How Long Does It Take To Heal?


As the body heals (or returns to its knowing of completeness and inner strength) it is messy and not linear. It heals as it deems a priority, not how we desire it too heal. Meaning what we see as a priority like say speech or eczema or meltdowns may not be the priority for the body. Now we can talk and command the DNA to heal but only from love, not fear and stress and from lack.
In some cases

It’s 3-5 years for complete healing of the physical and 7 years for complete energetic and trauma release healing. Often the mind and deep trauma patterns are preventing the physical shifts. It’s never one without the other.

Take cancer for instance. Yes it’s an acidic body, full of toxins and mucus…but why did that happen? Most cases trauma, stress, a suppression of emotions. Treat the acidic body and release the emotional stress and pain. Empower the person to speak their truth and shine their light and find joy…and bingo the cancer reduces and disappears.

Or fibromyalgia!! Yes a toxic build up that can be treated fast with raw living foods and fasting…it is also a trauma response that’s on loop being played out causing the mind to create pain in the physical….so treat the emotional pain and alkaline the bodies terrain and bingo it STOPS!

This is why some people heal and others don’t. It’s never just the diet or just the emotional state. It’s deeper than that. Everything is connected and serving us. In some cases it’s their journey to experience this pain or sickness to for fill their path. Or the sickness or symptom is protecting them and they are not ready to give that up. On a subconscious level.
Deep huh!

Ok so let’s hang on!! That’s not to say it’s a catastrophe of healing crisis’s and yuckiness for 5- 7 years. Phew

It gets easier and easier and more and more enjoyable and you see more and more results as you move through the detox process.
But the secret is to trust and find peace in the unfolding, as it will not look like how you want it.

The 1 symptom I wanted to heal first….is still unfolding years later. The more I want that to release, the further I got away from it. I had to learn to love that symptom to start to release it, as for my body.. it’s like … not a priority in fact it’s serving us let it go

The MIND is the key

Once we understand that our energy and mindset are equally as important to healing, than the physical shifts and changes….and that there will be good days and unravellings and unwanted days, weeks or even months where we feel we are going backwards and getting worst (healing crisis). Or the physical is good…but the mind or emotions are all over the place. Or you build a good mindset and spiritual practice first then the physical comes later.

When we are consistent in our actions as we have a visual goal of how we want to feel and be. We show ourselves and our family compassion and love… will will get there! MIND BODY SPIRIT

This will help along the way.
Celebrate the ups

….have compassion for the downs

As the other side is more gains.
Use the detox supports and mindset tools.
Reach out for 1:1 private coaching.

Things that will SLOW HEALING down:

A foot in each camp. Not jumping fully into the healing journey. Not giving it enough time.

Cooked foods.

Salt, oil, sugar, yeast, flours.

Supplements or isolates.

Poorly combined foods.

Not enough time in nature and grounding to the earth and using natural cycles to cleanse .

Not using detox supports like homeopathy, essential oils or herbal tinctures.

A Mindset of fear, procrastination and doubts.

Toxic abusive relationships and stress. To self or others.

Mould or fungus in the environment or poor air quality.

Fluoride toxic water in the house.

Not removing yeasts, funguses, heavy metals and vaccines damage with herbs or homeopathy.

Not asking for help or allowing others to support you. Doing it all on your own.

Staying in your story. Playing the victim.

Please don’t stop or give up at the first healing crisis and return to old ways that didn’t serve you. It’s not the fruits of a plant diet. It’s time and consistency and all the above!

With Love Hannah x x