Let’s cut out the middle fish!

I often say when explaining how vegans get “protein” that in fact we need a variety of amino acids that are the building blocks to make our own unique protein…rather than eating flesh of another being, that’s made its own protein from plants. That your body will have to break down to remake in to amino acids to create your own protein, which robs you of energy & is acidic & mucus forming… & of course incredibly cruel & damaging for your Soul…thus cut our the middle cow 🐄 & just eat a variety of raw plants 🥑🥦🍏🥕🥥

So let’s talk DHA & EPA & ALA!

You’ve probably heard that cold water fish & fish oil contain an omega 3 fatty acids called DHA & that fish oil is our only way to get what our brains need.
DHA is vital for brain function, especially for neural divergents. DHA is a super-unsaturated long-chain omega 3 fat that contains 6 double bonds. These double bonds allow DHA to conduct the electrical activity needed for metabolically active tissues such as in the brain. Although DHA is very susceptible to oxidation, or free radical damage.
DHA therefore is generally only made by organisms when they need it, or when metabolic conditions are favourable. The 6 double bonds in DHA make body structures, such as cell membranes, more fluid & flexible which gives protection from freezing. This is why we find DHA in cold water aquatic organisms, such as wild salmon, krill, & certain types of cold-water algae, but not as much in warm water aquatic organisms who do not need the same protection from freezing. 
Thus you are told that fish, fish oil, or krill oil are the sole sources of DHA & EPA. However, just like understanding how our protein is made vs eating another persons protein. DHA is produced much lower on the cold water, aquatic food chain by certain types of algae! Fish & other marine animals get their DHA when they eat this DHA-containing algae!!

This is how DHA progresses up the aquatic food chain. The fact that the original source of DHA & EPA is from algae, & algae based DHA products dispels the myth that fish, fish oil, or krill oil are the only sources of DHA! & if you eat a plant ONLY diet, you will be “deficient” in DHA…no!
So how do we help our own bodies make DHA? And supplement extra without cruelty?

Our body can make enough of its own DHA from the omega 3 essential fatty acid ALA found in leafy greens, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, chia seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, brazil nuts, macadamia etc. Ideally organic raw & activated. Or cracked open fresh, & supplementing with clean algae & phytoplankton products.

Let’s keep moving towards a cruelty free diet! & cut out the middle animals.

With love Hannah x x