Journey of the Soul (as I understand it this far)

God an entity, creates Individualisation of the Soul from pure Divine Love, separate from Gods Soul however connected to her and all Souls. The Soul has 2 halves. Each half is individual yet part of 1 individual Soul.

Our Soul half incarnates on Earth, our “parents” create our physical body and spirit body through conception… Earth is our nursery in the 1st sphere (mid dimension of the 1st sphere) or another planet in its respective Universe. To learn about Free Will.

Depending of the condition on the planet, comes the learning about ethics and morals. Here is where progress of the Soul begins.

Earth is in hell (1st sphere) conditions, so we are in a hell condition ourselves till we progress, because that’s the condition of our parents are and the environment we were born into. To progress we grow first in ethics and morals up to the 6th sphere (spheres 1-6, which is ‘Natural Love’, from within ourselves…not Gods ‘Divine Love’ gifted and asked for. 1-6 is to see ourselves as God or separate from Gods creation or to be an atheist)

2-6 sphere’s is certainly a good place to reside and a vast improvement to Earths 1st sphere. Yet nothing like what we can achieve by walking the Divine Love path 6-36 and beyond.
We seek, if it’s our Free Will too, to find our Soul half and grow in Soul union. We can find our Soul half in 1-6 and be very connected in Natural Love, yet not in true Soul union. Unless we open to Gods Divine Love.

Atonement with God from one or both of the halves. Occurs at 8th sphere.

Then you as a half Soul can progress up to the 21st sphere and then you wait until your other half joins you. A beautiful place to live so no need to fix or force your Soulmate to grow at your pace. You will become at one with God and in union eventually.

Then Soul Union, at 22nd – 36th sphere, where we see our half’s as one. This is why God is both male and female. We become both as one. Which is why even as a gay couple Soul half’s, one is more masculine or feminine than the other.

Then that’s where the Soul Universe starts, since you become… a whole Soul in Atonement with God.

The higher spheres we can choose to reincarnate to help our fellow humans (only currently 7 complete Souls on our earth who have incarcerated) my teacher is 1 half of 7 souls thus 14 who have incarcerated. Incarnation is taught as a mis-truth by Souls stuck in the 6th sphere state of ‘Natural Love’ not able to progress because they believe they are God or their is no God. Think Buddha and many religious or spiritual teachers. So attached to their facades.

In higher spheres we can choose to create animals. Dimensions. And influence many humans with 1 soul ie our Soul creating many lives on Earth. Higher spheres we can talk too and hear Gods visions. Although we can talk to God at any moment.

8th sphere is the Celestial realms. This is why when we ask for help via a medium. If that medium or psychic is of the 1st sphere (like us on Earth) she/he will only be calling in lower sphere spirts who will have limited insights or mis-truths and visions, or have negative self interest or be feeding from your or her/his addictions. Removing energy from you and mis guiding you. That’s also why I talk of talking directly to God or a higher Celestial Spirt or your Guardian allocated at birth from God. So you get truthful loving advice and not get used or lied too. Thus why even if you tap into a 6th sphere being in the spirit world on the Natural Love path…you will be limited in truth and swayed from the Divine Love path. Which is why I no longer follow spirituality or new age movements and no longer meditate where I tap into realms I do not truly know. I tap directly to God herself and use Nature to guide me.

The Earth is our physical world. Our nursery to learn about the path of Divine Love and Free Will. The Spirt world is to improve in Divine Love if we choose. The Soul World is to perfect love and create from there.

Who knows what’s beyond!!

Each sphere has 10-100’s or more to infinite dimensions within it, depending on the individuals path and those who create it from each persons actions and Soul condition. Our 1st sphere is changing and we are going through cycles of shifts. The frequency is evolving. Dimensions wrapping up.

Hence why the Earth is in such a Hell state. The lower sphere Spirts stuck in pain and addictions, and unaware or choosing not to follow Gods path, them too influenced themselves by dark spirits….are influencing humans for their own gains. Humans are addicted to their addictions and disconnected to Gods love…thus allow this through their actions. We need radical self awareness, radical actions towards love and responsibility for our emotions and actions to change.

