How Colds/Flu work and what they truly are!

Cold/Flu is simply detoxification of the body. Because of trapped emotions. A build up of excess mucus, mold, fungus, denatured foods, poisons ect creating pathogens to grow out of balance, then the body gets acidic & toxic, hormones get imbalanced…it all needs to be removed & return to homeostasis. As is a menstrual cycle a detoxification for woman’s bodies. All an emotional purging, emotions first then physical symptoms. Therefore if you believe (germ theory) something can be caught & you fear that, the fear puts your body into detox. Fear creates physical symptoms fear creates actions from fear leading to loss of autonomy & sovereignty. If you do not play into that game & you look after your inner terrain with a true human diet. Do your emotional work to feel your emotions best you can in each moment. You will likely not get “cold/flu’s, gasto, fevers, rashes ect or when you do you will straight away understand it’s your body purging what doesn’t serve you to allow for growth…& there are emotions to be felt to release that physical symptom. Physical changes to be made.

There is nothing to “catch”. We don’t catch an emotion. We attract situations via our emotional state to show us the emotions we have already within us. We don’t catch a virus. A virus is simply cellular waste, thus our body is dirty & needs the inner terrain cleaned to release what’s not serving it anymore. We cannot “catch” what we have within us already. Even bacteria on a healthy terrain can be eliminated safely. On a dirty terrain it causes more detoxification to purge it. Thus is the bacteria the issue or the inner terrain?!

If you are next to someone who sends out a vibration of fear or anger & you hold that within you. Your body (your aura) will sense it & try to help you release that too (mirroring) if you ignore it, it will send out physical symptoms increasing in severity….thus, the lie that is germ theory “you caught a cold” no you are both suppressing similar emotions at the same time. Therefore why some people can get “colds” & others do not in the same office or school ect. How people believe colds go through families. Because emotions go through families, especially suppressed emotions & habits. Because emotions are mirrored in friends/couples. Pheromones send signals to each other through our energy bodies & nervous system…this is how fear grows & a plandemic was created. “They” the dark forces that run this world know this. Spread some fear. Lie about germs for 150 years (they play a long game), control the medical narrative stomp out natural healing & truth about God & the universe & our Soul…& boom you get the last 3 years playing out like it has on repeat for thousands of years. People in fear of their own bodies not knowing their potential. Giving up their freedoms & rights & on purpose poisoning themselves in the name of the “greater good”. I do believe we are in a chemical war & being bombarded from all angles with toxins & chemicals…thus the need to detoxify the physical body. Eat a true human diet & do our inner work to release emotions. Not fear germs or each other.
“Influenza, in fact, is a naturally occurring and often subclinical part of the human virome, detectable in human blood along with dozens of other viruses. Nor is influenza strictly ‘other,’ in the sense that its very infectious particle is comprised of host proteins and lipids. Learn more by reading: Why The Only Thing Influenza May Kill Is Germ Theory. Truth be told, we are only beginning to understand the role of viruses in mediating genotype-to-phenotype relationships within the immune system. And as Skip Virgin, PhD, explains brilliantly in a NIH lecture on the virome, many of the viruses we once thought were strictly harmful protect us against deadly bacterial infections and even cancer.”

“Colds, flu, allergies, sinus congestion, bronchitis, lung issues (pneumonia and asthma), mumps, tumors, boils, skin rashes, dandruff, etc., are nothing more than an overburdened, congested lymphatic system.
Foreign protein (meat), all dairy products (pasteurized or raw), refined carbohydrates (complex sugars), irritants (peppers, cola, etc.), and toxic chemicals cause a lymphatic response of the mucosa, namely excessive mucus production. Furthermore, these substances can be harmful to cells, especially inviting parasitic activity.
Your lymphatic system’s job is to try and stop this terrorist attack within the tissues of the body. However, once the body becomes overburdened with this mucus from the lymph system, the mucus itself becomes the problem, blocking proper cellular function and causing hypoacitivity of weakened organs and glands”.
“Clean and open all the pathways within yourself and let blood and lymph (spirit) flow through you unobstructed. This will bring a sense of well-being that is unimaginable. “
– Robert Morse
A great explanation

Ride the fevers out. Stop suppressing the symptoms….CELEBRATE them!!
Allow the body too fast, yes even kids….they can sip green juice or lemon water for 24hrs they will not waste away….babies go back to breast milk only. Use natural essential oils.

Get into the sunshine and earth to the ground. Move your body gently and sweat it out.

