That belief is coming from a place of the victim and is self-imposed and self inflicted keeping you holding on to past stories that may not even be the whole truth but your version of that truth. If you believe stress is because of other people’s behaviour you are not aligned with your soul and the universe . . .that means you feel stress because of others in your life. This comes from ego and fear and is a low vibration that cause disease. Believing and living from this view means you can never be free and your happiness is based on others and situations around you. Because your happiness is determined by others or the life you must lead. If you don’t think your anxiety, depression, sadness and stress impact your physical health, think again. All of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system. You must find ways to cope and move beyond it….

Don’t let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of it’s worries.

Astrid Alauda




Stress is however a reminder that you are not aligned with your souls purpose! As is any negative emotions. Any moment of stress is if you are in alignment with the energy of your ego mind and viewing the universe from a place of fear and without faith in the higher purpose.

We say things to ourselves like . . .’If I had more money’, or ‘If I was thinner’, or ‘If I had more Facebook likes’ or ‘If my business were bigger’ ‘If my boyfriend purposed’ Then I would not be stressed out, I would be happy . . .but this mindset will never lead to happiness. Because it comes from ego and lack, and a place of viewing your life as if others can affect or influence it . . . but the truth is YOU have full control to change that view and connect with your soul and the universal energy and flow in life. You have the power to drop the old patterns and stories and create a new story and anew way of being…

When do you know if you have done that?

You’ll feel happiness, inner peace, contentment, no need for external influences or the need to numb your emotions with TV, food, drugs, alcohol, over exercising, mindless activities…but happy with simple pleasure found naturally and from within.

If you aligned with ego life will always seem dissatisfying, without passion, holding on to grudges, not forgiving. Life seems chaotic, painful, hard and out of your control, as if life is treating you unfairly . . .you will feel exhausted and sick and the outcomes in life will not fulfil you and you will always need the next thing or material objects to get some sort of pleasure. i.e. external temporary happiness.

So when you learn to align with your souls purpose, you will have a life of abundance, prosperity, health and a change of circumstances. And you will see the flow and ease of how life can be.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

William James

So how do you overcome stress and be in stressful environments and around stressful people without connecting to that energy?

Seeing that it is story you have created and that you can release the stories NOW….witnessing the complete emotion and sitting with it in acceptance without trying to numb it. Using daily mediation practices, self care practices and learning to accept and love yourself and your current life situation just as you are. Faith and trust in the flow of the universe letting go of forcing life. Opening and aligning with your inner voice and connect to the universal energy. Stop pointing and blaming at others for causing your stress and see stress as a message or warning from your soul that you are not aligned. Stop what you are doing and breath and take a new path, try to align with what your inner voice is saying. I would suggest connecting to the highest vibration you can through using mindset coaching, a master, a spiritual group, a yoga class, a qigong class or spiritual practice you connect with. That may be a friend who lifts you up and inspires you… 

‘A man must lift himself up by his own mind, not rely on others to save him’~ Hannah Miles.png

I would be honoured to help you through a stressful time and teach you the tools that have given me the strongest mindset I’ve ever had and the dream life I’ve always wanted.

Contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation to see how we could work together: https://meetme.so/HannahMiles

Remember you are not alone and it is never as bad as you can tell yourself it is…that’s just a story!

Much love Hannah x x

You must become selfish to find peace!

Is it selfish to look after yourself?
Is it a bad thing to put yourself first?

Most woman I work with find this concept hard, as I once did too. I’m from a hard working family and I was taught you have to work hard and many hours to achieve anything. And to be kind to others and help others first. Not a bad message right?

Well what if most of us go through life conditioned by media and our society to thinking it’s not ok to take time for ourselves. Or that to follow your dream and not work in a 9-5 proper job means your lazy. Or that taking a day to rest and look after yourself means you must feel guilty. God forbid a weekend to yourself away from the kids!

To be selfish means to align to your true core beliefs, or your soul. To be happy with your choices and to put your happiness and alignment above anything else. This doesn’t sound bad does it? So why do we have such a hard time doing this simple life skill?


Choosing a positive mindset

When we are building a career or when we have children, often this balance really goes out the window and we believe that to be a good mother or employee we must sacrifice being who we where or really are, or carers or dreams get put aside to just get shit done. I lost my sense of self and had no idea who I was after having my kids, I threw everything into being a mum and healing my boys I forgot to care and love for myself, I was just a mum and not doing a great job of it because I wasn’t caring for my needs. Slowly I have clawed back a great sense of self and refuse to do, say or be anything that compromises that and became a better mother in the process. I,e I put my happiness first above all else. Does that sound bad to you?

To me it means I’m a better mother, friend, lover and wife.


Why do we get sick and why are we always so tired?

Try to put your self first instead of always putting others happiness or their comfort above your own, even your kids. This does not mean being mean to people, not being generous or caring as these are the essence of life. Nor does it mean you can not be a great parent, employee or friend. It means you look after your energy fully so you have loads left over to share. Stop the conditioning crap and excuses and be selfish for once!! Yes you 😘

What’s mass consciousness and how can we all tap into it to help the planet and heal ourselves?

