What True Human Nutrition Is!

We here the term “real” food….or “whole” food often when people talk of nutrition.

However most are very confused on what TRUE REAL nutrition actually is. Everyone’s a nutritionist these days without any training or understanding of how the body truly works…how the body detoxifies, and what nutrients it needs to function optimally. After reading a few books or watching a few videos.

Although it is rather simple, we want to over complicate it. And often so many mis-truths, agendas and fades get us confused.

Let me break it down.

WHOLE FOOD = food in its natural raw state completely unprocessed grown from the ground or picked from a tree or bush. For example an apple picked from the tree and eaten skin, flesh and all. Not sliced and baked or boiled or deep fried or freeze dried or it’s juice or syrup extracted from another part. Foods like; fruits, vegetables, ocean vegetables, greens, nuts, herbs, seeds, legumes. NOT grains, flours, products made from flours, syrups, sugars, products, tofu’s, saitan, vegan fake meats, margarine’s, spreads, milks, crisps, baked goods, packet foods ect.

REAL FOOD = organic, natural, unhindered, non laboratory made, free from GMO’s, chemicals, preservatives, additives, E-numbers, MSG, sulphates, salts, flavourings, sugars, nano plastics or aborted foetal cells.

RAW ALIVE FOODS = plants, seeds, nuts, greens, fruits, legumes, herbs, ocean vegetables and vegetables that are edible eaten in there natural state as grown without any cooking, freezing or processing or seasoning needed. Any type of baking, browning, grilling, processing, frying or anything that changes the chemical structure of the plants…becomes a new chemical the body, which it cannot register or digest. These cooking processes create maillards, which are extremely addictive & cancer forming. Dehydrating or light steaming or cold pressed juicing or cold high speed blending can retain enzymes and the structure of the phytonutrients. Any food that can be eaten directly from the plant as a eat alone food. Ie an apple or a carrot or broccoli…vs biting down with your bare teeth into a cows bottom or lambs leg through the fur with the blood dripping down your face. Any food that is not edible or appealing raw is not human food and should be avoided or eaten sparsely. Ie eggplant, white potato, onions, garlic, salt, blooded flesh, eggs ect

MONO EATING = foods that can be eaten in plenty in their raw natural state ‘vs’ MEDICINAL EATING = foods that are beneficial in small doses and that have properties to enhance the bodies natural ability to heal. Like onions, garlic, herbs, roots, barks, leaves or spices. You couldn’t eat a meal of them nor would they give you complete nutrients and could be poison in high doses. Yet have there place in small amounts in human nutrition.

Hope that helps! Keep it simple eat raw fruits, vegetables, ocean vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, greens and legumes.

ADDITIONALLY: germinating and sprouting legumes, seeds and nuts is optimal as these are hard foods for us to digest in large quantities, although they hold many benefits. This way we get optimal nutrition and digestion.

Remember WHOLE, ALIVE, REAL plants 🌱 gives us all our phytonutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins we need.

With love
Hannah x x


Why Do We NOT Use Oils In A Raw Vegan Diet?

Why No Oils?

There is no place for any oil in a real whole foods, plant diet. Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado & other vegetable oils are processed foods that do not support good health, in fact hinder it. Even flaxseed oils. Most oils are manufactured in a way they turn into a trans fat. We know trans fats are the worst fhoods on the planet killing us.
* Vegetable oils contain almost no vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, minerals or fibre they are empty calories
* Vegetable oils are extremely energy dense & lead to weight gain & diabetes
* Whole plant foods like avocado, coconut, seeds, nuts, greens, vegetables & fruits contain all the essential fats that our bodies require

Eating oils stops the simple sugars from fruits, vegetables or greens reaching the cells causing
diabetes due to fermentation. Causing gas, bloating, rashes & exhaustion,
taxing the liver stopping healing. Oils weaken the mitochondria & cause nervous
system damage. 1 bag of crips/chips or 2 rashes of bacon or one deep fried pattie or hash brown or a spread of nutilex or margarine is
the equivalent of 3 cigarettes & takes longer to recover from. Taking 6-8 days to
recover the body & to eliminate from the liver. Eat these foods often & the liver
gets overburdened. Add sugar which taxes the liver further, poor food combinations
& denatured foods & the liver gets backed up. The liver is needed for everything, most fatty liver is caused by oils not alcohol. Oils create a mucoid plague build up in the intestines stopping absorption & creating a home for fungus & parasites to breed. Oils hinder the flow of blood in the body creating artery build up.

The myth that olive oil is “heart healthy” as some studies suggests is a lie & research in this field needs to be properly understood.
Studies made on the Mediterranean diet have only shown that consuming olive oil lowers LDL cholesterol when it replaces animal fats, like butter & cheese, its all a perspective of olive oil is better than margarine…however that doesn’t mean its healthy.
But adding olive or other vegetable oils to an otherwise healthy diet only increases LDL levels. Barnard, Greger, Campbell, Esselstyn all have written great papers on this.

1 banana provides you with 105 calories, with only 4% of its calories from fat, which is similar to most fruits, with the exception of a few “fatty fruits”, like avocado & olives.

Per pound oil is calorie rich without being dense in nutrients:
•Vegetables – 100 calories per pound
•Fruits – 300 calories per pound
•Unrefined complex carbohydrates, potatoes, whole grains, legumes – 400-600 calories per pound
•Avocados – 750 calories per pound
•Refined complex carbohydrates – 1,200 calories per pound
•Sugar – 1,800 calories per pound
•Nuts & seeds – 2,800 calories per pound
•Oil – 4,000 calories per pound

You see adding oils to your salads stops absorption of the vegetables. Creates a high calorie meal & feeds bacteria, parasites & fungus. Confusing the stress receptors also. Making the brain seek more foods when it’s had plenty of empty calories.

Now aiming to not eat oils naturally means cutting out 95% of processed foods instantly! No supermarket junk, processed food, takeouts, candies, crisps, crackers, cartoon milks, ect….

Cooking at home without oil is SIMPLE. Just replace oil on salads with a oil free dressing or lemon juice. Ask for lemon juice no dressings when you are out. Replace oils with water or stock when you are sauté or making curries ect. Bake with water in a separate dish to create steam & coat vegetables with lemon juice & dried herbs or spices.

Oils are not whole foods or healthy. Even pig pooped argan oil! Or coconut oil. Have you watched how they make coconut oil? Have you tried washing oil of your hands? Try the cells?

with love Hannah x x