Why its time to ditch the dairy!

Fermented, raw, organic or not, for the young or old…. Cow/Goat/Camel or Dog Milk is not our food and very acidic, toxic and mucus forming to our human bodies.

Most importantly….well other than the utter cruelty and supporting the meat industry directly (sorry vegetarians)…is the macro ratios are completely wrong for humans…
If we look at …

Human Breast Milk it is 7.4% Carbohydrates (simple sugars our fuel) 3.2% fats (can be used for fuel and is needed for the brain, but not our main source of energy) and 0.895% Protein (not our optimal fuel at all)

Cows Milk is 4% Carbohydrates, 12% fat!! (way too high) and 16% Protein (sooo high is it acid forming and inflaming)

Goats Milk is 4.46% Carbohydrates and 4.13% Fat and 3.56% Protein….better, but still not ideal macro ratios.

Almond Milk is 0.61% Carbohydrates (eaten with a high carbohydrate diet to subsidise) and 1.58% Fat and 0.66% Protein….add some coconut or avocado and for extra fats and extra minerals like Sea Moss and Green Powders like Moringa for calcium and iron…to it for a accurate baby formula, that is more suited to a babies growth than cows milk.

Coconut Milk is 4% Carbohydrates and 88% Fat (way too much if eaten to often) and 11% Protein

Avocado is 5.29% Carbohydrates and 6.75% Fat and 52.98% Protein making is a good first baby food.

As is banana at 13% Carbohydrates and 0.47%.Fat and 9.43% Protein.

You can see how easy it is to go way over our natural need for fats and protein on a plant diet, let alone animal milks… designed to make baby calves into big fast growing cows for safety……and that carbohydrates are our main source of fuel for the cells…these Amino Acids come from fruits, vegetables, sprouts, leafy greens, seeds and herbs that are a Bio-available source of protein (not Protein that is needed to be broken down to Amino Acids like animal flesh) these plants are our building blocks for growth.

Not high fat and not high protein… and not cruel!