Each of us is a focal point of mass consciousness to varying degrees of spirituality. Mass consciousness is all around us and we tap into it even if we do not know it. Not only does media and society influence us, but so does the mass collectiveness that is universal oneness. Have you ever found yourself influence by your social group? Or by your community? Or found yourself following a change or movement without really knowing why or how you were brought to that knowledge? We have the power to tap into any consciousness we want. For example a vet goes to do an operation. She prepares by thinking about what she needs to do, that radiates a vibration from her heart to which other vibrations on that level attract to it (like attracts like) and she finds herself tapping into mass consciousness of all vets who have done that operation. She can choose to use that energy and be open to it or not. But it is still there. You can access this higher mass consciousness by living from a place of positivity and love.

Energy is made up on an atomic level. It’s all around us. This energy holds the programs to make and form each thing in this universe. Each body that dies, the energy disperses to make a new physical body while your soul moves on. We are all particles of this energy; each plant, dog or human is made from the same atoms and molecules. We are all one and the same. We are all hooked up and connected to the mass consciousness. Either contributing to it, or downloading from it. But when we are in physical form we feel individual and society celebrates this individuality, so we feel we are all separate and stand alone and that our thoughts are ours; and that we had them first. When the individual starts to rise above and out of certain lower vibration mass consciousness. We see that we are in fact all connected, and that as a united mass consciousness we can raise our vibration and make big changes in the universe from love and positivity.

But you are just you!
I hear this a lot “what can I do I’m just one person” or it doesn’t matter if I eat that, it will still happen” or “they will still sell that even if I don’t buy it” “a few vegans won’t change the industry”
This type of mindset keeps those people at the level of fear and hopelessness and they tap into that mass consciousness that they can not make a difference and hold no power. The thoughts and feelings from the mass consciousness they are vibrating at, validates them. You will see what you want to see. How much is real and how much is your thoughts tricking you to see what you think you want to see?

It takes a rain fall of tiny droplets to trickle to make a stream, and a stream to make a river and many rivers to make an ocean. And what’s an ocean? Many individual droplets of water!

So YOU can choose to tap into a higher vibrational mass consciousness and use positivity and loves collective energy to make a difference, or you can use that collective fear, grief and sadness to live scared of change, scared of death, worried about money, influenced by society and media who wants to keep you dumbed down and unaware. They want you to believing your thoughts are you (because like attracts like) without fear, war and greed where would the majority be?
But then let’s reverse that! Where would you be without fear, debt, time, hopelessness?. . . We all would be in communities that would all support and work together. The planet would be sustainable. Each person would be equal without leaders and elite tyers of society. No one would go hungry. Each person would have an equal share of wealth and possessions. Food would be available real and healthy. We would support our young, old and special humans. We would all meditate to stay connected and home in on lost arts like telepathy, clairvoyance and intuition. We would all be accepted and celebrated for our individuality and skills but come together as one for the higher good of each other, as we understand we are all one. We would have time to grow, expand and learn. But all do roles to raise the vibration of the planet and keep the cogs moving ie farm, build, make. Most importantly we would not live in fear, or fear death.


So what can you and I do?

Look after that homeless man on the street, not just feel despair about a country of homeless war torn people. Share with your neighbours, not just despair at our country not opening our borders to other humans that need it. Buy local, organic and support farmers on our doorstep not despair about GMO’s as the grass roots organic movement will grow and stomp out such idiotic practices. Stop harming other life. Respect each living soul, even plants have some lower levels of consciousness. Stop talking to yourself and others badly, you just grow the lower levels of mass consciousness. Show love to each and every life on the planet and know that they are no more individual or different than you. Even if their skin is a different colour or they speak in a different tongue or are from a different upbringing to you. We are all ONE and all need love, and should be shown love. Those who are stuck at lower levels of consciousness would soon be raised up from a mass consciousness that come from love, if that was the predominant vibration of this planet. So each of us plays our part and each of us is vital to influence and spread the word of love and show love, let’s start a love movement in our lives, community, country then planet. Thanks for reading. Type ‘yes’ below if you would like this download of love and world peace 🙏🏻

What are “Soul Mates” and do they exist?

Yes they can exist for each and everyone of us!

This is something I never believed until I met my husband Robin. I just thought you meet someone you like and with hard work it turns to love and a good marriage. My grandparents had a great loving relationship and so do my parents so I believed in marriage and love but just not the fairy tale side of love at first sight and soul mates.

I now believe we have many soul mates or connections of the soul. These can be fleeting moments when you feel you have met that person before or known them on a deeper level but in actual fact you have only just met them. It could be a friendship that connects on a soul level and you are just bound together for life or in a meeting of twin souls where you’re sure you have been together once before in whatever space, time, realm or galaxy.

