Everyone MUST eat these!

No matter what your diet; raw, cooked, high fruits, low fruits, flesh eater, keto or junk fhoods eater. Everyone can benefit from these 4 foods being in your diet & daily.

Al-fal-fa” translates as “the father of all foods.” Broccoli sprouts have sulforaphane, a powerful phytochemical found in cruciferous vegetables in a concentrated dose.
Sprouts also reduce the potency of “anti-nutrients” which are the phytochemicals plants produce to discourage animals, including humans, from eating them. Antinutrients lower the absorption of other nutrients in the digestive system. Eating sprouts with all meals aids in digestion. Eating young sprouted plants & micro greens hold phytates, which decrease as the plant matures. In turn, there are more antioxidants and bioavailability of nutrients in the sprouts than the grown vegetable or legume, & more bioavailable. Sprouts are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, B vitamins, & magnesium.

Sea vegetables are a rich source of nutrients that are easily absorbed. They are full of vitamins & minerals that are naturally found in the ocean like potassium, calcium, magnesium, & iron. They are also a good source of antioxidants. Wonderful for growing brains or adult exhausted brains. Also these plants are high in B12, due to synergistic bacteria living inside the plant if eaten raw & unprocessed.

Edible Marine Algae, or Macroalgae are a brilliant way to oxygenate the cells. This is different from freshwater algae, like Chlorella or Spirulina (which also have great health benefits.) Phytoplankton is a great source. They contain many different lipids, vitamins, minerals & essential nutrients, including omega-3 DHA, EPA & Vitamin B12, & essential amino acids. These microalgae are also the only known natural vegan source of omega-3 long-chain fatty acids (EPA & DHA).

Leafy green vegetables are nutrient powerhouses. They’re also good sources of fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, beta carotene, B-vitamins, magnesium, potassium, iron & calcium. I really recommend eating healthy fats like avocado with greens. Green leafy vegetables are more bioavailable with fatty acids as the are fat soluble. Meaning avocado & dark leafy greens are the secret to unlocking all there individual goodness when paired together. Add lemon juice & the vitamin C unlocks even more from the greens & aids in digestion for the avocado.

General Nutritional Advice & Guidance

Plant Nutrition & Detox Guidelines.

A general non specific overview and in no particular order….

Suggestions for optimal health for you and the Planet:

