Tools From Divine Truth


✨Faith – faith is to see each interaction from love first, have faith in what and who you engage with, see love first. Have faith you are divinely loved.

🦋Truth – to speak the truth even when it will not be received well or it brings up fear. To act from Gods absolute truth. To ask for divine universal wisdom.

🌿Action – to act from true divine love, using faith and truth as your guide. To act from love in the world to help all your brothers and sisters and creatures. To act from love towards self.

💜Emotion – to feel all emotions and be true in your emotions. To not spill your unprocessed emotions on to others, acting out of love. To feel trapped emotions to allow your true Soulful Self to break free.

The Five Virtues of Living a Life of DIVINE LOVE are:

• Loving kindness & non-injury or cruelty to Self or others.

• Generosity & non-stealing or manipulation.

• Accurate perception & correct expression of “Absolute Truth”.

• Constancy of aim & effort & non-laziness. Taking full accountability & radical acceptance.

• Moderation & non-excessiveness. Removing addictions & facades to live from the Soulful Self.

What it means to be humble?

Being HUMBLE….having HUMILITY….

When you look these words up, the definition is more around being lower than others. Seeing others as better than you. Even the bible says that God wants you to see he is all mighty and you are not. And you must do XYZ to receive his love. Blah blah…lies.

That is NOT the the true meaning of being humble and having humility.

Being humble means to have the inner knowing to look at ones own self, rather than to protect and blame and scorn others. Being humble is to not be righteous and hierarchical or punishing. To see we mirror each other and triggers are a gift to self improvement. To be humble enough to share what we have with others. To speak our truth. To love ALL no matter what stage of consciousness or evolution they may be at, or what they have done. To love all creatures no matter of intellect or differences. To be self aware enough to see we are making it about another person and not looking within to thy self as we should be. To be humble is to take actions to improve our Soul condition and not need another to do the same. Having humility is being brave enough to forgive and apologies and see our mistakes. Then humble enough to ask for help and learn a new way. Being humble is to see what we learned once is no longer our truth and be prepared to unlearn and have humility to be taught a new.

Truth Humility and Love….this is the path to inner peace and freedom from our traumas pains, sicknesses and to live from a heart and Soul led life. Connected to the Divine.

It takes daily practice….it’s not an easy path. It’s the narrow path.

With love Hannah ✨

Sharing my experience & journey shedding my facades & finding the path to truth, divine love & humility. God’s guidance filtered through me. Take what you will. Leave the rest.

Nourish To Health 🌿