Why Vegan Diets Fail!!

I want to crush some myths of why “vegan” seemly doesn’t work for some…

Many jump into plant diets because they are sick rather than for ethics, and often without the correct information and support.I have found the following reasons are why many fail on a plant only diet:

1. A rushed transition from junk food or a heavy meat based diet to raw/clean foods. This creates extreme detoxification & often unsupported leads to healing crisis. People feel they have got worse & return to their old ways.

2. Ratios of fats to carbohydrates & not food combining correctly. Eating lots of nuts & fats with high fruits. Too high in protein.

3. Not eating whole real plant foods, eating junk food processed & high in salt, sugar & low in nutrients.

4. Eating only fruits for long periods without greens & raw vegetables or sea vegetables. Over cleansing. Leading to mineral deficiencies. Periods of just fruits is wonderful for detoxification, however periods of rebuilding & remineralisation & raw vegetables is essential.

5. Doing water fasts or juice cleanses for too long & not transitioning on & off correctly. Moving from mucus forming acidic foods to cleansing & back, harms the liver & kidneys & stresses the hormones. Fasting without supervision & liver support.

6. Not supporting your detoxification with herbs, water, supplements & binders. Not checking if your elimination pathways are open, or supporting with herbs.

7. Not dealing with the emotional side of detoxification & healing. Not seeing ALL physical symptoms are emotionally in route. Diet plays only 1 part. Using diet as an excuse to not do the inner work.

8. Not understanding the body must shed the old, break down the cells created from old patterns & foods to build back from the new more alkaline state. Thus loosing hair, feeling worst at first, changes in the body. Loosing weight or gaining weight ect

9. Not ethically making the loving choice to not harm another. Thus making a dietary choice rather than a loving decision to improve your Souls condition. Jumping from diet to diet without truly healing emotional or physical. Seeking external rather than within.

10. Giving your power away to Doctors, tests, supplements & not taking responsibility for why you are sick. Not addressing mold, toxic build up & heavy metals. Not turning off genetic mutations.

With love Hannah ✨

Sharing my experience as a Qualified Raw Nutritionist, Detoxification Specialist, Herbalist, & my own journey shedding facades, healing & finding the path to Divine Truth, God & humility.

Nourish To Health 🌿