If you get recurring colds/flu’s/asthma/ear infections/chest infections ect…..DO NOT CUT AND REMOVE PARTS OF YOUR BODY. Change how you eat and live.
Hannah Miles – Leading the Movement for ‘Detoxing & Spiritual Living’ for Sensitive Families

Information that is vital to understand to unplug from the narrative and fear:
I mean once you understand the basics you see the mainstream narrative is built on such a flawed lie. That the medical system and education system is a lie. That our government are lying to us. That you cannot catch a virus and thus the whole current world situation is a lie.
“Terrain model refutes germ theory” because so many people believe that if they never get sick, they are healthy – which is far from the truth in most cases (unless you’ve put in the cleansing work & live a health promoting lifestyle)… We want the body to throw off waste, we don’t want that waste to remain locked up within- festering.

“Why do colds and flus only happen periodically?
Colds and Flus are the body cleaning itself. Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of smell and taste, etc are all ways that the body ejects waste materials from the body. When we keep putting in waste creating foods and toxins we require cleaning events to keep us from getting chronic diseases.
Since we have been taught to fear these body cleaning events and call them diseases most of us reach for a toxin of some form to stop the symptoms when they arise.

Colds and Flus are miserable events, who doesn’t want them to stop? So it has become extremely easy to teach people to create their own chronic debilitating diseases by simply teaching them that any time their body needs to clean itself they should stop the body from cleaning itself.

When we apply a plant toxin like Echinacea or a supplement toxin like isolated Vitamins or an OTC cold/flu remedy the body has to stop its deep level cleaning event in order to deal with the more immediate poisoning. So the symptoms of healing stop rapidly and the waste remains inside.

Colds and Flus require tremendous energy. You can think of your body like a battery. It has a limited store of energy. Energy is replenished each night as we sleep and it is drained when we awaken and begin our day. Digestion is the largest energy drain on the body. The heavier the meal we eat, the more energy we drain. The more inappropriate the substances we eat, the harder the body has to work to eliminate them. So with most people putting in inappropriate foods on a daily basis and subjecting their bodies to daily poisoning through food, air and water, most people have enough waste built up to warrant a body cleaning event but they do not have enough energy to create one.

The body will not create another deep level cleaning event until it is able to generate enough nerve energy, which is why colds and flus only happen periodically. You will also notice that many people get colds and flus on vacation or around holidays. This is because they are typically resting more, sleeping a little later, not having to run off to work. Even this small shift in energy conservation is enough to create an enough energy for a body cleaning event.
But some people get to a point where they no longer get colds and flus. What does this mean?

As peoples bodies get more and more toxic they eventually reach a point where they are not able to mount these cleaning events at all and then the body progresses up the disease ladder into the chronic degenerative diseases.
As the nerve energy is drained and the body repeatedly fails to clean itself because of our interventions eventually the battery becomes so depleted that the body is no longer able to mount these cleaning events.

This is why you always hear people say “I can’t have Cancer, I never get sick” or “I can’t have Cancer, I haven’t had so much as a cold in 20 years.” but that is precisely why they have cancer, because the body wasn’t able to clean any waste for so long that it has no choice but to create tumours to store the waste.
So, are colds and flus normal? Or are they common? Should we be getting regular colds and flus?

Colds and flus are certainly common, but common does not mean normal. In a clean body being fed only the appropriate foods we should never see a cold or flu. On rare occasion we might encounter a toxin and generate a small expulsion event. For example, we walk past a cigarette smoker and we instantly cough to eject that poison.

Team this post up with my antibiotics/prebiotic post to see the trap they get you into. Jumping from one fire to another. In fear of your body and the outside world…and each other.

Skip Virgin, PhD, National Institutes of Health

An article from the National Institute of Health has some curious things to say about Influenza A infections….

“In the study, scientists exposed human neutrophils to seasonal and pandemic strains of H1N1 influenza virus in a laboratory model designed to mimic host-pathogen interaction during infection. Surprisingly, EXPOSURE TO SEASONAL (but not pandemic) H1N1 INFLUENZA ENHANCED NEUTROPHIL FUNCTIONS, INCLUDING THE ABILITY TO KILL S. AUREUS [emphasis added]. The researchers also identified changes in neutrophil gene expression in response to both virus types. They hope that by analysing changes in gene expression, they can determine how seasonal and pandemic influenza A viruses alter the function of neutrophils.”

