Juice Reset Detox 3+ Days

When we juice cleanse, we are not fasting. But we are resting our digestive system. Allowing for waste to flush out and through the colon and utilise the otherwise energy for digesting to go to healing and cell repair. The longer we juice the better the effects in this process.
Fasting is abstaining from all foods and in some cases liquids. Juicing DOES use some digestion so is NOT a fast.
Juice cleansing is great way to ease digestion and give it a rest while still consuming minerals and much needed sugars for a busy lifestyle or when traveling.
Ok so what’s the difference? Who cares l what’s it’s called it’s all healthy right?
Well I see daily people sharing ‘I’ve made a juice’….when it’s blended fruits and veggies.
Sorry to be pedantic but there’s a difference and here’s why you should care!
Juices that are cold pressed contain very little fibre but all the minerals and nutrients SO they do not activate the digestive system as much, allowing it to rest but your body still gets calories and nutrients straight into the blood stream….which makes them ideal for kids to get minerals, sick to get vitamins and those who have gut issues to rest a bit, or to pull out toxins fast. They are a great way to bulk out calories and flush the intestines on waking. Especially celery and cucumber juice.
Smoothies are blended fruits, greens, veggies and water or liquids…..this keeps the fibre and the whole foods intact as best as possible after being spun at a crazy speed through a blade! Because of the fibre your digestive system still has to be activated and if you’re chewing your food (even juices and smoothies) the enzymes will break it down allowing for nutrients to be utilised into the blood stream.
So smoothies are blended meals making for easier digestion and instant energy and great for gut healing time.
Juices are an easy absorbed smack of minerals and vitamins straight to the blood stream without activating the digestive system much. So great for our malnutrition children.
So if you’re doing a juice cleanse don’t blend your fruits….or have smoothies at the end of the day of juices if needed.
I recommend The VitaMix Blender and The Angel Cold Pressed Juicer based on trying many brands over the years. https://healing.nourishtohealth.com.au/kitchen-products27633221
CENTRIFUGAL JUICERS; These are cheap and easy to clean. The problem with centrifugal juicers is that the fast-spinning metal blade generates heat, which destroys some of the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables you’re juicing….which the purpose of juicing is to get a hit of enzymes into your gut. The heat also oxidises those nutrients, rendering a less nutritious juice than a cold-press juicer.
MASTICATING JUICERS; These are more expensive and much harder to clean. Cold Pressed juicers extract juice by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. Because they don’t produce as much heat, they keep more of the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact.
If you cannot afford a Cold Press Juicer I’d recommend eating the whole juicy fruit to get the enzymes and the benefits of eating fruits in there whole pure state or using a blender to make smoothies is a good second option to. Or straining blended fruits and greens through a nut bag.
A green juice of 24 ounces made from…
· 5 stalks Celery
· 1 Apple
· 1 Lemon
· 2 Cucumbers
Gives you an average of:
· 139 Calories
· 1910 mg Calcium
· 1.49 mg Zinc
· 105 mg Magnesium
· 1485 mg Potassium
· 2.3 mg Iron
If you are drinking 1-2 litres of juice or herbal teas per day you are getting all you need for your daily nutritional regiments….but you may want to use a B12 spray if you are juicing for a longer period if your gut is not propagating its own after healing…you may want to use lemon with your greens to utilise as much iron from the greens as possible too…in fact juicing is allowing your body to use reserves and remove old waste allowing for better absorption when you return to solid healthy alive real foods!
Be prepared and always carry juice!!
For those extremely toxic or busy, water only or dry fasting needs to be worked up to slowly over the years of being raw and on a clean diet and working on elimination. Water only and dry fasts need you to rest. Most of us cannot rest like we should when fasting, and this puts more strain on the adrenals. Using adrenal and kidney herbs through fasting is essential in modern day life.
Anyone can dive into a 1-3 day juice cleanse and feel the benefits.
· Ease the digestion
· Flushing of waste from the colon
· Minerals and vitamin uptake
· Breaking old habits and addictions
· Removes mucus
If you wish to cleanse for longer I STRONGLY suggest a time on plants only mucus lean and then some time of raw before you start this. Transitioning is key for success in healing and cellular detoxification.
The longer you juice for the better the results for your body and mind
There is a difference with blended fruits in a nutribullet or blender than a juice. (see my in detailed post about that. One is with fibre and one is without. We want to rest digestion, so smoothies are still activating digestion…even if its easier and still may bend you to do 1-3 days on just smoothies. That is different.

