Tools From Divine Truth


✨Faith – faith is to see each interaction from love first, have faith in what and who you engage with, see love first. Have faith you are divinely loved.

🦋Truth – to speak the truth even when it will not be received well or it brings up fear. To act from Gods absolute truth. To ask for divine universal wisdom.

🌿Action – to act from true divine love, using faith and truth as your guide. To act from love in the world to help all your brothers and sisters and creatures. To act from love towards self.

💜Emotion – to feel all emotions and be true in your emotions. To not spill your unprocessed emotions on to others, acting out of love. To feel trapped emotions to allow your true Soulful Self to break free.

The Five Virtues of Living a Life of DIVINE LOVE are:

• Loving kindness & non-injury or cruelty to Self or others.

• Generosity & non-stealing or manipulation.

• Accurate perception & correct expression of “Absolute Truth”.

• Constancy of aim & effort & non-laziness. Taking full accountability & radical acceptance.

• Moderation & non-excessiveness. Removing addictions & facades to live from the Soulful Self.


Self Love & what Love We Need!

What does self love need.


Many say they want to heal or improve themselves, grow spiritually. I did too.

Yet what I’ve witnessed is we really swap our negative unhealthy addictions for deemed “healthier” ones. We use the healing journey as a distraction. We seek others to heal us and get disappointed when they don’t rather than see we are the only person that can heal thy self.

We see healing as a challenge to throw our lost selves into, instead of feeling the pain. As a fight to help us feel less out of control. We swap alcohol for exercise. Binge eating for fasting…Netflix for meditation…without truly getting to root causes and true healing. Same energy different activity. Even if it’s a healthy acceptable one.

We plan to heal. We long too. Pray to get their….yet we actually resist in the journey to get there, because of the trap of perfection and addiction to our addictions!

You see the root cause of ALL and everything, is from Soul entering the physical body in utero to 3/5 years old…. our programming starts…the bombardment of fears and pain from our parents and adults around us. The suppression of emotions is taught by all around us…as that’s normal. The violence and suffering normalised. The numbing out tools perfected. We become masters of building our facades. In fact it’s celebrated. As in all generations before us.

So to find out true healing is to truly feel all the suppressed emotions…layer after layer…to be our true selves, to live by Gods laws….well that’s not easy. It’s easier to perfect a diet, fast longer….juice more…run more…take more supplements, force more…have more tests…even meditate for 4 hours a day! Blame others…find something external…it’s this herb I need…that healer is the answer…endless cycles.

However to feel that pain you’ve trapped down for so long…that’s too much, overwhelming, crippling….so we seek outside of self, perfect the activities, seek. I know it myself. I wanted to perfect healing…be the best at it! I kept tripping up…never reaching the unattainable moving goal. Why when I do it all so “perfectly” am I not in perfect condition, not fully healed.

When I finally understood what I must do…I intellectualised it for ages, I studied it, I helped others achieve it, I rarionized it. Tried to perfect that too. I resisted it…I mean I didn’t think I was…I said the opposite…however I was resisting it…or I’d be healed.

Yesterday I finally felt it in a deep healing with ‘The Journey Work’. I understood true letting go….the allusive letting go I’ve been chasing for years! The gift of surrender and faith. To truly know love. The path I’ve seeked for so long…yet! there lies the problem…I was seeking it…externally….longing for it with hope…yet the hope gave room to doubt and fear. The fear created blocks. Not surrendering into it. So many on the healing journey, like me…skirt around the big truth of healing because it’s not easy to walk the narrow path. It takes removing the fear of feeling the big stuff. It takes faith to sit and feel all the pain. To forgive. To choose love for self and all others, even those who hurt you. To learn what true Divine Love is. To ask God for her love and guidance. To stop suppressing. To live by humility and truth. To have a longing desire to truly heal. To really love yourself and allow Gods love in. To let go of fear and control. It sounds simple…yet to truly feel all at all times, let Gods love through us…live by Gods laws…is not easy. Especially in a world not designed for it. With so many distractions and ways yo suppress and disconnect to God.

Yet that’s where the healing magic is found. In the emotions. In faith. In letting go. In love.

With all my love Hannah x x

Feeling Emotions to The Full Cycle…

Full cycle
Focus on feeling your emotions good and unwanted to it’s full cycle ⭕️

When you notice yourself justifying, analysing, making excuses or being in the head…drop back to the body and feel. What does it feel like, where is it, what’s happening…use your breath to stay focused on the body in the now moment.

Breath + Intentions/Imagination + Muscle Awareness = Embodiment.