Can you have more than one? Yes I personal feel you can . . . So what is a “Soul Mate”? When you were stardust before all your atoms, molecules and protons become the matter that formed your conscious being. You were floating around or maybe had been another object, plant or person and before that other infinite reincarnations. Therefore the likelihood that your soul has met another soul and found each other again is quite high because we know in quantum physics like attracts like. So if your soul or your stardust essence with it’s hidden memories remembers while our conscious active mind does not remember meeting that soul fragment or stardust again. It can then awaken and says yes yes yes we know each other we loved each other before when we were once one. The mind does not know this but the body feels it and sends out all the lovely hormones and triggers to say I want this person you are in love or in relationships that just feel an instant connection and reward.

So I’ll tell you our love story and this might all make sense. In this story you will see Law of Attraction at play several times. When you are in state of love or euphoria or a calm centred space it is much easier to manifest love, wealth and happiness for it to instantly come to life without delay. When you’re not in this place you send wishes out to the universe and the delay make you doubt it will happen. That is where the art of letting go and trusting will serve you well.

On the 1st of January 2004 I wrote my “Soul Mate List” I did not know what it was called or even that I was being spiritual. I just wrote in my dairy all the things I wanted to find in a person. But hang on I should add in some background here I moved to London at 15 ½ years old and worked very hard to become a qualified Master Colour Technician very fast. With my parents help I thrived in London, I brought my first flat at 17 and my first house at 18. I moved to a few high quality Mayfair and Kensington salons to find my fit, I partied very hard and travel with work to Paris and New york. At 18 I moved into management roles and eventual settled at a salon in Westbourne Grove. Here I had a successful hairdressing carer but a boss who was a manipulative, narcissistic bastard. He dangled a carrot of the business becoming mine to encourage me to work beyond my capacity and run myself into the ground. At this low point I felt depressed and lonely although people surrounded me. I was unfit, unhealthy and had a carer I no longer felt any passion for.

I started to ask myself what do I want from life? Is this it now I asked? Is it all about work, work, work . . . save, save, save and shall I just put up with this feeling of disconnection in my heart? All I had done since I was 15 was to work while my friends partied at university. I had achieved a good wage and houses that made me good money. I had a few meaningless relationships and put too much energy into superficial friendships. I had forgotten to harvest my true friendships. There was lots of play and adventure’s but nothing that made me feel alive . . . again I asked myself is there more to life or will I carry on like this till I’m 30 (seemed so old then hahah!)

Then I wrote my first list of “Manifestations” but again did not know about ‘The Law of Attraction’. I just wrote all the things in my life I wanted like travel, adventure, true love, self esteem, calmness, lasting friendships, my own business and success. Then as if by magic my second house went up in price and I had a lump sum of money available to me . . . as if without thinking or worrying about it I booked an around the world ticket without an end date. I rented my house and quit my job. Within 2 months I was on a plane to South Africa!

It was here on the 1st of January I wrote my “Soul Mate List” it was just a list of all the things I would like to find in a partner. Again I did not have the wisdom to know what this was called it just felt right.






Blue eyes





Loves animals


Loves travel

Loves cooking and food

Loves to live abroad

Loves me unconditionally and whole heartedly

I clearly forgot hair, as Robin is bald hahah!

But you get the picture. After Robin and I had been together for a few months we were looking back at dates for our visa application and realised that on the same day the 1st of January Robin had also written a “Soul Mate List’ too, his was formatted differently but stated the person he wanted to meet and the life he wanted with that person.

So how did we meet?

I warn you it’s a long story but a good romantic one that I think is worth me finally writing down after 11 years in love. I arrived in Kaikoura on the east coast of New Zealand on a Stray tour bus (The Orange Bus of Love) and I was already booked into a hostel. After whale watching I unpacked and headed downstairs to explore. I stood outside and watched about 10-15 tourists crossing the street and when I think back was drawn to watch one man in a bad tea towel like shirt. Later I think back and realise that was my first sighting of Robin. It wasn’t like I thought “I fancy him” or “look at him!” It was more a feeling of “I know him.”

Trusting your Instincts and how it can help you find your path to health.

The hostel was serving free soup and as I came into the 50’s style kitchen I stood at the back of a long line and each person had a bowl and a spoon. So I cracked a joke that ‘we looked like something from Oliver Twist’. Nobody flinched, so I had another crack ”maybe more like a soup kitchen”. At this point Robin tells me he was so tied from sleeping in his car as he couldn’t afford a hostel (he booked into this one as it had free soup!) that he thought please someone answer her. Nobody did, so he took pity on me and turned around, we instantly started talking and passions and similarities flooded out especially talking about Africa.

