Why I don’t recommend eating Eggs!

Why NO Eggs?!

Eggs are one of the most constipating foods and are made up of protein and cholesterol. However this is not the type of protein the body can assimilate, so precious life-force energy is taken to break it down into amino acids (which you get readily broken down in greens & veggies)

Eating the cholesterol fluid from a chicken, backs up our lymphatic system and the dirty protein hurts the kidneys. They are straight up acidic for the human body. And a chicken menstrual cycle, when not incubated to become a baby chicken.

You want to keep your intestines clean and flowing with natures bounty foods, such as fruits and vegetables, that clean your body when they come out not clog up your pipes setting up a parasitic and bacterial overgrowth/imbalanced environment.

Whole plant foods feed the microbiome and beneficial gut bacteria, animal products kill and destroy, because they are straight up acids, and the human body is designed to function on alkaline chemistry, not acid chemistry.

1 Tbs of chia seeds to 3 Tbs water makes an egg replacement
or use 1 tbs apple sauce or 1 banana for each egg required.