So we don’t understand anything about the symbiotic nature of our bodies related to the micro world. It’s time to put the science based on a theory from 1800 to rest. RIP germ theory, a new day is dawning

I have studied the physical body as a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbelist & Natural Hygienist & Health Science for 12 years now. I was shocked with how this all played out. I truly thought it was a fade at first & would never take off. Not that 3 years on we would have so many still in fear, turning against each other & poisoning themselves & attacking those of us who do not play into the propaganda, however I’m glad it’s exposed so many truths. Given light to God for so many & shown those ready how to care for themselves. It’s gifted so much too. Including most starting to see the depth of darkness on the earth & the level of chemical warfare we are under. Hence why those who aren’t V still getting “sick” is chemical & radiation poisoning & inner poor inner terrain.
The answer?! Clean the body, remove toxins & chemicals & feel your emotions.

With love Hannah x x

Detoxification…how do you detox and why should you?

Detoxification is a popular word and it’s often used in the wrong way and made popular from companies exploiting detoxing through shakes powders and systems that don’t really detox the body they just suppress or stimulate the symptoms.

Detoxing simple means cleanse or to clean!

Each and every night you go to sleep your body detoxes and you cleanse the waste from your body though your GI tract, your stools, your kidneys, your skin and your lungs and while your body sleeps or rest not through most foods you eat. This confuses people as they eat ‘detoxing foods’…there are foods that can help give your body nutrients and build healthy cells…but it is not the food that detoxes the body it is the lymphatic system and when the body is in a resting repair state.

In our lifestyle nowadays we are all so toxic and backed up and find cleansing the body harder and harder. Each cell all trillion of them excretes waste within your body and that has to be removed, if this is not possible the body becomes acidic.  And when we eat acidic foods and excessively work out and have negative thoughts we produce an very acidic environment and this has to be buffered through the blood.

When you stop consuming acid ash and mucus forming foods the body will start the detoxification cycle, and you will experience symptoms of discomfort. These acids dehydrate the body and burn the vital tissues, glands and organs causing them to fall into dysfunction, creating the symptoms we suffer with and the whole medical system and pharmaceutical industry is based around…

We have 2 fluids in the body the blood and the lymph fluid. If the lymph is not moving and the body has lots of acid it becomes damaged or burned and the kidney get damaged and the body send you signals like skin issues, asthma, colds, flu, pain, poor eyes sight, headaches and then if you don’t listen….cancers. That was just my whole life there!!

So we are all so constipated and backed up with toxins and it expresses it self in your everyday symptoms. All diseases are an over burden waste system and all disease and symptoms need to be treated in exactly the same way…HOW? Detox the body, clean it out to allow it to repair by it self.



Why are we so toxic? Our thoughts, the food we eat the lifestyle we have…we come in to contact with toxins each and everyday!!

So how do you detox?

  • Stop harming your body with acid practices
  • Stop putting in toxic unnatural foods
  • Stop allowing negative thoughts to run your life
  • Stop negative relationships
  • Regular weekly saunas
  • High fruit low fat eating
  • Gentle exercise to move your lymphatic system
  • Fasting and water and juice cleanses
  • Mediation

If it has an ingredient list – it has been processed don’t put it in your body SIMPLE!

We must digest the food we consume, we must absorb the foods we consume, we must utilize the foods we consume, and we must eliminate the foods we consume.

 So the only food that can help pull waste and mucus from your body is fruit….nothing else just raw ripe fruit or juice. Why, because it is easy to digest and doesn’t cause an acid ash waste in the body. So when you stop digesting the body can actually heal…

Even vegetables and greens are not pulling detoxing foods they are building foods and will slow down the detoxification process BUT THEY ARE NOT HARMFUL JUST SLOW IT DOWN.

So to be a real detox cleanse it has to be through either:



Water fast WHICH TURNS OFF DIGESTION COMPLETELY so you can have 100% energy for healing and eating up damaged cells.

Or a Dry fast which I won’t talk about here but you can contact me about.

There are ways to take the pressure of the system and improve your health but to get real detoxing at an intense level it has to be taking the pressure of the body to allow the body to rest and repair… so NO shake powders, nutritional super powders or detox bar will do that.  

So the ideal is to move between a healthy eating lifestyle low in fat and high in fruits and greens… and then do periods of deep cleaning where the digestive tract is not engage and all the blood can go to the brain and to healing and you build up to that with guidance from myself.

If you want to detox the body the fats must be low or completely out for that time. Especially if you’re eating high fruits. Our Autistic kids need higher fats for there brains but there are ways to still detox them safely.