If you fall out of the emotions. Have compassion for your self. It’s a protection for your nervous system. Speak kindly, love yourself through it. You may fall back into the cycle or know you can get their again.

Once you’ve finished a cycle you will feel the love pour through. Dancing, stomping, shaking and using your voice to express sounds helps here.


Notice where you bring your facade and with who?

Who can you show up truly with?

Explain to close friends what you are doing and why and ask for accountability. No justifying, no over explaining, no pleasing, no over apologising, just truth with love.

Write a simple closed question text to your friend for closure. Feel the guilt, sadness till it’s cycle then get very clear what you want to call in once the old energy has been said goodbye to, with love.

Manifesting Tips:

Get very clear with details. Use a list or vision board or mind movies photos or a Pinterest.

Notice fear arising of the “how” or justification of why you cannot or why you do not deserve it…any emotions that arise show you the inner work that must be done to release that kink in the hose of your vibrations…to call in the new vibrations.

Then feel it is done. Speak it as it’s done. Even if it feels like a lie or silly.

“When my husband and I go to a retreat to work on ourselves…”

“I am a singing on big stages”

“I am working 3 days & earning great money “

“I am thriving in my body”

“I am looking after my body with love and ease”

I hope…brings room for doubt and fear…I AM…tells your subconscious (your Soul) it’s done so go find it…bring it too me.

Write a I AM list for your bathroom mirror..

I am….
I am…
I am….

Look at it daily…read it daily alongside your vision board or lists ect.

TIP: you must feel while you read. even “this is stupid” will tell you something.

Finally each supplement you take, each drink or food you eat. Eat from love for your vessel holding your Soul. Protecting you. Serving you. Stop before and say a gratitude prayer. Be in the body. Slow the breath.

MANTRA: Start asking your self is this loving for me? Is this living for others? Is this serving my Soul growth?

Dance as often as you can, move the body by stomping or shaking to help the emotions flow. Music helps this.

And most importantly drink 4 litres of good water a day to help the emotions flow (I did a post on this)

Next session we can go through nutrition and routine tweaks…so we got it from both angles!

You’ve got this. Baby steps… the overwhelm is essential and the float under the water needing to be released.

Hannah x x

You Are A soul! What Is A Soul?

The Soul is the part created by Gods Divine Love.

🤍Your True Self 🤍Your Desires🤍Your Intuition🤍Your Personality🤍Your Aspersions
🤍Your Memories🤍Your Emotions🤍Your Individuality
🤍Your Passions

Your physical body is like a coat you take off once you leave this physical reality, created by your parents allowing your Soul to experience itself here on Earth…to learn. Your Spirit body is say…a car you drive in through the first few spheres of the Spirit World. Created at the same time as your physical body through conception….See the post on the Egg analogy.

So you are a Soul!

What is your Soul Condition then?

You will hear me talk about us as Souls & how only when we feel our emotions & release feelings can we heal, no matter what we do physically or with force. You will also hear me talk of our Soul Condition….

So what does that mean. Well as Souls we are born pure (see egg post) however through our parents own Soul Condition and societies Soul Condition as a collective… our own Soul Condition gets effected….damaged, dulled, scared….

So what makes up your Soul Condition?

A sum total of:

•Your Souls desires
•Your Souls passions
•Your passions
•Your longings in alignment to love
•Your longings in alignment out of love
•Your moral beliefs
•Your moral condition
•Your aspersions
•Your Souls emotions
•Your unfelt emotions
•Your feelings
•Your religious beliefs
•Your scientific beliefs
•Your metaphorical beliefs
•Your religious beliefs
•Your pursuits
•Your loves
•Your hates
•Your fears
•Yours likes
•Your actions out of alignment to love
•Your actions in alignment to love
•Your thoughts
•Your mental aspersions
•Your intentions

You see the path to heal your Soul Condition & thus, radically heal your physical body & life & which dimension you live in….takes living from a loving state across all aspects of your life.

How you eat, eating cruelty free, how you support the earth, how you live, how you educate yourself, what you do, how you treat yourself, how you treat others, how you act, how you feel, dealing with your emotions & feeling your feelings, your actions, your thoughts, your desires, your longing for divine love & divine truth….your longing for Soul improvement, your desire to be more loving, your ability to look radically at where you are unloving….forgiveness of self & all.

It’s an on going journey that starts now & continues when your physical body dies & you continue in your spirit body. It can be assisted by Gods love if you ask for it….& that will speed this journey up or you can try to do it alone with many ups and downs. However that’s a natural love path & only takes you so far.

I feel blessed to know these teachings form the Divine Truth path and AJ’s work.

With love Soul to Soul
Hannah x x