Feeling Emotions to The Full Cycle…

Full cycle
Focus on feeling your emotions good and unwanted to it’s full cycle ⭕️

When you notice yourself justifying, analysing, making excuses or being in the head…drop back to the body and feel. What does it feel like, where is it, what’s happening…use your breath to stay focused on the body in the now moment.

Breath + Intentions/Imagination + Muscle Awareness = Embodiment.

If you fall out of the emotions. Have compassion for your self. It’s a protection for your nervous system. Speak kindly, love yourself through it. You may fall back into the cycle or know you can get their again.

Once you’ve finished a cycle you will feel the love pour through. Dancing, stomping, shaking and using your voice to express sounds helps here.


Notice where you bring your facade and with who?

Who can you show up truly with?

Explain to close friends what you are doing and why and ask for accountability. No justifying, no over explaining, no pleasing, no over apologising, just truth with love.

Write a simple closed question text to your friend for closure. Feel the guilt, sadness till it’s cycle then get very clear what you want to call in once the old energy has been said goodbye to, with love.

Manifesting Tips:

Get very clear with details. Use a list or vision board or mind movies photos or a Pinterest.

Notice fear arising of the “how” or justification of why you cannot or why you do not deserve it…any emotions that arise show you the inner work that must be done to release that kink in the hose of your vibrations…to call in the new vibrations.

Then feel it is done. Speak it as it’s done. Even if it feels like a lie or silly.

“When my husband and I go to a retreat to work on ourselves…”

“I am a singing on big stages”

“I am working 3 days & earning great money “

“I am thriving in my body”

“I am looking after my body with love and ease”

I hope…brings room for doubt and fear…I AM…tells your subconscious (your Soul) it’s done so go find it…bring it too me.

Write a I AM list for your bathroom mirror..

I am….
I am…
I am….

Look at it daily…read it daily alongside your vision board or lists ect.

TIP: you must feel while you read. even “this is stupid” will tell you something.

Finally each supplement you take, each drink or food you eat. Eat from love for your vessel holding your Soul. Protecting you. Serving you. Stop before and say a gratitude prayer. Be in the body. Slow the breath.

MANTRA: Start asking your self is this loving for me? Is this living for others? Is this serving my Soul growth?

Dance as often as you can, move the body by stomping or shaking to help the emotions flow. Music helps this.

And most importantly drink 4 litres of good water a day to help the emotions flow (I did a post on this)

Next session we can go through nutrition and routine tweaks…so we got it from both angles!

You’ve got this. Baby steps… the overwhelm is essential and the float under the water needing to be released.

Hannah x x