God is all loving all forgiving an ultimate Soul!

Religions would have you believe God is wrathful and not forgiving unless you scarce yourself or offer to him or do magical things. This is not true! Religion is man made, channeled through mans filters and wounds and twisted to gain power. The bible and books of religion hold good parts but are not the true word of God.

•God doesn’t fight battles for you
•God doesn’t create wars & suffering
•God doesn’t heal the world
•God doesn’t heal you
•God doesn’t punish you
•God doesn’t judge you
•God loves you even when you do not love her or know her
•God doesn’t teach you through lessons that hurt
•God doesn’t create obstacles & challenges for you to overcome
•God doesn’t cause you pain
•God doesn’t heal your sickness
•God doesn’t ignore you when you ignore him

•You create the wars & world problems (we all played our part collectively)
•You create your pain
•You create your challenges & obstacles via your law of attraction
•You create the earth to hurt
•You can heal yourself
•You can help the Earth
•You can hear God when you choose too
•You can change your reality
•You can ask for God to guide you
•You can open yourself up to receive Gods love
•You can use Gods love to change your life

When we all collectively change our Earth & world will change. When you decide to change & open to healing. Your reality will change.

No one…even God will save you. Fix you. Heal you. God didn’t create the mess we are in with violence, murder, aggression, suppression, criminal vaccinations & medical systems, child abuse, torture, theft, animal abuse, greed, over working, banking, slavery, toxic air/soil/food/water ect

You did, I did. We did. By our actions & thoughts & what we allow others to do. What we support. Our fears. Our acceptance of this reality. From our lack of connection to our creator & nature & our natural ways.

Do not blame God. Take radical responsibility & become the change you want to see. By creating your own reality to be more loving & in alignment to natures laws. That ripple creates waves.

God created Free Will. We took his gifts of this Earth abundant in resources & fruits & plants to eat. Our ability to love all & hear her voice & be guided to become our best selves. We created this current reality instead. God will not fix it…she will guide us how we can change our reality. If we listen! If we are ready to drop our façades & addictions.

Learn more from the Divine Truth website and YouTube.

Love Hannah x x

You Are A soul! What Is A Soul?

The Soul is the part created by Gods Divine Love.

🤍Your True Self 🤍Your Desires🤍Your Intuition🤍Your Personality🤍Your Aspersions
🤍Your Memories🤍Your Emotions🤍Your Individuality
🤍Your Passions

Your physical body is like a coat you take off once you leave this physical reality, created by your parents allowing your Soul to experience itself here on Earth…to learn. Your Spirit body is say…a car you drive in through the first few spheres of the Spirit World. Created at the same time as your physical body through conception….See the post on the Egg analogy.

So you are a Soul!

What is your Soul Condition then?

You will hear me talk about us as Souls & how only when we feel our emotions & release feelings can we heal, no matter what we do physically or with force. You will also hear me talk of our Soul Condition….

So what does that mean. Well as Souls we are born pure (see egg post) however through our parents own Soul Condition and societies Soul Condition as a collective… our own Soul Condition gets effected….damaged, dulled, scared….

So what makes up your Soul Condition?

A sum total of:

•Your Souls desires
•Your Souls passions
•Your passions
•Your longings in alignment to love
•Your longings in alignment out of love
•Your moral beliefs
•Your moral condition
•Your aspersions
•Your Souls emotions
•Your unfelt emotions
•Your feelings
•Your religious beliefs
•Your scientific beliefs
•Your metaphorical beliefs
•Your religious beliefs
•Your pursuits
•Your loves
•Your hates
•Your fears
•Yours likes
•Your actions out of alignment to love
•Your actions in alignment to love
•Your thoughts
•Your mental aspersions
•Your intentions

You see the path to heal your Soul Condition & thus, radically heal your physical body & life & which dimension you live in….takes living from a loving state across all aspects of your life.

How you eat, eating cruelty free, how you support the earth, how you live, how you educate yourself, what you do, how you treat yourself, how you treat others, how you act, how you feel, dealing with your emotions & feeling your feelings, your actions, your thoughts, your desires, your longing for divine love & divine truth….your longing for Soul improvement, your desire to be more loving, your ability to look radically at where you are unloving….forgiveness of self & all.

It’s an on going journey that starts now & continues when your physical body dies & you continue in your spirit body. It can be assisted by Gods love if you ask for it….& that will speed this journey up or you can try to do it alone with many ups and downs. However that’s a natural love path & only takes you so far.

I feel blessed to know these teachings form the Divine Truth path and AJ’s work.

With love Soul to Soul
Hannah x x