Why Food Combination Is Essential?

One of three things can happen to the foods we eat:

1. They can digest and be assimilated for
body use;
2. they can ferment (in the case of undigested sugars as in
fruits and starches); or
3.they can putrefy, or rot as in the case of undigested proteins.

Proteins and fats need a acidic environment, olives, legumes, coconut,
seeds, Carbohydrates, starches all need an alkaline environment.

A few examples:
No tomatoes with quinoa or sweet potato
No avo with yams or sweet pot
No fruits with anything
No pumpkin with olives or seeds

This is because the acids will inhibit the digestion of the starches
they’re eaten with.

Alkaline water doesn’t work as in stomach it pulls apart resources and takes energy away from digestion.

The difference between fruits and vegetables is the word ‘astringent’,
and astringent means ‘I’m going to pull more aggressively on your
lymphatic system.’

As the engine in your car needs a carbon-based fuel to run, so does
your physical body. Of the main constituents, your body needs to
function amino acids, fatty acids, and sugars are primary fuel. However, it is
sugar mixed with oxygen that your body requires to run the machine

Monosaccharides: A single or simple sugar, e.g., glucose, fructose, or
galactose, also known as carbohydrates.

Poly or Disaccharides: Starch or complex sugars consisting of several
glucose/fructose bonds depending upon the type of starch or

In other words, your body can’t use proteins as its primary fuel source, it can only use amino acids. So the body must break down a complex amino acid structure
(called a protein) into amino acids; fats to fatty acids; and starch or
complex sugars to simple sugars.

You must understand your body does not use proteins for energy. It is
only the adrenaline or epinephrine in meat that is energetic, however that comes at a cost to the kidneys. This is a problem in that your adrenal glands are supposed to supply your body with adrenaline, when needed, for nerve function.
Oils cause bubbles of store fats and toxins bind to it and mucus plague around
the intestines stopping absorption of nutrients and sugars entering in the cells
If you put out a piece of cheese, a slice of bread, and some grapes or a
ripe banana on the counter in your kitchen, which one is going to grow
mould (fungus) on it first? It will be a race between the bread and cheese.
The fruit will only grow mould as it begins to ferment, since the cheese
and bread are already fermented.

Our heart cells need glucose as does out brain.
Fructose intolerance is a lactose and gluten indolence.
Bactria feeds from fermented old waste stuck in the intestines, not fruits- fruits starve bad bacteria and feed good Bacteria.
bacteria will want fats to survive

This chart from the late Dr David Klein will help. As will my other post about food combining.

Why no vinegars and oils and salts?

They are Neural toxin poisons for us!
Vinegars weakened hydrochloric acids and the stomach has to work hard
to realise it producing more bile, which upsets the balance and
breaks down gastric juices needed for digestion and goes
down the intestines acidic…

Why no onions and garlic? They are too astringent break membranes downs. they can be used sparingly as medicines however continued use is not advised.

with Love Hannah x x