I said I’d love to talk more as we spooned in our soup into the bowls and I took one slice of bread and Robin took an entire loaf of bread with his soup, later to realise this was normal for him. I left the kitchen and sat at a table for 2 waiting for this new and exciting man to join me. He walked straight past me and sat on the sofa. Lucky one of the friends I’d made joined me, as I was feeling a little heartbroken that he walked past me. Later he told me that earlier he had spotted me talking to 5 guys at the bar and thought one of them was my boyfriend and that I must have been saving a table for them. Luckily after the soup I went and sat next to him on the sofa and started up the conversation again. We talked and laughed so much people kept telling us to leave the room. At this point I invited him to join me to listen to a band that was playing at a pub at the end of the road. I had also previously invited a few others so at 9pm we all set off to the bar. Robin tried his hardest to buy me a drink and chat but as we were a group it was hard to connect like we previously had. So I suggested we take a long walk on the beach. We walked down the verge and on to the beach to which Robin failed to tell me there was a massive estuary and I got very wet but I soon forgave him as I was smitten by this time. We walked and talked and we stopped. The beach was made from giant stones so it was hard to stay stable, so I grabbed his arms and as I did this a massive bright shooting star shot through the bright starry night sky. All I thought was kiss me . . . and he didn’t so I thought ‘oh shame I thought he was too good to be true he must be guy’. He later told me that his thoughts at this moment were ‘this is perfect, she is perfect and if she is the girl I think she is I will marry her and we will be talking about this moment for years to come. Kissing her will cheapen this moment”. Knowing this now, I let him off!

We went on to another bar danced and had the best night until we found ourselves at 5am. Robin had whale watching at 6am which I had done the day before and I was heading off on my tour bus to Picton at 7am. We both felt excited, scared, sad and love all at once. I said goodbye and we kissed so passionately. He then said ‘why don’t I drive you to Picton so we can spend the day together’ of course I said yes and while he was Whale watching I prepared a picnic and arranged for my friend to save me a bed in the dorm at Picton.

The most magical day followed with so much laughter talking and moments that felt so right like we had known each other for a lifetime. Our drive, passions, and dreams were so similar, he was everything on my list. Other than the 4 kids he wanted and had named already . . . to which I said ‘I’m never having kids!’ He said he could bend on that.

We walked along the most amazing beaches and sat and had lunch in front of a colony of seals and one big daddy walrus seal! We later started to drive up to Picton stopping for any excuse to prolong the goodbye. We had the most romantic dinner that Robin put on Oxfam (which was his credit card for emergencies) he then dropped me to my hostel where my friend had failed to save me a bed. Therefore I came out to Robin’s car and asked if he would drive to find me another hostel. After 5 attempts all we could find was a double room! Oh cheeky universe! We also broke into the hostel swimming pool at night and had a cheeky swim. By this time we had been talking almost none stop for 24 hours and had learnt most things about each other including the bad bits. Robin was due to leave at 3am to get the ferry to the North Island so we spoke some more and said goodbye, which just felt so wrong. I feel asleep in the room just feeling like it had all been a dream. I found my friends In the morning and we headed off around the South Island. We were all close friends on the ‘Orange Bus of Love’ so I was talking it all over and so many people just kept saying ‘what are you doing why are you not together?’ The thing is Robin was at the end of his year long trip and was heading to South America then back home to the UK to work. I had just started, it was my second country and I had big plans. But I had the feeling that I was going to marry this man. I felt that it was real love and I couldn’t ignore it.

After the second day away from him I called his mobile to say ‘why don’t I come up to the North Island and spend the last 6 days with you before you fly to South America?’ When I got through to a voice mail and with an entire bus load of fellow travellers egging me on I left a message and my heart sank thinking I’d missed my chance. After an agonising wait a text came back saying “cool bananas” to which point I had to ask my friends to translate, as I had no clue what that meant! We celebrated in style drinking Teapots in Queenstown and I got the overnight bus to the airport and arrived in Auckland the next day, 48 hours after I had said goodbye to Robin. It was the surrealist emotions running through me waiting to see someone I’d just met but knew I was in love with already. We headed to the Coromandel Peninsular for 5 spectacular days and celebrated valentines day on the 11th February when spontaneously we presented each other with cards . . . I look back and think how random we choose that day to bring out cards for each other. Then the day to say goodbye again came, the 13th February. We said we would wait for each other and that after my trip I would return to London and we would pick it back up. Robin gave me his Australia/New Zealand pay-as-you-go phone to keep in touch with me. The goodbye was horrid. It was the first time EVER Robin couldn’t eat his food and I didn’t click as I kept asking if there was something wrong with it (but now I know he was love sick). We embraced like we were dying; it was so intense I could not feel my legs. I could not speak, I was desperate to tell him I loved him but the words would not come out after all I had only know him 6 days in total and did not want to seem crazy. Robin tells me he was trying to tell me the same but was too devastated to speak any words. Then he gets on his bus and leaves me at the Auckland Base backpackers unable to move from the street. Eventually something clicked and I ran to the computer room (this was 11 years a ago) and wrote him an email saying I loved him, that I want to be with him forever and that I will wait for him. I then sent an email to my best friends saying I’d met the man I was going to marry to which they replied: yeah yeah we, heard that in Turkey hahah! Then suddenly an email popped up from Robin titled ‘I love you too” my heart skipped several beats as I read his reply telling me just how he felt was just how I felt. We emailed each other everyday while he was in South America. I finished my trip in NZ and headed to see my best friend in Melbourne.