•Eat plants only, ideally organic.
•Raw plants are optimal for health and healing. ‘Alive’ foods hold more enzymes and thus more nutrients. Fruits have the highest electromagnetic energy of all foods and thus are the best food for us. If you cannot consume a completely raw diet or 80% raw diet….try to aim for as high raw as you can. Eat raw salads before cooked foods. Eat 60% of you meal raw. Try to eat a raw breakfast and add cooked foods for dinners. Try to avoid overcooking food by deep frying, pan frying, baking or boiling. Lightly steaming keeps some enzymes alive in the food. Or warming or drying in a dehydrator. Remember you cannot improve nature by breaking it down through cooking it and destroying its nutrients and enzymes. If a food needs to be cooked or processed to be edible or consume its nutrients. It’s not human food.
•Whole foods only, meaning consumed in its natural state….nothing processed or altered. Blending is ok when eaten fresh to keep the enzymes.
•Avoid concentrated salts, even Himalayan they are contracting and cause dehydration. Eat bioavailable sodium from celery, tomatoes, greens, seaweed and herbs. The plants have filtered it ready for our bodies.
•No oils, especially cooked oils. All oils are inflammatory and coat the intestines stopping digestion. Are calorie dense not nutrient dense. Trans fat are directly correlated to cancer growth.
•Avoid concentrated sugars – unless from fruits or organic dried fruits.
•Limit dried fruits (if eaten they ideally would be organic and sulphur free) please brush your teeth after. Drink extra water 40 minutes after too.
•Eat calorie dense foods to fill you up – eat as much as you like (high fruits, lots of vegetables, loads of greens, some sprouts, a few coconuts, avocados, seaweed, algae, some fresh omega 3 rich seeds and alkaline grains)
•Consume a good amount omega 3 fatty acids from seeds, greens, seaweed, algae and some nuts. Omega 3’s turn off inflammation in the body and are needed for the brain and tissue balance hormones. We run off glucose/fructose and healthy whole fats.
•Amino Acids are essential for everything in our body. Consuming a variety of fruits, vegetables, seeds and alkaline grains will give us the broad spectrum of Amino Acids we need to create bioavailable proteins for our bodies. Consuming another’s already made protein means our bodies must break down that protein, to create aminos acids to build proteins we can utilise. This creates inflammation and exhausts the body. Also the animal protein is acidic and creates a imbalance of hormones, which our body must deal with.
•Eat a raw salad before a cooked food meal to fill you up and eat less cooked foods or inflammatory foods. Think density of nutrients rather than low calorie foods. You can consume a large nutrient dense salad that will fill you up for the same calories as a confectioners bar.
•Eat mostly high water content foods. These should form most of your diet avoid denatured dense processed foods (ideal is juicy fruits, greens, lettuces, herbs and raw green non starchy vegetables) there is no limit to how many you can eat of these types of foods.
•Drink only high quality structured water. Ideally distilled or spring. Aim for 4-6 litres daily depending on your weight or conditions. Drink water away from all foods so you don’t effect digestion. Avoid water that’s been stored in plastic.
•Remove all fluoride from your drinking and bathing water and dental care. Use a whole house filter.
•Avoid eating 3 hours before sleep. Try to aim to go to bed shortly after sunset and rise with the sun. Getting enough sunlight on your naked skin (ideally stop using sunscreens and lotions) get sunlight to your eyes (ideally stop wearing sunglasses) your eyes need sunlight to regulate your pineal gland to produce hormones for sleep.
•It’s not just what you eat, but when you eat and how you eat. When consuming natural whole foods in their natural state. You do not need to calorie restrict at all. However be aware of
eating mindfully and chewing. Avoid eating on the run or on a state of stress. Breath before you eat to reset your nervous system.
•Move your body daily to support your lymphatic system. Stretching, rebounding, walking, yoga, Pilates, swimming, functional movements to name just a few.
•Fresh cold pressed green juices to hydrate you and get a high dose of minerals into a deficient body. Try to drink greens and vegetables together and fruits together separately. The best juice to remineralise fast is greens, green non starchy vegetables with lemon or cucumber juice or celery juice.
•Preparation for a long juice cleanse is best to be staged with a week of raw then a few days of mono fruits. Then after rebuilding with fruits for a few days, then fruits and salads for a week before bringing in seeds and fats and then denser lower water content foods.
•Try to eat a consistent amount daily and at regular times for your schedule, to balance your hormones and switch off the brain to look for food, or store fat. Especially if you have come out of a detox cleansing period.
•Try to not eat past 5-6pm for balancing your hormones as digestion has switch off by then, as it starts to slow after 4pm. The optimal time of day to eat most of your food is between 10am-3pm.
•Avoid using chemicals and toxins on your skin, hair and in your home or car. Your skin absorbs everything. Use essential oils for all your needs. Ask me how.
•Eat soups and smoothies as they are high water content and packed with minerals and vitamins and fill you up. Ideal for those with poor digestion or are increasing raw foods. The higher the water content the better that food will digest. Think a watermelon will digest in 15 minutes, where as a handful of nuts takes 1-2 hours. A steak takes 72 hours.
•Consuming enough mineral rich foods is vital. Vitamins and minerals are needed in variety. These come from a variety of greens, organic seaweeds, sprouts, vegetables, fruits and seeds. You can support your body with Fulvic and Humic Acid, Shilajit, Camu Camu, Shizandra, Baobab, Moringa, Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley Grass, Adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms, Alfalfa, Bladderwrack, He Shou Wu, Seamoss, Ashwaganda, to name just a few natural supports. However you must address if your glands and organs are functioning, that your detox pathways are open….and you are absorbing nutrients.
•Start your day with room temperature or warm water to flush your colon. Ideally lemon water to break down mucus. Or herbal teas. 2 litres. Then more during the day up to 4-5 litres for a woman and 6 for men.
•Eat high water content foods first in the day to flush your colon, then more dense foods later in the day for dinner. Ideally juice or smoothies or whole fruits for breakfast. Salads or fruits or soups for lunch. Cooked vegetables or more complex raw dishes or seeds or avocado for dinners.
•Woman may want to explore seed cycling and eating for your menstrual cycle (check that out on Instagram) however all should be tapping into intuitive eating for where they are at. The amount of stress or flying or activity or health conditions you are under will impact what nutrition you require. Your body asks for what it needs. Start listening. If it’s dealing with stress. This is not the time to cleanse or detox. It needs more grounding foods, higher sodium and omega 3’s. If it’s feeling safe or connected to the planets or you have just shed your blood lining, you may be ready to purge out and cleanse.
•Limit nuts and try to eat nuts high in omega 3. Avoid omega 6 and 9 rich foods and these cause more inflammation. Ideally mucus lean nuts and cracked fresh from their shells when in season. Ideal is to activate first.
•Eat only alkaline seeds and grains. Process and cook them to keep there integrity. Eat sparingly and with lots of raw greens and lemon juice for better enzymes for digestion. Ideal is to germinate and sprout.
•When consuming avocados or seeds eat with lemon juice to aid digestion.
•Try to eat home grown or organic where possible. Wash non organic in vinegar and bicarbonate soda.
•Eat seasonally. Buy locally where possible.
•Bring frozen food up to room temperature. Avoid drinking cold water or cold smoothies or juices. Use a homemade Bain Marie’s in the winter when you eat raw foods.
•Use a limited amount of non stimulating spices and herbs to jazz up dressing or warm the body up. Like ginger, cumin or cinnamon.
•Avoid stimulating the body with foods that create 1) mucus 2) inflammation 3) stimulation of the glands 4) acidosis 5) dehydration and thus constipation.
-Coffee/Black Tea
-Fermented foods
-Shell Fish
-Acidic Grains
-Cooked Tomatoes
-Over Cooked Foods
•Spend time in nature daily. Get sunshine to your naked body.
•Turn off the WIFI at night and have WIFI free days. Remove smart meters and boxes from the bedrooms. Do not charge phones by the bed or have them in your pocket.
•Avoid screen time after 8pm. Find a healthy sleep routine.
•Bath in Salt for 20 minutes for your energy field and skin. Or swim in the ocean or rivers daily.
•Move the body with functional exercise daily suitable for your hormones and skeletal needs.
•Ground your bare feet into nature daily.

