Why NO Onions and Garlic?

Why NO Onions & Garlic ?

This seems to be a challenging one for most to move away from. Cooking without oils, salts, onions, garlic or chili and vinegar takes a advanced palate and skill. However you soon learn that the less you do to food, the simpler you eat…the better food taste and the less you need. Of course the better it is for the body.

For CELLULAR DETOXIFICATION mono meals are best and simply fruits, herbs, greens, and raw correctly combined salads with some avocado or coconut low fat seed dressings. Lots of juice, herbal tea and water.

For MAINTENANCE and REBUILDING vegetables, greens, sprouts, herbs, micro greens, fruits, seeds, avocado, coconut, and some mucuslean nuts and some alkaline sudo grains make up a nutritious balanced diet for a human, with water and herbal tea and juices.

How I feel after a fancy meal even a mucuslean and high raw one…vs simply raw 1-3 ingredients is vastly different. We do not use onions, garlic, chili, oils, salts, vinegars at home at all even if I’m cooking for others. If we go out we request foods without these too.
These are a) stimulating for the body b) addictive c) acidic and harsh d) contracting
More about Onions and Garlic.

All members of the onion family—onions, garlic, leeks, shallots, chives, etc. as well as radishes and all other foods containing appreciable amounts of mustard oil inhibit digestion. This is because they occasion irritation of the stomach and intestines.
It does not make sense to ingest food that would interfere with or destroy this important function within our body.

Allicin is an antibacterial agent and an extremely irritating liquid. It has a drug-like property that, like any other drug, destroys life. Antibacterial agents kill bacteria. Do we wish to kill bacteria? Certainly not! Bacteria are essential components of life, and without them, life would not continue.

Garlic also interferes with certain physiological processes. It is known to interfere with the synthesis or breakdown of LIPIDS in the LIVER. This is why the cholesterol level of those ingesting garlic over a period of time is lower. However, the body synthesizes cholesterol in the liver for a reason, and it is needed for certain cellular functions. Any agent which interferes with any normal bodily function is health-destroying and not health-promoting.

The following are just some of the PESTICIDAL properties of garlic:

Causes 100% mortality in 5 species of mosquito larvae when used in small doses of 200 parts per million. Planting rows of garlic plants between rows of vegetables or flowers specifically vulnerable to insect attack, such as rose, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, etc., will prevent insect infestations and protect plants. Garlic is simply a natural plant to help keep edible plants safe.

When used on dogs, garlic will kill ticks within 20-30 minutes.
Would you put a pesticide on your salad? We had better leave the garlic in the garden!

The substance in onions that gives them their characteristic odor and flavor is mustard oil, a volatile oil that is highly toxic. Its vapors are so irritating that they cause profuse watering of the eyes by being in contact with the vapors for a few seconds. This oil, if applied directly to the skin, would cause extreme redness and blistering.
Q: Would onions be all right to eat if they were cooked?
A: Since mustard oil in the onions is a volatile substance, some will evaporate during the cooking process. However, enough will remain to make it a toxic substance. Furthermore, I do not recommend cooking as it alters or destroys most food constituents and contributes to toxins in the body. Try staying with an all raw food program, and you will find that you will not require onions for seasoning.
Q: Are the milder-tasting onions less harmful than the stronger ones?
A: They are somewhat better but still contain enough mustard oil to warrant keeping them off the diet.
-T.C. Fry

Whenever I post about these popular ingredients I often get people quoting Ayurvedic principles at me. One they are over used now. In ancient teachings they were used as methods to rid the body fast. Just like leaches were used to cleanse the blood. Like a poison to get out a poison. Today they are used in 2 meals a day each day. Second garlic was and can be used to remove dense mucus from the body. However it is so astringent and toxic it also goes on to remove the mucus membrane. Often those who insist on its healing potential are simply addicted to these stimulating ingredients.

When I challenge them to cook without onions, garlic, chili, oils, salts, vinegars for 1-2 months. Then add them back in and witness their bodies reactions. They then clearly feel what I say. When you clean your body of these irritants then add them back…oh gosh you feel it, smell it on your pores, see the change in your stools and feel the difference in your gut, mood and emotions…why?

Because they are stimulating, acidic and not human foods naturally.

With love
Hannah x x