How much water is good for you, and why you should never take it with food?

Why I don’t drink water with food?💦

Most of us have a ‘WATER-DEFICIENT’ diet high in grains and fatty packaged, sweet processed dried foods that make us feel thirsty and dry our bodies out and we consume too much salt. We are told to drink 2-3 liters of water a day and most of us drink that with and around food. It’s so important to understand that drinking any beverages including water while eating/snacking should be AVOIDED! One of the many healthy reasons a total plant-based diet dominated by fresh fruits and vegetables is good is it’s ‘WATER-SUFFICIENT CONTENT’ So your body gets all it’s water needs in the perfect package and is absorbed easily without needing to top it up with ridiculous amounts of water glugged down beyond what our instincts tell us we need.

have you ever seen a wild animal spend the whole day drinking? No they drink when they need too and in small amounts. Drinking any beverages, including water, wine, beer and juice, with your meals or 30 minutes before or after DILUTES digestive juices of the stomach. Drinking also encourages poor mastication (chewing) of food since it is frequently washed down in a swallow of the fluid swallowed. Digestion begins in the mouth with an enzyme known as ‘salivary amylase.’ If you wash this process away you make digestion almost impossible. Causing stomach acid issue like reflux and GERD.


  • if you eat proteins no water for 4 hours after.
  • if you eat starches no water for 2 hours after
  • if you eat fruits no water for 30 minutes after
  • if you eat vegetables no water for 1 hour after.

you can have water 30-20 minutes before food on an empty stomach. But if you eat a 70-90% plant based diet free from unnatural foods and salt you may not need much water at all.

Food combining and why is it essential for health!-chart.