Whilst there we still chatted when we could and emailed daily. One day a call came through on Robin’s mobile, I explain it was no longer his phone but I could pass on a message. Later that day I spoke to Robin and said a company had called saying they had work for you. I didn’t think more of it as Robin was going home to a promotion and a good job and had been away for 1 year already. He calls me the next day saying ‘what do I think if I come to stay in Melbourne for 3 months as there is work and we could be together?’ my calm subtle reaction was to scream ’YES YES YES‘ kicking my legs and shouting ‘I love you’ – very subtly huh. So a few weeks later Robin arrives at Melbourne airport after a brief visit back to the UK to see his family who he had not seen for a year and go to his best friends wedding and tell them he is going back because he has met a girl! We spent 3 ½ fun packed months falling in love with each other and planning our lives together which included coming back to Melbourne. Another good-bye as I carried on my trip, as we never wanted our meeting to stop my plans to find my own self and find my time for my adventures and me.

I had a blast traveling with my friend Shona who got all the details and had to listen to endless “I love you calls”- she later read a reading at our wedding and still plays such a massive part in our marriage. It then comes to me returning home on December the 4th and after speaking most days and emailing daily I was ready to start our lives together. He had been to meet my Mum in London without me to drop my things off to her and she gave me her approval of him.

The airport scene was straight out of the movie Love Actually. I had not held him for 4 months and was almost scared to see him but so excited as well. He was waiting with a gigantic bouquet of beautiful pink flowers and our hug was surreal and magical where my subconscious had been imaging it for so long my body did not connect to what was happening . . .we were not aware until after we had broken that long passionate kiss that the people in the airport were clapping as our run and embrace was so dramatic, and also most of the ladies thought Robin had been stood up as it took me ages to get my bags and he looked so nervous. We went straight to London to stay with friends and for me to sleep, then we headed to his Mums 60th birthday party which was in a church hall in London with ALL of Robins family and ALL of his friends. Surprising to say I was worried of what they would think of me and if they would approve. Meeting all of Robin’s loved ones in one room at one time was very daunting. We walked in and said hello to a few people then got into our surprise position. Jean and Bob my glorious now parent in laws walked in and we all shouted ‘surprise”. There were Aunts and Uncles she had not seen for years, her best friends her grandchildren everyone but she walked straight to me and hugged me with such love and acceptance I will never forgot that moment when she told me she approved and then Bob gave me a massive loving hug too. I was home with my love and his family and it felt so right. The next two weeks were a blur of seeing friends and getting back into my London house. Then we went down to my parents who lived in Weymouth Dorset for Robin to meet my Dad. This was tense trip to say the least. I had once told Robin on that first night that if I could meet a man like my father with his values and loyalty I would be lucky as he is my hero and I adore my father. Suffice to say Robin was bricking it. The Saturday my Mum was at work and Dad picked us up off the train and we hug like only my Dad and I can hug which is to say everything to each other without a word. It had been a year and a year was along time without a Dad hug for me.

Then after that hug my Dad turned into a testosterone fuelled Silver Back Gorilla and once we were at home I called Mum and cried that my Dad does not like Robin what am I going to do. I had also told Robin that if my Dad does not approve of my man he would stand no chance as my Dads opinion means the world to me. So you can see the panic I was in. Mum arrives home and eases it as she and Robin connected straight away and become very close as mother and son. After a stressful day I retire to bed early leaving Robin with Mum and Dad. The next morning I woke up and everyone was down stairs already but the mood was very different. Dad had his arm around Robins shoulders as he asked him how many rashers of bacon he wanted. I glanced over to mum in shock and she just shrugged Dad swears he did not tell mum. Relieved they were getting on I let it go. Another few weeks pass and we prepared for our first Charismas together. Robin had moved into my London house and we were decorating the real tree with popcorn strings and real oranges and candles it was cold and just so Christmassy and perfect, we had a roast in the oven and champagne flowing. We were having everyone at my house the next day I was just so blissful and content, also a tad drunk but hay it was Christmas! Suddenly Robin got upset over nothing and Robin is very laid back. He went upstairs and I just thought he must be tied. Later I went up and he was mess. Asking him what was wrong he was fumbling his words and kept taking about he had not brought me a gift and I might not like what he got me, and rambled about my Dad and life and it was all a bit of an odd chat . . .until he drops to one knee and pulls out this gorgeous handmade walnut box with a stunning platinum diamond ring and asked if I would marry him. Just like my subtly style I shouted ‘YES YES YES’ and fell into his arms. He then told me that weekend we visited my parents he had asked my Dad for my hand in marriage, hence the change from ‘Silver Back Gorilla’ to ‘come here son have some bacon routine at breakfast’. To say Christmas was magical would be an understatement. We surprised my Mum first at Christmas morning then Robin parents at lunch then travelled around telling all we love but no one was shocked. My mum and everyone else just said they knew it would happen. His parents had bubbles ready so did my Grandad who even before I said it popped the cork to celebrate us. The best was visiting my best school friends and they picked me up from the train station and I wore gloves I was trying to wait for all of us to be together at the pub but I couldn’t keep it in and whipped of my glove causing Catherine to swerve and nearly crash to car. By the October that New Year 2005 we were living back in Melbourne and forging a great life together.

Robin is my ‘Soul Mate’ and we dreamt each other up just when we needed each other and the universe brought us together justice the universe bring you everything you need at the time you need it when you ask. I also believe I have soul connections with friends and some of my friends are almost like sisters or wives we are so close. My beautiful dog Lola was my soul sister, we were one in so many ways and I feel incomplete without her.