So lets re cap the body detoxes constantly on it’s own and especially at night so keeping your eating window to maximum 6-7 hours is key. But you must take the pressure of so it can eat up the damaged cells remove the mucus and filter the kidneys.

Foods that will stop you detoxing are:

  • Meats
  • Grains
  • Packaged foods
  • Oils of all types
  • Supplements and Isolates
  • Starches
  • Sugars
  • Spices
  • Caffeines and Cacaos
  • Spices
  • High Fats
  • High protein
  • Cooked foods (will slow you down)

Why no oils in detoxing?

Because they stop the simple sugars from fruit reaching the cells causing debates. That fruit then ferments and causing gas bloating rashes and exhaustion.

Once you have detoxified and are clean add the healthy fats back in.

When you are not detoxing properly and you are still added mucus forming foods in and negative thoughts and environmental toxins the mucus get produces to protect the body, and it lines the intestines and builds up in the ear nose and throat area and lungs and when that putrefies.. it feeds parasites yeast and fungus…for example dairy and meat turns to pus within the body and just feed parasites.

 Fruit is the only foods that can go through the system without cause damage and eliminate easily with all the nutrients we need carbs, protein and minerals and fats.

Pyramid To Health

 So when you start detoxing what do you expect?

When you start to pull out the obstructions such as acids, mucus, proteins plaques, parasites, fungus, sulfur, worms, chemicals, and mucoid plaque you will experience cleansing reactions. Don’t be alarmed when having these healing crisis’s because once these toxic obstructions come out of the body you can start to heal. The body must break down to a remarkable degree in order to rebuild itself up again.

The cleansing process can range from very light with just a running nose and minor coughing to heavy, with deep bronchial and lung expectoration. Or/and rashes, headaches, old symptoms arising that you may have overcome, emotions, old patterns arising, behaviours, aches and pains…

These are what we call cold and flue like symptoms. The body wants to eliminate as much toxic Terran it can. The body will often feel weak and achy, but these are good signs that the body is starting to heal itself. this is when it is vital you do not suppress the detox with cooked foods or mediaction.

Aches and pains are common during detoxification. Remember acids in creates pain and acids out will create pain too. Pain is a result of acidosis that has created inflammation. Pain also develops when there are blockages locked in the body.

Pain will show itself wherever there are weaknesses in the body. Most of these pains will last from a few hours to a few weeks or in some cases longer.

Sounds horrid right! Why would you go through that?  

Because 3-7 years of detoxing and cleaning the body will stop you getting diseases and sickness as you get older and stop the playing out of family diseases playing out!


I have been on this raw lifestyle for a while and only after that time and feeling amazing did I go into deep healing and cleansing and some symptoms have come back as they come up and out of my body and others have stayed away but each cleanse I get healthier and closer to my idea health goals. So I go through the sore eyes and the headaches and the longer fasts to get the goals I want. And I hold in my mind that I want to be healthier in my 40’s than in my 20’s and that I will age with health and vitality!

And my worst detox weeks I am still better off than my best unhealthy weeks!

Why we should DETOX?

Because you owe it to yourself and the next generation!!

Try my ‘Vitality Detox Cleanse’ for 2 weeks then contact me to go further and take back your health!!

E-Books Hannah  x x

Probiotics, Supplements and Yeast overgrowths… 


I tried using many types of probiotics and supplements over the years on my kids, clients and myself… I’ve done candida diets and yeast cleanses and even tried adding more yeast in and other crazy things!



The balance within your body such as yeasts, funguses, worms, parasites, mucus, acids, protein plaques, microbes, virus etc….must get detoxed and removed out of your body to get to the root of health. In order to change the environment in the body we must clean out the old not just ‘add’ in new. Supplementing with “pills” in a body with a backed up septic tank will not get you true health.


When the body fails to function in areas such as digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination. Trying to fix the problem with an isolated pill, supplement or adding large amounts of one bacteria and one mineral will not bring the body balance…. especially as they are none organic in it’s holistic structure (no longer a whole food but a part of a food that has been chemically changed and isolated) is only going to feed the body with just another foreign invader creating more imbalance and stress. I think of the phrase in movies when they say ‘magic comes with a price’…well so does supplementation…. 

The body is designed to utilize holistic chemistry so thinking a supplement created in a lab by big pharma will do more then what a whole organic fresh ripe piece of fruit can’t do….is not thinking from a place that nature provides us with all we need, and it does!