*Drink juice in an eating window of say 11am-5pm if you can to allow for natural dry fating around this time. This may need to be built up to

· Drink juice in an eating window of say 11am-5pm if you can to allow for natural dry fating around this time. This may need to be built up to

· DO NOT drink juice when you are hungry or at meal times. If your normal meals are 9am 12pm and 6pm….choose 11am 2pm and 5pm. We are trying to get out minds away from eating and set meal times. We are trying to break the habit of using foods to sooth. Resting the digestion and the mind. This will also calm the parasites as they pipe up when its expected feeding times.
· Drink 1-2 litres of juice maxim…the less you drink the more powerful the cleanse. A glass is fine at time with breaks in between each juice. slugging back litres of juice is not the best for your stomach juices. Feel free to dilute the juices too.
· Choose the juice you like. Astringent juices like melons, citrus, watermelon are the most powerful pullers….but if you plan to enjoy it and last a while…go with what you love!!
· Sip your juice and bless your juice. This is liquid and we are liquid so if you send love to your juice that juice sends love to your cells baby!! So set intentions on your juice to heal you, to clean you, to revitalise you.
· Bring your juice to cafes and restaurants and ask for fancy glass. Be proud you’re taking your health back not ashamed about what others think. You can still socialise.
· Mix and match…one day grape and lemon…one day green juice….one day beetroot and ginger maybe…or one juice carrot and ginger and later one juice apple and pear.
· Stick lemon in most juices…citrus juice pulls and dissolves the mucus and dislodges the plague. Make 60% of your juices from fruits the master cleansers.
· Breath into the emotions and set a mindset to succeed. When the days get tough and you feel like eating use your breath to get you through. Ground to the earth…go out in the sunshine….shake and dance….do a meditation to let go of the old patterns of “needing” food.
· Set yourself a finish line…if you go in with a clear intention of 3 or 7 or 14 or 21 days then you are commanding your cells and mind to follow your intention. this is powerful. Do not under estimate the power of the mind in cleaning. It is the key!!
· You don’t “need” a cold pressed juicer… whatever you have is ok. Even shop brought juices if they are pure with no nasties…this is about a break for your digestive system…not perfection. Cold pressed organic in season is of course optimal…but we do our best with what we have!
· Support your glands with herbal tincture and brush the colon with Gi brooms or Black Puddings in the detox support PDF in my support group.
· Move your body with functional exercise like rebounding or Pilates or energy movements like Qigong or Falun Dafa or Thi Chi to move old energy out and kept he lymphatic system moving and eliminating. If you have adrenal fatigue do not over exercise or push yourself. You will go backwards in your health.
· Use herbal teas to warm you up or comfort you and to support the organs and glands to eliminate. Kidney teas, Lung teas. Lymphatic teas. Heal All Teas, Liver teas are the best.
Remember to have fun with it and not get bogged down with results…be mindful in the experience. Try your best and know that is good enough. Each cleanse it gets easier and easier as the cells have memory…like “I know this no food and we don’t die in fact we feel better…all good keep going” haha!!
I, Hannah Miles cannot and do not practice medicine nor do I prescribe anything to you. However, as a researcher, health coach and author of several guides on these subjects, I can inform you about the latest nutritional research and dietary suggestions relating to your area of concern. I provide information about herbs, fruits, vegetables, juices, and foods that have demonstrated benefits for the conditions you are inquiring about. I may also refer you to books, people, and places where you can receive further help. When you follow any information I provide, you are choosing to assume full responsibility for the execution of any suggestions.
ALL content provided by Nourish To Health is strictly the opinion of Hannah Miles, and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. All viewers of any content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions.
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