Choosing a positive mindset

So if your looking for yours maybe make your list, and if you have yours already maybe think back to the magic that brought you together against all odds and relive it this valentines day.

Love love love x x x



What is ‘Theta Healing’ and how can it help you?

Theta Healing is a unique technique unlike any other energy healing work in that you can clear trauma, directly re-programme the subconscious with new beliefs and teach new feelings to every cell of the body instantly including changing your DNA.

It only takes a couple of minutes and the whole session is 60 minutes long and the effects can be felt for the rest of your life. Some people need one session others need more.  It is not a religious-based therapy and is not part of any church or religious denomination, but as a client you have to be open and and believe in a higher source energy and believe in yourself and the practice of mindfulness.

The ability to feel happiness and love has always been there but we open the receptors to be able to identify the feeling and re program the messages from childhood and media that you have been fed over time or unhelpful beliefs and painful feelings stored in the subconscious.


The feelings and intuition work we do allows us to look at our environment from a different perspective by healing emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves and this is what makes Theta Healing so powerful.

What is a ‘Health Coach’ and how can they help you achieve your goals?

Theta Healing is a spiritual, physical and emotional healing technique conducted while you and the practitioner are in a theta brainwave state. This is where you are awake but fully relaxed, as you would be during a mediation, this is achieved by breathing techniques and a guided mediation from ourselves, so even if you have never mediated before we can assist you to get into a theta state.

Theta Healing can help with a wide range of issues from releasing past trauma, abuse, resentment and anger, to finding your life’s purpose, feeling safe and supported, infertility blockers, improving relationships and recovering from broken relationships, low self- esteem and confidence, physical health problems, self sobataging blockers, depression, aniexty,  mis-guided beliefs, past life trauma, current trauma, forgiveness, weight loss, balancing hormones and diseases. The lady who started this technique healed her self from cancer in her leg read about it here: http://www.thetahealing.com/about-vianna-stibal-founder.html

With this Theta Healing technique we can assist you to connect to your Inner Being/Soul/Source/God or which ever word you prefer or resonates with you and connect you to the higher energy source of the universe that creates all that we are, see and feel, and if you are open to it and feel it is right ask your spirt guides to assist you in your path or pass on any messages they have for you.



For a consulation or Theta session with myself Hannah Miles or Robin Miles, my beautful husband who is qualified Theta Healer too, and holds a natural gift for healing and has a powerful connection to source energy. Please go to my contact page.

Read more on this web link:



Knowing you have to make changes, but your feeling scared and overwhelmed?

Are you looking for the answer to better health in your self and your family?

Especially if you have a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

But don’t know where to start or why there is the need for such dramatic changes?

That’s completely understandable, it can mean a massive change to your lifestyle. And if autism is in your family, you’ll know exactly how challenging change can be. or maybe you have become unwell your self and your life is centred around how sick your feel.

A simple guide to understanding Nutrition and the part it plays on your body, and how to heal your own body!

But, if your family is impacted by autism or health issues, you’ll also understand that it’s often the things that make our children (and us) feel the most uncomfortable that bring about the biggest gains in the long run. Nothing that is right is easy.

Take their therapies for example. By challenging our kids, bit-by-bit, they start to make inroads and soon we’ve shifted to a new normal – a better normal that, at the start, we didn’t think possible.

The same goes for our changing your family’s diet. And, perhaps the key to making the change is to think that starting a raw vegan diet as just another necessary therapy needed on your path to better outcomes for your child, allowing all the therapies to work better and give you your lives back, as it did mine.

For our family, starting changes in our nutrition didn’t feel like a choice, it felt much more like a necessity. Does it feel like that to you?

WHY RAW LIVING FOODS! For Healing Diseases and Autism. . .

Our eldest child’s behaviours had been challenging, even when he was tiny and long before his ASD diagnosis. And it was early on that we began to realise that foods were impacting on his little body and his behaviour.


I had worked in the organic health food industry prior to having children, so I felt I had great knowledge about foods. But even foods that I had previously considered healthy, like carrots, were causes obvious tummy upsets, and I was at my wits end.

It was only after months of research and trying different approaches at home did we land into the world of the GAPS Diet and then moved to Raw Vegan where we found most of our gains and continue to thrive getting cleaner and healthier each month. We had already removed gluten and dairy and seen great improvements in William’s health and behaviour, but still we faced the daily tummy upsets, as well as challenging behaviour. Raw vegan lifestyle gave us our sons health back. And mine!

Autism needs advanced nutrition and full focus to heal. It is not an easy road nor short but you will be rewarded beyond your dreams, if you work hard on their nutrition, your mindset and create a clean, chemical free healthy environment.

But when we came across dietary changes and learned more about the ‘leaky gut’ syndrome, it all started making sense. We then made a choice, and for our family, and it has been the best choice we could have made.

Choosing a positive mindset


But – I know for some it may seem too hard, too restrictive and too much work. Let me reassure you, the first weeks are tough, but once you discover your routine – both preparation and tastebud wise – it gets much, much easier. Theres is no cooking and it is so easy!