Supplements suppress the function of the endocrine glands and throw the body out of balance…

‘Probiotics are dead fermented chemistry not designed for the body’ says Dr Herbet Shelton. The body is designed to create healthy gut bacteria from the foods we are designed to eat and our environment. When we detox the body and turn on the endocrine glands, everything goes back to balance. When we get back to nature and simply eat the foods our bodies are biologically designed to eat….the body will create healthy natural bacteria to fight of the microbe that cause obstructions naturally. 

Probiotics and fermented foods like Kefir and Sauerkrauts only aggravate and make candida symptoms worse…I know that it controversial, as they are marketed as gut healing foods. Candida thrives on fermentation. Candida or (yeast) gets out of control in the body through fermentation so why add more in? When you have weak adrenals then you are likely to have blood sugar problems. When your not metabolizing sugars well, fermentation takes place. The fungal family comes in and feasts on the fermentation….so the food you eat is just feeding them not your cells. Why give the body more fermentation if you may already have a sugar metabolism issues creating the yeast overgrowth in the first place? We need some left in the body but for it to be at blanched ratio…


So if you have skin issues, weak yellow brittle nails, dry hair, bloating, gas or loose stools…you have a fungal imbalance.

The simpler we can look out how the body is designed to function optimally the more we will understand that supplementing is another way of masking a symptom and not addressing the root cause….just like prescription drugs!



 Often these supplements are made from sister or cousin companies of BIG PHARMA…..just think about that for a moment with where the motivation comes from?

The best way to get rid of yeast overgrowths is to work on the adrenal glands with herbs/homeopathy and a raw living foods diet high in ripe fruits and the correct food combinations.  If you think you have a candida overgrowth you should also avoid or never eat starches processed or in there whole food state. Starches are fungal formers and candida loves foods that create a lot of mould, such as starches and dairy products. If you have candida I would suggest keeping your fats to below 5 % of your nutritional plan too as the fats in the system will stop fruits being digested, and cause fermentation of the healthy fruits. High fruits, low protein and low fats are the best way to heal the body.

It’s very common for someone to crave breads, nuts and cheese when they have fungal problems….because the yeast thrive on these foods because the fermentation process takes place very quickly.


The goal to get healthy and to create balance in the body is to alkalize the body and to get the kidneys filtering and everything will come into balance on its own…not needing one extra mineral…with the exception of magnesium due to our soils and possible B12 until your body can utilise it from the organic fruits and vegetables and produce it in your gut.

Fruits, berries, melons, greens and herbs that promote detoxification is the best way to bring balance and alkalinity to the body with a daily mediation practice to boost your immune system and complementary remedies like essential oils, homeopathy and herbs. Yeast, parasites, fungusus cannot thrive in an alkaline body, nether can any pathogens and foreign invaders and viruses. 


Dr Robert Morse teaches that there is only 2 sides of chemistry and that’s acid and alkaline. When you get on the alkaline side of chemistry and you detox the acids that are suppressing the lymphatic system, blocking the flow of energy and causing disease… then “nutritional ” supplementation becomes a void modality that was created by a mind and industry that doesn’t understand the lymphatic system and true healing like we do in Natural Hygiene. 

It’s not what we add in that creates a healthy body it’s what we eliminate that creates a thriving healthy body with balance. 

Detoxification is the best way to get to the root of the problem and if we are stuck on supplementation with PILLS,  powders,  supplements and thinking that we are adding in “Nutrition” …thinking that’s going to clean up the problem!  Then we have been fully mistaking by so called “Health Experts” that are thinking no different then a medical Doctor that prescribes a drug to treat a symptom, not addressing the cause.  So many of these healthy natural supplements and nutritional meal replacement systems are produced by big pharmaceuticals companies that make the medicines and drugs. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR LONG TERM HEALTH JUST ABOUT MAKING MONEY AND TEMPORALLY GIVING YOU THE SENSATION OF HEALTH.

The best supplement you can give your body is creating kidney filtration to drain the waste, so that he body can go on to thrive in proper homeostasis, balance and alkalinity.  This takes time I have been on this journey for years….I hold strong that I am in it for the long term health and not quick gains. I picture myself a health 60 year old and smile with knowing this is the right path to healing.

Add in alkaline nutrition and stop putting acids in your body and you will never need an expensive supplement to mask a symptom and create an imbalance not aligned with nature…


Please contact me to start this journey today and get off the round about of sickness supplements and Doctors. 

Hannah x x