We ALL have Trauma! How Do We heal?


20-30% of people are Empaths/Sensitive meaning the are aware of other’s emotions and are compassionate to others needs. Can sense energy. Can read people well. Connect with animals well. Can often find it hard to decipher between their own emotions and others. May have gifts beyond their senses activated already or start a journey to awaken them. Have their intuition guiding them. Live from the heart. Embodiment can be challenging and a sense of not belonging or wanting to go home is strong. An injustice can be present too.

4% of these are Highly Sensitive, meaning they feel at ALL, and processing their own emotions and feelings plus others can be overwhelming….and can make them freeze without tools to cope. They have full access to all senses/abilities beyond the 5 senses, however may not be able to express them. Often find embodiment challenging or the use of the 5 main senses may be impaired because of others being more heightened. Fitting in. Rules. Understanding the linear systems baffling.

Now lay trauma on these….


Trauma is an event (NOW moment) at the time that was not processed or fully felt or any empathy and vocalisation given to allow the individual to transmute it from the body. Thus trapping the feelings and density in the field at that moment in time. This can be passed on from mother and father to child in conception. Then the mind/mental body replays it causing repetitive trauma to create our personality…. to protect the ego, because it’s in fear. The personality then creates stories, patterns actions to hide it away, justify or project.

Trauma keeps us in our left brain.

•Facts and Evidence (no matter where it comes from)
•A physical attachment to the ego and material objects
•The inner power given to celebrities/others/governments/gurus/therapists outside of inner self healing or own self love
•Pre programmed and set in ways (rigidity)
•Logically thinking only
•Thinks god is external to self or not real
•Thinks factors such as governments, gurus, space, aliens ect are external separations from self or not real, rather than seeing them as mirrors or projections of self
•Hierarchical system based thinking
•Living in lack, fear and greed
•Society adherences

This left brain dominance runs our current world war, politics, governments, banking….racism, sexism, speciesism ect most people in power or the entertainment industry are extremely traumatised and acting out there trauma in extreme personalities.

•Compassion self and all
•Inner knowing beyond proof or thought
•Intuition and flows with that
•An alignment to the non physical and beyond know senses
•Unity in love without separation
•Kindness to all
•Heart coherence
•Free wide electrical field without density
•Free critical thinking even about self and current beliefs held in the left brain
•Knows god as thy self
•Knows all is god
•Knows all is equal
•Intuitive eating and moving
•Seek like minded energy
•Attracts and manifest easily in alignment to souls desires
•Inner standing of reflections/mirrors/experiences to grow the soul and evolve
•Inner stands the universe is within us (so below as above. So within as without)
•Connection to nature as a knowing we are all from source
•Working with nature’s rhythms and our own circadian rhythms

So conclusion.

If you are an Empath Sensitive being…or a Highly Sensitive being.

Using trauma releasing techniques like:
•Good nutrition
•Sound healing
•Light healing
•Somatic Therepy
Ect (the list is personal and endless)

Will allow our sensitive self to be our strength. Our mental body to stand down and our feeling body to process and thus the soulful self to be the driver.

The body to shed physical symptoms away as the soulful self is being heard, the ego can stand down and the field can be cleared.


Hannah x x

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