Only when we change in our own condition of love. Can we all start fully wrapping up the lower spheres 1-6 and improve the condition of the Earth…by improving our own conditions. I believe this can be done. Where we create a nursery for Souls to learn more loving ways. Where animals are not abused and exploited. Where children are allowed to be innocent and protected. Where greed, violence and pain doesn’t run the world. Where multidimensional metaphysical gifts are commonly used.

God created the 6th sphere and above. Really the 6th sphere is the 1st sphere of our journey to Divine Love. Man created 1-6 as its natural man made love from within self, and all that comes with separation from God. God created Free Will, thus he doesn’t stop it playing out as she created ‘CAUSE and EFFECT’ and ‘Law Of Attraction’ and her other many natural laws to guide us to the Divine Love Path. We have Free Will to walk that path, or not. We can stay in lower spheres for thousands years if we desire to keep feeding our addictions and living in pain. Failing to see the narrow path ahead.

We pass through Dimensions and grow in Spheres by our understanding of love. Living a loving life and living by truth and humanity. We grow by our connection to God and asking for her love and being open to it, and seeing ourselves through his eyes. We will never be God. Yet we can know God and feel Gods love. We can create a perfect existence. We can create from love. We can ‘Know Thy Self’ as a Soul. We can walk beside God. We can share his teachings. We can know utopia!

I for one am on this path while I live on Earth. I choose not to wait till I’m in the spirit world. I dedicate myself to improve my Soul condition as I’m aware it’s poor. To release fear, my self sacrificing, my lack of love to self, my addictions, to forgive, to learn true love, to always speak truth and to be humble.

I share with hope this helps inspire your journey. Learn more from the Divine Truth website and youtube channel.

love Hannah x x


Stages Of Soul Growth

Stages Of Soul Growth

1. You Develop Faith. Without faith you cannot contemplate your pain or progress in Divine love. Faith draws you to your highest self, your true self. Faith starts the journey.
2. Accept Your Facade. You accept you have addictions & trauma, that these are creating your facade/s, protective ego self. You accept the big journey ahead, even if you are scared or unsure. You are ready to step into the unknown. Because you have step 1.
3. Deconstruct Your Facade. You start your journey of awakening. You start to find the reason why you act the way you do or have the reality you do. Your rage & anger starts to disappear & be felt. Your addiction to being comfortable disappears & you start to love being uncomfortable, you love hearing about your pains & why you have physical symptoms & traumas, & love finding the why. You have compassion & love for yourself & your journey. You release the blame & addictions to stories & justification. You accept all that happened & you can forgive those who hurt you as you see it’s part of their trauma & have compassion for them, you may be able to help them through your examples. You do not attack others for triggering you and see these triggers help you in your path. You have compassion for them. You see your own faults & how you harmed people & yourself. You want to remove your facade & find your true self. You accept being emotional, that you’re an emotional being.
4. Realising Terror. You start to release deep traumas, pains & terror. You get to the causal emotions. You see the benefits of pain, in fact welcome it as it shows you the path of what you must still release. You love being emotional. Your physical symptoms start to be released as you feel your emotions & feelings.
5. Connection. Your start to connect to God more & develop your relationship with her as your faith grows. You feel connected to all your brothers & sisters knowing you are all children of God. You feel connected to all creatures & beings on Earth & in our universe. You know God is your creator & created everything as a separate all powerful entity. You know it’s not love to harm another being. Exploit another being. Hurt another being. You know to speak the truth is essential & the only path. You seek universal truths. Your LOA starts to improve, as your emotional state starts to improve. You start to understand how the universe works & accept cause & effect. Thus understand nothing needs fixing, & no one needs fixing. It’s not our role to judge or save another. You have a deep appreciation of how Gods systems, laws & creations work.
6. You Become Childlike. As you grow in love & release your facade self, you return to your true self. The Soulful Self. This feels childlike. However an aware child not repeating unloving ways. No facade, you are emotional, humble, loving, kind, joyful, creative. You are connected to God, you move through emotions in the moment, your LOA increases & is instant. You feel your true self. You remove negativity from your life.

With love Hannah x x