And you don’t have to go cold turkey. You can start by ‘crowding out’ the unhealthy foods and replacing them with healthier options. That way, you can make the change little by littlest using the right food combinations. Food combining and why is it essential for health!-chart.

So before you put the ‘Raw Living Vegan Diet’ in the too hard basket. Think about the possible outcomes – healthier children and who begin to calm as the diet starts to heal the gut and toxins are eliminated from their bodies. Healthier parents, happy family?

What is a ‘Health Coach’ and how can they help you achieve your goals?

And isn’t that the whole point? Isn’t that what you’re looking for? A healthy child that has the emotional space to live, learn and experience life?

That’s what I was searching for, and I’m proud to say that’s where we’re headed now.

I am here to help you achieve this x x

Choosing a positive mindset

When life isn’t going to plan it can be easy to slip into feeling that things are just not going to get any better, especially when you’re faced with issues that seem out of your control, like the health of your children or yourself.

After our son William was diagnosed with autism, aged 2, I experienced a deep depression.

It wasn’t just the result of William’s diagnosis and the grief I felt for the loss of the future I’d imagined for my family and the diagnosis came after two years of struggling every day in what felt like battle zone.

For two years William’s behavior had challenged us, even when he was tiny he screamed every day. Add to this a difficult pregnancy with my second child, and my onset of chromic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and then our second son Edward was diagnosed with a global developmental delay.

I lost all hope. I felt that nothing good was ever going to happen for my family. I felt completely overwhelmed, i lost the will to live.

But, somehow, amongst the chaos that our lives had become, I chose to let go of the negative mindset I had developed and instead tried very hard to see my world with a positive mindset.

I chose to see the good in our lives. I chose to look past the negatives and appreciate each of the gains my boys made – no matter how small they were. I chose to investigate ways to live a healthier lifestyle. I chose a positive mindset, and I haven’t looked back each day I get stronger and more positive. I am now strong in my mind and live each day asa happy confident woman with a healthy family. That is somewhere back then I could never see happening.

Mindset is definitely a choice. Anyone can choose to focus on the positives and anticipate happiness, health and success – and be much better for it.

A positive mindset can give you the feeling that anything is possible and allows you to look forward with hope. It also gives you freedom to look innovatively at the challenges you face and find solutions that a negative mindset may have not allowed you to see.


Thinking positively also gives you an opportunity to see the help being offered by others, and to embrace it.

Alternatively, by choosing to think negatively you can be left feeling that the world is against you, people are there to hurt you, that there are no positives on the horizon and you may find yourself drawn to conflict or combative situations.

For families with autistic children, your day-to-day struggles will continue to overwhelm you and you may not have the strength to help you family make the best of every situation.

Is it time you chose a positive mindset and gave yourself permission to feel happy, recognise your achievements and look forward to the future with hope?

You can do this and I’m here if you would like me to help you and your family along the way.

Please contact me for a free consultation on how I can help you on your pathway to health. Mindset is the key!


Blessings x x




Trusting your Instincts and how it can help you find your path to health.

As a new parent you’re bombarded with information and advice about the ‘best’ way or the ‘right’ way of looking after your child.

But what do you do if that advice conflicts with your instincts? What do you do, if you know in your gut, that following all the ‘good’ advice is not what’s best for your family?

Society seems to want to condition us to conform to a ‘normal’ way of parenting, a ‘normal’ way of eating and a ‘normal’ way of thinking. But how can we be normal when everyone has their own brand of ‘normal’.

You need to feel confident in trusting your instincts, even if your instincts lead you beyond what you already know.


For me, I learned the value of trusting my instincts in finding the path to better health, nutrition and wellbeing when I began to look for answers to ease physical, behavioral and digestive symptoms being experienced by our then-toddler son William, who was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at aged two years old.

In those early days I had applied my own brand of ‘normal’ to transitioning William to solid food, and I was quite certain I had it right. After all, I had worked in the organic food industry, food was my passion and being healthy was a conscious goal.

But, as I applied my knowledge to feeding my child, my gut, my instinct as a mother, told me that something was not right.

I had always fed William organic home-cooked foods that I thought to be healthy but the more I read and saw others’ journeys, the more I realised that was far from what I was doing. At one point he was eating three or four safe foods and a carrot or tomato was causing him skin reactions, tummy pain, behavioral issues and sleepless night. How could this be!

Instinctively I knew that there were more answers to be found.

So we followed our instincts and started working with a Biomedical Doctor who guided us thorough the midfield that is food sensitivity, intolerances and food allergies. We used supplements to build up what his body was lacking. And the results were clear, our gut instincts had taken us on the right path and we were beginning to see results.

That’s when we moved from working instinctively to purposefully seeking answers.

Soon we came across the GAPS Diet and, after the initial hard Intro stage and changing our mindset about grains and dairy and lots of detox, we started seeing massive improvements cognitively and behaviorally with William, and our younger son Edward.