Spend time detoxing the body (6 months to 3 years)…then time rebuilding/remineralising the body 1-3 years. Then find a balance in maintenance which regularly cleanses and rejuvenation periods. Some may need longer in detox or even detox…. then rebuild, then back into detox and repeat for 5-6 years. Others it may be a 3-6 month cleanse once a year. It is vital to read your own body and trust your instincts. Do not compare another’s journey. We all start with different traumas, genetics and environments.

Detox can look like…herbs, essential oils, enemas, colonics, herbal teas, trauma release, somatic work, dry brushing, movement of the lymph, mono fruits, greens, juices, juice cleanses and some water fasting, if that suits.
Do make sure you transition to detoxification well. Once a detox or cleanse is complete please make sure you break it well…as the transition back to a maintenance diet is vital to success. Longer fasting is not always the best. It’s consistency and how you transition and break the cleansing that is key.

While pregnant, trying for a baby or breastfeeding you should avoid detoxification or calorie restriction at all cost. This is a rebuilding nourishment stage where it’s about getting as nourished as you can. High greens, high omega 3’s, healthy whole fats, lots of variety of fruits and vegetables and enough densely rich nutrients. Avoid stimulating foods and foods that will effect your hormones. Eating a clean alkaline plant only diet.

•Create a breath work practice
•Create a meditation practice
•Create a joy practice
•Create a creativity practice
This is a guide and an opinion. YOU know YOU best.

With love
Hannah Miles x x