PLANT ONLY Natural Baby Formula

Breast milk is always best but some of us struggle to make milk or need to wean early. This is a great alternative to breast milk.

This recipe makes 3/4 litres, approx. 2-3 day supply for most babies depending on the age of the child. You can add a good quality barley grass or green powder too, dulse flakes or wakame powder to a dd more minerals.

Hemp and Coconut Formula.

•3/4 litre 100% Raw Organic Young Coconut water Available at most health food stores, OR you may just buy & open YOUNG COCONUTS purchased from an Asian market and use the water from them directly. OR you can use this instant Raw Organic Freeze Dried Coconut Powder.
•1 cup organic shelled Hemp Seeds
•1 tbsp of sea moss (Irish moss) – first make a gel by washing and soaking overnight a handful of sea moss. Boil the moss on medium heat for 1hr until the moss turns into a gel. store in glass jar in fridge. This gives your little one super amounts of calcium, DHA and the Omega fatty acids needed for brain development.…/irish-sea-moss-capsules…
•7-9 organic dates, pitted according to sweetness desired. Dates are very high in nutrition, They are incredible to add high quality minerals.
•1 serving of green powder (found in health food stores)…/hawaiian-pacifica…/
•Pure filtered/distilled fluoride free water to make 3/4 litre

-Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend on HIGH speed until hemp seeds are very well blended. Now,
-Add enough pure water to make 2 qtr of milk in TOTAL, (Be sure NO FLUORIDE in the water, It can block baby’s digestion of good nutrients!)
-Store milk in the refrigerator in glass jar or pitcher for 2-3 days or freeze in bottle size portions using breast milk storage bags.
-It stays frozen for two days in a good cooler until you get to your destination and can put it in the freezer. (it is normal for this milk to separate in the refrigerator – just shake very gently each time before filling the bottle.