Ok before you think I’ve taken this new age paradigm stuff to far….I’ll show you how blessing your food can help with healing your cells, releasing past trauma and reducing pain and help your kids be more present….that’s a big call I know!
‘Dr Emoto’ a Japanese Doctor studied water under different vibrations like love, anger, shame and sadness and each frozen water droplet had a different pattern reflecting different healing abilities. Knowing we are 60-70 % water. Does it not make sense that the words we speak effects our cells which have water within them? The words we speak to ourselves effect each cell in our bodies.
Studies have gone on to show that, as our food contains water (well if it’s real, raw and fresh) and we can adjust the water contents in that food before we eat it. By blessing our food we change the frequency of that food raising it and making it more nourishing for our bodies. FOR THOSE WHO CANT AFFORD ORGANIC FOOD THIS IS AMAZING NEWS! Blessing is free….

Some have found that blessing their water with love for another and gratitude for something outside of them, has helped them to learn to love themselves and feel gratitude in the depths of depression and heal pass traumas.
My children start their meals at home and school with a blessing to the earth, the farmers, the bees and trees and plants. Not only does it help them see beyond their nourishment. It helps them see how hard others have worked to get this food to them to enjoy….also with my oldest it slows him down allowing his body to smell the food, for the saliver to form to activate his digestion, so the body prepares…as he eats like a starved dog who hasn’t had food for weeks inhaling it without a breath!!

To learn more about Dr Emoto’s work watch here:
To see the beautiful effects it had watch here:

We are vibrational beings….everything is a vibration……including foods…and our words and thoughts!

There are levels of vibration in your emotions and thoughts and actions….and we know that plays a role in your bodies health on a cellular level. Your thoughts can heal and manifest your dream life you or keep you sick, unhappy and stressed and living a life you don’t want. Thus the foods we put in our bodies can either help us stay in a lower vibration, or help raise us in vibration.

The more we do too food and the more we add to it and change it’s chemical compound….the less is vibrates the lower it’s frequency. And the less it will do for our bodies.
Freezing, spraying, cooking, microwaving, blending and picking it unripe all effects the frequency of food. If you eat a natural untampered ripe organic food that’s high in vibration, you will help your body stay vibrating at a high frequency….which will allow you to connect to source and live in alignment. Fruits are the highest vibrational food on the planet then herbs, greens, vegetables then…..ect. No food is ‘BAD’ as such, but certain food are higher in frequencies and more able to heal and detox your body. While others are dead foods lacking in vibration, that will help you stay in a low vibration stagnant state of ill health. Equally when you eat a food and have negative thoughts, you lower it more….HAVING GUILT FOR EATING CERTAIN FOODS DOES MORE DAMAGE THAN EATING THAT FOOD or EATING A HEALTHY FOOD IN A BAD MINDSET EQUALS IT OUT. There are cases where people bless their food and can raise it’s vibration no matter what the food, and affect the way the body reacts to it. MINDFUL EATING is key to this as is dropping the guilt around your food choices. You can only do your best at the place you are in your life. You actively make a change knowing you want to feel and vibrant at a higher frequency….
Food either helps you heal and detoxes you, or they don’t….thoughts either help you raise your vibration or they don’t. What’s right or wrong? Or is it more what do you want to feel like, and what life do you want to live?
Eating higher vibrational food helps you elevate your emotions and stay in alignment to attract what you want.
Test this… fresh fruits and salads for a week and see how you feel in your mind, thoughts and body. Then eat cooked salty, sugary, processed and fatty foods and witness how you feel in your body, thoughts and clarity of mind?
We often eat low vibrational food when we are feeling low? So to raise your vibration eat higher vibrational foods!

Eat fresh whole foods

Eat mindfully and chew

Be grateful for what you eat

Raise your vibration and education around food
So in whichever way suits you and your family, slow down, breath, smell the food, see and feel gratitude for your food…project joy and love on to your water or food for at least 2-3 minutes in your mind and through your hands and feel the healing feeling from within…then chew chew chew

With Love
Hannah x x

Leading the Movement for ‘Detoxing & Spiritual Living’ for Sensitive Families