Healing Autism

There are a huge amount of kids being born now with damage from generations of vaccinations and environment toxins and radiation and trauma weaknesses from mother to child. Read my Egg analogy post to understand more. There are also more sensitive Souls arriving from /god to help us move form a conceptual outdates unloving way to a linear more loving path. As these sensitive Souls come in to the mothers body they feel everything and are effected by the toxic environment and generations of trauma and are the canary in the gold mine.

Healing through nutrition and energy and using tools to detox the body…does not change the essence of the child or their neural divergence, that’s who they are and why they are here. However it takes away the symptoms the come with being a very sensitive being here in a toxic environment. For those who say ADHD is not changed by diet are bonkers. Poor nutrition effects everything and everyone. Sugar spikes hormones and creates adrenal stress and acidosis…for anyone that’s an unhealthy path emotionally and physically. For a sensitive ADHD autistic person it amplifies their already over sensitive body and creates more of a challenge. Most highly sensitive people are born perfectly sensitive to guide our world the canary’s. Yet when laddened with sugar, salts, heavy metals, oils, mould, toxins ect the list goes on and on…these sensitivities that make us special and unique…then stop being a super power to help this world and become debilitating symptoms of the environment. Like gut issues leading to emotional imbalances. Rashes, sensory sensitivities heightened, poor sleep leading to more stress and hormones imbalanced and anxiety. When I detox my children and removed the environmental stresses. I did not change who they were. I enhanced their autism to truly be who they are in full glory…without gut pain and headaches and rashes, unable to cope with changes and sensations…in rages and endless meltdowns from anxiety and pain unable to balance their pineal gland and solar plexus. I let them be them. So many symptoms of toxicity and radiation poisoning are similar to ADHD and Autism and PDA and things like PANDA and PANS and ADHD can be overcome with a balanced environment and microbiome…which is not just nutrition…it’s full environment and energy awareness and mindset, and getting to know what part is truly your autism and what part is a reaction to toxicity and generations of poisoning. Equally so many mental illnesses like bipolar (to take one) are simply Mineral deficiency and poor nutrition coupled with trauma and poor environment…when you detox, address the trauma….find solutions to fit your brain and needs…the incurable symptoms go away. The body always seeks balance. No one is damaged…just covered in layers of trauma and toxins. That’s where detoxification of the body and support spiritual and emotionally helps. But never changes the core essence of the Soulful self. However, Personality can be changed as that’s gut microbiome, trauma patterns and protections that make up the personality (masks)…heal the mother heal the child.

So I am healing my sons by removing layers one after another to truly allow them to be themselves. Autism in their full glory. Pain free and thriving. Emotional aware and wise.

That’s my experience 🙏🏼

Hannah x x