Our instincts were right. Our instincts have taken us down the right path for now and have led to happier, healthier life for my family, and a way of eating that has seen William’s stress levels within his body ease, giving him the space to make the most of early childhood intervention therapies. But then my instincts kicked in again and I could see this Gaps Diet was masking and suppressing not healing and very against my ethical view asa vegan and wanting my family to be vegan to. So we started searching and I went on as many Nutrition courses studying over 100 diets and cultures,  and we found the RAW Vegan- high carb, low fat way of eating based upon the 80 10 10 philosophy from Dr Dough Graham. This lifestyle took us to further healing and to a lifestyle we adore and that fills us with joy and is easy and fun. I have then studied Natural Hygienics which is based upon the work from Dr Herbert Shelton this is a true understanding of what the body needs from a physical, mental and energetic level and be cohesive to the planet. My instincts also showed me the path away from mainstream schooling to our blessed Steiner School where the boys can be held and celebrated for all there quirks differences and needs.

But best of all, easing the stress within William has given him the opportunity to see beyond the anxiety that autism brings, and has made him calmer so he can now embrace emotionally family, friends and is thriving at school. All of this from a boy, who we were told would never feel empathy, be social or be able to love. We are blessed and my instincts led us there . . .

Thank goodness I trusted my instincts!

If you need help to start this path to health for your children please contact me for a consultation in your mindset and how to get your family started on this natural lifestyle.



Mediation and Breathing techniques for beginners!

My journey with meditation and the power of mindset began about 5 years ago when I needed techniques and changes in my life to cope with health issues and the health of my children. I saw very quickly how strong being mindful was and how I can overcome physical conditions with just my mind. I use mindfulness and mediation in each and every day and today I have a strong sexy brain!

Mediation is one of the biggest tools in my healing and our family’s healing and that I now bring to my clients as it is the key to bring all their health goals together. The science of this ancient art form is that breathing deeply and slowly through your belly helps the vagus nerve (running from the neck down through the diaphragm) to send a signal to your brain to turn up your parasympathetic nervous system i.e. (relax and repair) and turn down your sympathetic nervous system i.e. (fight or flight).

A good breath practice to start with is:

  • Breath in for 3 seconds
  • Hold the breath for 5 seconds
  • Breath out for 5 seconds
  • And repeat for as long as you can.

This breath work can be increased to 5 seconds and 8 seconds when you have become comfortable with the first stage.

What ever way works for you be it, Mickle Therapy, Theta Healing, Mediation Apps, Yoga, Meditation, chanting, reading healing self help books like ‘The Power Of Now’ or walking in nature. Finding your key to unlocking your spiritual practice and calming your ‘chattery’ mind, breathing deeply and calmly will help every aspect of your life.

What is spirituality?

My interoperation is that you become aware that you are your body, mind and energetic body, and that they are all connected and that we are connected to each life force in the universe. And that we are all made from the same atoms and molecules or “star dust” and that nothing happens without a reason as we make out won destiny! it can have everything or nothing to do with religion . . .mediation can help you see and feel this.

A few ticks I have been taught along the way and things I’ve found that help me are:

When you meditate it’s not about having a blank mind with no thoughts, more when a thought arises and it will. Don’t pay it any attention just let it drift through your mind or sweep it away. When you pay attention to thoughts aniexty arises as you live in the future or dwell on the past. Over time your thoughts will be less crowded and you’ll let them pass without any attention. If you can hold a positive clear thought for 17 seconds another positive thought will join it and you will feel happier very quickly. The same goes for a negative thought and downward spirals . . .

Finding time for mediation practice can be hard and I’ve learnt not to make it perfect. It’s better to learn this practice in the noise of work, kids, a play ground or whilst the kids are screaming and running around, learn to be mindful in each day. For a long time I sort perfection to be able to mediate the cables and chants and the incenses . . . ha well that never happened. There will always be noise distractions and “life” Mediation is just to be aware of your body, breath and thoughts. It does not need to be hard . . .stop over thinking it!

Practising in a perfect calm yoga studios or mediation rooms has it’s place and is brilliant for healing and others who are in a higher vibration to you can help lift you up, but if you cannot keep that practice space up once your at home you loose that feeling and get despondent. Which stops mindful-living and being present from becoming a daily life choice.

Instead learn to breath and calm you mind with all that is around you and your practice will be stronger.

I few places I like to mediate or concentrate on my breath are:
mediate in the car before school pick up.
Breath deeply and slowly at the traffic lights.
Lying on the floor while the kids watch movies and meditate.
In the garden even when the kids are screaming and attacking each other with water finding a space to sit with my breath.
Putting on an App just before bed or in the bath.

Raising my legs up the wall and being still is the latest way to get out of my head!

Mediation can be done whilst walking or running or cycling too. Anything that allows your mind to be calm and thoughts to drift in and out without giving them any momentum or power. To walk slowly in the grass noticing the feel on your feet and the sounds and the air on your face can be just powerful as chanting in a circle with enlightened hippies! -I can say that am a chanting hippie at heart hahah!

I hope these tips help you see you can strengthen you practice anywhere at any time.

Blessings in your day and let me know if these techniques helped you x x